Curious: Nataly Galdino is left with huge lips after discovering what bit her while she was sleeping (Photo)

A young woman identified as Nataly Galdino woke up with “excruciating pain.” Nataly Galdino ended up hospitalized with a very...

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  • A young woman identified as Nataly Galdino woke up with “excruciating pain.”
  • Nataly Galdino ended up hospitalized with a very swollen upper lip.
  • The young woman was bitten by an insect while she slept.

A young woman identified as Nataly Galdino, 21, was left with huge lips due to a strong inflammation she suffered after a centipede bit her while crawling across her face while she slept according to The Sun on Sunday, October 24.

The woman, from São Vicente, in Brazil, ended up with an excessively swollen upper lip after a centipede got on her face and bit her in the mouth, for which she spent two days in the hospital after waking up with an “unbearable pain,” said the aforementioned media.

Nataly Galdino woke up with “excruciating pain”

Nataly galdino

Already fully recovered, Natalie Galdino shared with her followers on Instagram the story of her huge lips in the style of the Californian actress “Angelina Jolie”. The young woman explained: “I was sleeping and, in the middle of the night, I felt something prick my upper lip and I saw that it was stuck to my blanket and the claw in my mouth, but since it was dark all I did was pull.”

“Halé and did not want to let go. I tried it for five seconds, in excruciating pain and it wouldn’t come off. I got out of bed, turned on the light, saw my mouth cut off and the giant centipede on the desk, “he added, according to The Sun review.

Nataly Galdino was bitten by a centipede while she was sleeping

Nataly galdino

Although centipede venom typically causes swelling and some pain, it is typically not dangerous to humans, according to doctors. But Nataly Galdino was concerned about the location of the bite around her mouth, the newspaper reported.

As she also suffered from shortness of breath, she decided to seek medical attention after being stung on October 11. So, Nataly Galdino said that the experience was “harrowing”, since she did not know much about centipedes, if the poison was poisonous or if she could die.

Nataly Galdino ended up with a very swollen upper lip

Nataly galdino

“My mouth began to swell immediately and I ran to the hospital, there they medicated me for pain and allergies. I returned home and it took two days to deflate ”the upper lip after the bite, said the young woman, according to the report in The Sun newspaper.

Now, Nataly Galdino is warning that these types of insects like humidity, so it is important to review spaces that can generate this environment in their homes, in order to get rid of them and avoid any bite as happened to her.

Curious: they find a gigantic snake in the Caribbean jungle and use a bulldozer to lift it

gigantic snake
Photo: Shutterstock

It looks like something out of the movies, but it really happened. A gigantic snake was found in a Caribbean jungle and its enormous weight and size made it necessary to use a bulldozer to lift and transport it.

The diaries New York Post and The Sun reported that the snake of a size that could be a “world record” seems to have been found by workers who were cleaning a part of the tropical forest of Dominica, in the Caribbean, despite the fact that other media wrongly reported that it was located in Dhanbad , India.

Giant snake found in Caribbean jungle

gigantic snake
Screenshot of video posted on The Sun via TikTok, @akrulazwa

According to the review by both media, at the scene a man who was recording the video was heard exclaiming in amazement: “My mother, what is this?” The scene also observed how the gigantic snake, at least three meters long, moved as it was lifted by the bulldozer. For its part, the newspaper News.Channel1 indicated that the reptile would be at least eight meters long.

The Post and The Sun report mentioned that since it was posted on social media last week, the video has been viewed millions of times. Reddit users expressed their amazement at the size of the reptile. One of them said: “this looks like a my… world record”, while another posted: “really. That thing is really jumbo ”, and a third wrote:“ snakes on a crane ”.

It took an excavator to lift the gigantic snake (click on the image to see the video)

gigantic snake
Screenshot of video posted on The Sun via TikTok, @akrulazwa

It is not clear what kind of gigantic snake it was that appeared in the video, released in TikTok. According to the report, Dominica, a Caribbean paradise only 29 miles long and 16 miles wide, has been dubbed “the island of nature” thanks to its wide variety of wildlife.

One of the island’s native snake species is the deadly boa constrictor, which can grow up to 4 meters tall. When attacking their prey, boas constrictors bite first with their teeth before wrapping their victims and grinding them to death, the New York Post and The Sun explained.

Dinosaur shrimp found in Arizona

gigantic snake
Reference photo: Shutterstock

Amazing: Citizens visualize hundreds of three-eyed “dinosaur shrimp”, called triops, on the surface in a section of the Wupatki National Monument in Arizona, United States, an event for others surprising, according to the news portal of New York Post.

The officials of the national park were in charge of publicizing the fantastic information, after some visitors were surprised by the fact, which has powerfully attracted the attention of the people and the number of visits has increased.

They emerge from the rains

Arizona Dinosaur Shrimp
Photo Twitter

All this would not have been possible if not due to the appearance of rains in the area described, since the humidity caused this type of prehistoric crustaceans to emerge from the surface to attract the attention of a species that is very rare to find in the world.

It was the last table that prehistoric crustaceans, officially called triops, were discovered in the area already described, by visitors and the administration of the place was immediately informed, so now actions are taken for their conservation at this time.

What are dinosaur shrimp?

Wupatki National Monument
Photo Twitter

Triops, which are generally identified as dinosaur shrimp, have three eyes, are also slightly pink in color, and are only an inch or two long, according to information from experts who study their behavior.

Scientists believe they hatched after a monsoon in late July created a non-permanent lake within the monument’s ceremonial playing field, which is generally dry, but which worked for them to form. For more details read this note.

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