No more deportations? New arrest and deportation guidelines go into effect

Good news for the undocumented? Starting this Monday, the new guidelines for arrests and deportations go into effect. “DHS will car...

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  • Good news for the undocumented?
  • Starting this Monday, the new guidelines for arrests and deportations go into effect.
  • “DHS will carry out our mission to safeguard our country in a fair and humane manner.” Mayorkas reported.

WILL THERE NO LONGER BE DEPORTATIONS? As of Monday, November 29, the new arrest priorities implemented by the Biden administration go into effect. And, with the support of DHS, they will be carried out in a fair and ‘humane’ way. According to the press release published by the Department of Homeland Security, this is a step to ensure the safety of all of the country’s residents.

The implementation of these new guidelines is about prioritizing the expulsion of criminals and ensuring that authorities don’t arrest and deport farmworkers, the elderly and others who were targeted because of former President Donald Trump’s policies. On the other hand, it is also stated that priority will be given to the detention and deportation of those who have recently crossed the border illegally.


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A couple of months ago, it was reported that as of November 29, the new guidelines for deportations and arrests that the Department of Homeland Security will enforce with the support of ICE would go into effect. So, when the long-awaited date for the Biden administration arrived, Alejandro Mayorkas made an official announcement through the DHS page.

According to the Efe agency, on Monday the United States Government began to apply the new priorities for carrying out the arrest and deportation of undocumented immigrants. The new policy prioritizes the expulsion of criminals, but may be affected by a lawsuit from several Republican states.

New DHS deportation rules: How will the process be carried out?

New DHS deportation rules: How will the process be carried out?
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According to Hola News, the announcement that these new regulations would go into effect was made known in September. From that time, it was stated the Immigration and Customs Control Service (ICE) agents should not arrest and deport farm workers, the elderly and others who had been detained and even deported, due to Donald Trump’s policies.

“The main question is whether a non-citizen presents a threat to public safety,” was what the Secretary of Security Alejandro Mayorkas announced in a letter to Immigration and Customs Control Service (ICE) agents. This letter was written because they will work together to ensure that the new standards are properly followed. Filed Under: New DHS Deportation Rules

New DHS Deportation Rules: What Did DHS Say?

New DHS Deportation Rules: What Did DHS Say?
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Today, a press release came from the Department of Homeland Security, where Alejandro Mayorkas announced that the new guidelines for arrests and deportations that all undocumented immigrants and citizens should know about will begin to be implemented. DHS reported that the initial purpose is to protect the safety of citizens.

“The Department of Homeland Security announced today that it will begin implementation of the Guidelines for the Application of Civil Immigration Law signed by the Secretary of National Security Alejandro N. Mayorkas on September 30,” reported the press release, which was made public on November 29. Filed Under: New DHS Deportation Rules

New DHS deportation rules: Mayorkas’s opinion?

New DHS deportation rules: Mayorkas's opinion?
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In the same statement, Alejandro Mayorkas explained that they will now be one step ahead due to the implementations of the new rules that were established today. The Secretary of Security stated that these new regulations provide security and peace of mind for the residents of the United States, since their main objective is to remove the “criminals” from the country.

“Today is an important step forward in ensuring that our workforce is empowered to exercise its procedural discretion and focus law enforcement efforts on those who pose a threat to our national security, public safety and border security,” Mayorkas reported in the press release. Filed Under: New DHS Deportation Rules

New DHS Deportation Rules: The Initial Purpose?

New DHS Deportation Rules: The Initial Purpose?
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Alejandro Mayorkas, stated that the initial purpose of these new regulations is to be able to carry out the mission of safeguarding the country without committing unjust and inhumane actors, something that was characterized by the policies that Donald Trump implemented. He also stated that one of the most relevant points is to ensure that the hard work carried out by the majority of the undocumented people in the country will be recognized.

“DHS will carry out our mission to safeguard our country fairly and humanely. In making our enforcement decisions, we will focus our efforts on the biggest threats and we will acknowledge at the same time that the majority of undocumented non-citizens, who have been here for many years and who have contributed positively to the well-being of our country, are not priorities for removal,” Mayorkas said of the deployments that took place earlier today. Filed Under: New DHS Deportation Rules

New DHS Deportation Rules: Fairer Treatment?

New DHS Deportation Rules: Fairer Treatment?
DHS Office of Inspector General Release Report on Detention Center Conditions – MH FILE

The Department of Homeland Security, better known as DHS, stated that the new norms will serve to give fair treatment to the undocumented who are residing in the country and that an exhaustive review of documents and criminal records will be carried out.

“With the new guidelines, officers will, to the fullest extent possible, obtain and review all criminal records, administrative records, and any other available investigative information, to include both aggravating and mitigating factors, when making their enforcement decisions.” the press release reported. Filed Under: New DHS Deportation Rules

Only major cases?

Only major cases?
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DHS ensures that by focusing its attention on the most important deportations and arrests, it will be able to prevent insecurity within the country and will ensure that people who have a dignified life and contribute to the country are respected and not deported. Therefore, it will ensure that each investigation is thorough and executed fairly.

“This will ensure a thorough, case-by-case evaluation of whether law enforcement action is justified and appropriate, allowing DHS to focus its limited resources on cases of greater importance to the national interest.” DHS said on a release which was issued a couple of hours ago.

How are the new guidelines being taught?

How is it being 'taught'?
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In the press release, it was stated that the agents are being trained to put the new rules into practice and it was reported that they had carried out various online and face-to-face courses by the time the new rules came into effect. DHS commented that they have taken the implementation of the new rules very seriously and that they want their officers to be well trained.

“Officers receive ongoing training on the guidelines and participate in small group sessions to ensure consistent application of the guidelines across the country. Officers are also receiving ongoing training online and in person to ensure effective implementation” he reported.

Expedited deportations suspended

expedited deportations
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The measure had expanded the number of foreigners that Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) could deport without their cases being heard by an immigration judge in the United States.

A spokesman for the Department of Homeland Security, quoted by BuzzFeed but whose name was not specified, said that the use of the policy of expedited deportations, “will not be used in the future until the review by the Department is completed.”

Trump used expedited deportation policy more frequently

Trump was off the list
Photo: AP

The official noted that the expedited removal policy, “was used in an extremely small number of cases under the Biden Administration.” A BuzzFeed investigation found that from January 20 to August 31, ICE agents deported only four immigrants under this policy.

Another 17 immigrants were deported in an accelerated manner since the implementation of the measure by the administration of former President Donald Trump between October 2020 and January 2021, the Efe news reported.

The decision to suspend expedited deportations is very important

expedited deportations
Agents on horseback from US Customs and Border Protection try to prevent migrants from crossing the Rio Grande from Ciudad Acuña, Mexico, to Del Rio, Texas, on September 19, 2021. Criticism has been fueled by the Images that went viral this week, in which Border Patrol agents on horseback employ aggressive tactics against migrates, (AP Photo / Félix Marquez)

Aaron Reichlin Melnik, of the American Immigration Council (AIC) expressed in a message on Twitter that the decision of the President Biden’s administration to suspend the policy of expedited deportations, “is very important.”

A year ago the Congressional Hispanic Caucus (CHC) had urged the Republican government to halt expedited deportations, arguing that the process “lacked transparency” and looked like a “desperate” measure.



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