Netflix actor Jeremiah ‘Jerry’ Harris arrested for ‘harassing’ minors (PHOTOS)

Actor Jeremiah ‘Jerry’ Harris arrested for soliciting underage sex videos Netflix’s ‘Cheerleaders in Action’...

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  • Actor Jeremiah ‘Jerry’ Harris arrested for soliciting underage sex videos
  • Netflix’s ‘Cheerleaders in Action’ star is charged with multiple crimes
  • In addition, other ‘things’ that he asked more boys several years ago are uncovered

Actor Jeremiah ‘Jerry’ Harris, star of the Netflix series ‘Cheerleaders in Action’, is arrested for allegedly asking for sex videos from minors of age, according to information from the news portal of Formula Group.

Everything was made known this day when the accusation against him, so the authorities are already investigating the case and a trial could be opened for that purpose.

Everything seems to indicate, according to the first indications, that the detained actor would face charges for the crimes of production and possession of child pornography.

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The investigation says that it all happened in 2018 when twins met the actor from the Netfix series and he allegedly asked them for a video with sexual content.

So far the case is being handled by the authorities of the United States Department of Justice, who issued a statement on the matter.

The complaint indicates that the star of ‘Cheerleaders in action’ would have asked one of them for explicit sexual photos and videos.

But the twins uncovered other even more compromising information against the actor, so the arrest was made immediately.

And they say that when they were 13 years old, Jeremiah ‘Jerry’ Harris cornered one of them in a bathroom to perform oral sex on him.

On the next page you will see more details of the news that a Netflix actor is arrested, for allegedly asking for sex videos of minors, crimes for which a lawsuit already weighs against him.

Following the news that actor Jeremiah ‘Jerry’ Harris from the Netflix series ‘Cheerleaders in Action’ was arrested, more details were released.

The television star admitted to FBI agents that on some occasion he asked some people for this type of content through the Snapchat application.

After learning what happened, the children’s mother contacted the authorities to carry out the investigations that led to the arrest of the actor.

In addition, in this case there will be accusations against the cheerleading association for not protecting minors in these types of cases.

So far the investigations are ongoing, but at least there are already testimonies from both parties, which will help to resolve the case soon.

At the moment, the star is detained and awaits the process to continue with a trial that could take months.

On the next page we will leave you with some other cases of celebrities who have been involved in cases of sexual issues and how it has affected them in their work, so we ask you not to detach from the computer.


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At the end of August it was announced that

That’s 70s Show and The Ranch actor Danny Masterson was charged with the rape of three women in the early 2000s, Los Angeles prosecutors said, according to information provided by the AP news agency and other media outlets. Internet.

The three counts of rape by force or fear come after a three-year investigation into the case of the 44-year-old That’s 70s Show actor. The charges were filed on a Tuesday and the actor was arrested Wednesday morning, according to jail records. He was being held on a $ 3.3 million bond

Masterson is charged with raping a 23-year-old woman in 2001, a 28-year-old woman in early 2003 and a 23-year-old woman in late 2003.

Danny Masterson’s attorney, Tom Mesereau, said of the rape charge that his client “is innocent, we trust that he will be exonerated when all the evidence finally comes to light and witnesses have the opportunity to testify.”

Jeremiah Jerry Harris

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“Obviously, Mr. Masterson and his wife are completely shocked to find that these almost 20-year allegations are suddenly leading to charges being filed, but they and their family feel comfortable knowing that ultimately the truth it will come out, ”Mesereau said in a statement.

And then he added about the That’s 70s Show actor: “People who know Mr. Masterson know his character and they know the accusations are false.”

After the allegations were revealed in 2017, the Netflix production decided to fire Danny Masterson, who at the time was filming The Ranch series, along with Sam Elliott and Ashton Kutcher.

The decision was made known in December 2017, and the actor regretted the position of the Netflix company and also said that he was innocent of the accusations against him.

Following the news that actor Danny Masterson was accused of rape, the production of The Ranch decided that the alleged death of the character Rooster would be his dismissal from the series. Although in history, his corpse is never found, so his future is left up in the air.

Actor sex videos arrested

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