Nerea Godínez, Octavio Ocaña’s girlfriend, deletes her Instagram account

Actor Octavio Ocaña’s girlfriend keeps her promise. Nerea Godínez deletes her Instagram account. The young woman said that she rece...

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  • Actor Octavio Ocaña’s girlfriend keeps her promise.
  • Nerea Godínez deletes her Instagram account.
  • The young woman said that she received hate from several people through social media.

Is she hiding something? Although, until a week ago Nerea Godínez, Octavio Ocaña’s girlfriend, was open with the actor’s fans and even took photos with whoever asked, a few hours ago the young woman decided to delete her Instagram account without giving details about the reason that led her to make this decision.

Since the portrayer of “Benito” in “Vecinos” passed away, Nerea has been active on social media. She used to share the pain that she felt over the loss of her boyfriend. Also, she used her accounts to demand justice and for the death of Ocaña to be explained.

Why did Octavio Ocaña’s girlfriend delete her account?

Why did Octavio Ocaña's girlfriend delete her account?
Instagram photo

In addition, the young woman, who was going to marry Octavio Ocaña next year, shared little-seen photos and videos of Benito on Instagram. For a couple of days, Nerea Godínez had stated that she received hatred from several people, who accused her of seeking fame and recognition after her boyfriend’s death. She denied the accusations, but apparently the negative comments have led her to close her account on the well-known social network.

Sometimes, tragedies unite families, ties are strengthened and rough edges are smoothed out. In the case of Octavio Ocaña’s family and loved ones, and in addition to all of the above, his death also brought them unexpected fame.

Octavio Ocaña received a tribute

Octavio Ocaña received a tribute
Instagram photo

Over the passing days, the posthumous tributes have abounded and some of them have been attended by Octavio Ocaña’s relatives. Such was the case of the star they gave him last Friday, November 14 at the Gallery of the Stars, where his sister, girlfriend and the family lawyer representing the late actor were present.

What is surprising is that at the event, where singer Axel Muñiz (son of Jorge “El Coque” Muñiz) was also playing, Octavio’s (who would have turned 23 on November 7) relatives received all of the attention.

Was Nerea Godínez after her boyfriend’s fame?

Nerea Godínez, were you looking for your boyfriend's fame?
Instagram photo

After receiving the star, the sister and partner of the actor who played “Benito Rivers” posed for photographs that the public requested because, “they wanted a photo with ‘Benito’s sister and girlfriend.” They even gave autographs, also at the request of the fans.

They were willing to interact with Octavio Ocaña’s fans, as they say, “it’s a bit of all the love that my brother left to the people who saw him on television.” Upon leaving, even workers in the mall also took the opportunity to capture the moment for posterity, according to Agencia El Universal.

The ‘other accounts’ of Octavio Ocaña’s girlfriend

The 'other accounts' of Octavio Ocaña's girlfriend
Instagram photo

Following the death of actor Octavio Ocaña, who allegedly shot himself in the head by accident — although other versions suggest that the Mexican police were responsible for ending his life — different Instagram accounts have appeared using the name Nerea Godínez.

One of these accounts is “NereaGodinezDeOcaña”, which is described as a, “Fan account for Nerea and her family from Colombia.” So far, it has only 10 posts and more than 15 thousand followers. “Soon I want to see you smiling like this, but all in good time, you are such a strong woman because everyone attacks you without knowing the truth,” you can read in the most recent caption.

Nerea Godínez receives support

They send strength to Nerea Godínez
Instagram photo

In another of these accounts, called simply Nerea and Octavio, fans send their support to the young woman, who looks beautiful in one of these images that are part of the 26 posts that have been shared with more than 14 thousand followers. The text that accompanies this photograph is powerful and could give a hint at the reason why Benito’s girlfriend decided to delete her Instagram.

“My God! I can’t believe all the hate they throw at @nerea.gogo, really stop it, stop saying and making things up. Nerea was an important person to Octavio and that has to be respected, Nerea didn’t ask for followers either, her profile was already public, there are people who follow her because they like her or for some other reason. There are too many comments where people speak ill of her!”.

Is she trying to profit from Octavio Ocaña’s death?

Are you looking to profit from the death of Octavio Ocaña?
Instagram photo

With close to  20 thousand followers, the account “Nerea.gogooficial” is described as an account, “in honor of Octavio Ocaña and Nerea.” In addition to declaring themselves fans of both the actor and his girlfriend it is asking for justice for the death of Benito, who was just 22 years old at the time of the tragic accident.

In addition to sharing motivational sayings, the people who manage this account post images and videos of the young man. For example, there is one of the time when he asked his mother-in-law for permission to marry his girlfriend Nerea. Benito Rivers’ charisma is evident in these few seconds. (TO WATCH THE VIDEO CLICK HERE).

People believe they are Nerea Godínez’s official accounts

They are presented as the official account of Nerea Godínez
Instagram photo

Something that is striking is that the different accounts that have been created with Nerea Godínez’s name, since actor Octavio Ocaña’s death, have a similar number of followers. They all have around 15 thousand. Perhaps many people believed that they are actually her accounts

What is revealing about these accounts is that to date they have few posts, contrary to the Nerea’s official account, which had hundreds of them between images and videos. “Nerea.godinez”, which is presented as the official account of Octavio Ocaña, has shared only 20 posts.

“Justice for Octavio Ocaña”

"Justice for Octavio Ocaña"
Instagram photo

But not all of these accounts in honor of Octavio Ocaña have achieved “success”. That is the case with “Nerea Godínez de Ocaña”, who at the time of writing has only 199 followers and has shared 83 posts. This account also demands justice for Benito Rivers.

In the most recent post, the young woman appears with one of the actor’s sisters, who has also taken action on her own social media, because they have unexpectedly reached a large number of followers. It seems that this story has a long way to go…

‘Benito’s’ dad debuts on social media

'Benito' dad debuts on social networks
Instagram photo

“Official account of Octavio Ocaña’s father, I receive support for the justice of my son. #Unidossomosmas.” This can be read on Octavio Pérez’s official Instagram account. Octavio is the actor’s father, who in several interviews, commented that he decided to open his account at the request of his son’s followers.

To date, he has shared only 7 posts and has more than 100,000 followers. He only follows Benito and his son-in-law. In his last post, made on November 14, he shared a series of images of a soccer game, a sport that Octavio played, that was organized for his son.

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