Neither Ben Affleck, nor Álex Rodríguez! JLo is seen letting a man caress her from behind (PHOTO)

A photo of JLo letting a man touch her butt appears on social media Jennifer López shows her booty on social networks “Who wouldn&#...

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  • A photo of JLo letting a man touch her butt appears on social media
  • Jennifer López shows her booty on social networks
  • “Who wouldn’t want to be in his place?”

The dear and famous artist Jennifer López (JLo), has captivated her followers through social networks, showing off her great beauty at 51, the actress is known for her voluptuous body and great booty, which has made millions of fans fall in love with her.

This time on an Instagram account created by fans of the Hollywood star called JLo Bronx Girl, a photo that unleashed the envy of many followers was shared, where JLo is seen showing off her butt in quite a sensual way, but she is also being caressed by a man who is neither Ben Affleck nor Álex Rodríguez.

JLo lets her butt be caressed

JLo stroking rear Jennifer Lopez

It should be remembered that the singer ended her relationship with ex-baseball player Alex Rodríguez, and after the breakup she has been seen very often with actor Ben Affleck, where apparently they are looking for a reconciliation, but this time the person who enjoys the privilege of Touching Lopez’s rear is neither Affleck nor A-Rod.

In the published snapshot, Jennifer López wears a daring and sexy red outfit, accompanied by a dark coat, while she is posing for the camera exposing her back part of her body, where a subject takes the opportunity to caress her figure, provoking envies among Internet users.

JLo Fondling Butt: Jealous Followers

JLo stroking rear Jennifer Lopez 2

The subject who is caressing the figure of JLo has become the envy of all the followers of the actress, since most of her fans wish they were in the place of the subject. Immediately the response of the users were present in the comments to leave their different opinions.

“Who wouldn’t want to be in his place?”, “Girl what are you doing? That dose does not look good “,” What is this feeling idio … and sustain your attractive but always sexy cul … for baby? You should have always called me at your disposal, darling, try me. “,” Sexy legs “, were some comments.

JLo stroking butt: JLo with another man

JLo stroking rear Jennifer Lopez 3

Then the social network account, uploaded a photograph to his profile where Jennifer López is accompanied by another man, where they are seen very happy together and embraced, in this image the celebrity wears a very sexy outfit where she has achieved with her sensuality a lots of reactions.

It is worth mentioning that JLo’s career has been noted for its great versatility, participating in dramatic, comic and romantic films that have won the approval of the public. In 2020 he participated together with the Colombian singer Shakira, in the Super Bowl LIV halftime show.

JLo stroking butt: Her great beauty

JLo stroking rear Jennifer Lopez 4

Jennifer López Rodríguez, better known as Jennifer López or JLo in the artistic environment, was born on July 24, 1969 in Castle Hill, New York, United States. The decision to pursue a dream in Hollywood caused a distance between López and her parents, who did not agree with their daughter’s steps.

Although the Diva from the Bronx is known worldwide for her great talent and extraordinary beauty, she is also known as one of the actresses who has undergone the most surgeries, which is the reason why the years continue to pass, and she is not seen no aging symptoms.

JLo stroking butt: Her rise to fame

JLo stroking rear Jennifer Lopez 5

Her big leap to the big screen occurred when she was in her last year of high school, when she went to a casting for the movie My Little Girl, where she was finally selected to play the role of Myra. Although his character did not have dialogue, López knew that this was the path he wanted to follow in a professional way.

The decision to pursue a dream in Hollywood caused a distance between López and her parents, who did not agree with their daughter’s steps. This decision led her to attend different castings, where little by little she was recognized for her vocal talent, becoming a world-renowned musical star.

JLo stroking butt: JLo and Ben Affleck were caught together


As reported by People en Español, JLo and Ben Affleck were caught aboard a car near a Big Sky resort, where the actor allegedly owns a property, and although many say that the meetings are ‘for business’, the truth is is that they are ‘closer together’ than ever.

As if that were not enough, to that ‘getaway’, there is also the one reported by ‘Suelta la Sopa’ in Montana: “They escaped together! #Jlo Y #BenAffleck loose and on vacation in a luxurious club in the mountains of #Montana, according to multiple sources inform #ENews “, was what the Instagram page advertised.

Possible reconciliation?


And it is that the photographs of the ‘getaway’ of JLo and Ben Affleck were spread like wildfire by all the media who reported that without a doubt ‘Bennifer’, on the name that the couple was given more than 17 years ago, because he was back.

The ‘Daily Mail’ Instagram account captured the unglamorous Bronx Diva aboard a car with Ben Affleck very serious and focused as they headed to an airport to take a flight apparently to Montana where they would spend the weekend very ‘romantic‘.

Does A-Rod already know about this reunion?


And it is that when they were captured living their romance from the first time, 17 years ago, JLo began to emerge his career in film and music, so he invited Ben Affleck to be the ‘model’ of his music video ‘Jenny From The Block ‘hinting at how besieged they were by the paparazzi back then.

The song was a success and it was even reported that the couple got engaged, but as with Álex Rodríguez, who must be furious about this reunion, they ended up separating apparently because the actor had problems with alcoholism and was very possessive . Filed Under: JLo Fondling Jennifer Lopez Butt.

Old photos of JLo and Ben Affleck


JLo has been ‘crossed out’ as insecure and the worst behavior before her ‘closeness’ with Ben Affleck, so much so that an old photograph from 17 years ago is going viral when they lived their ‘first’ romance where she appears with a pantsuit and pink sweatshirt on a balcony.

For his part, Ben Affleck looks younger and without as much overweight or beard as he is now, hugging her from behind and the two very focused on looking to the horizon: “She is JLo, she separated about 2 weeks ago! He cried for a day and a half and left with his ex! They left you about three decades ago and you are still crying for that gorilla, oh, leave that! ”Is the mock photo of the networks, shared by the ‘scandal’ Instagram account. Filed Under: JLo Fondling Jennifer Lopez Butt.

Netizen reaction


Through various social networks, people commented: “how cool that overheated after 17 years of having finished”, “constant need for affection, fear of living without a partner and a self buried under the long shadow of another person, almost always the couple, are some of the characteristics of emotionally dependent people, poor JLo “,” Incredible how not even a month has ended a relationship and now that. ”

“I think it’s very fast, you have to take your time, she’s one of those who don’t know how to be alone”, “How good for her, she’s not married she has the right”, “This woman is so unsuccessful in relationships why does she go out of one, for a quickie to get into another. She looks so in need of love that she gets involved with whatever it is. Just for not being alone “,” Each one takes his life as he pleases but jumping from one relationship to another without healing the separation from the other is a big mistake that is how they break the Soul, “they commented. Filed Under: JLo Fondling Jennifer Lopez Butt. Some images in this note come from this Y this videos

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