Nashville flood emergency decreed (PHOTOS)

  • Nashville flood emergency alert triggered
  • So far rains have left a balance of four people dead
  • Mayor John Cooper decided to sign an executive order

The rains that have hit the United States in the last few hours have already generated the first emergency alert for floods registered in the city of Nashville, which so far have left a balance of four dead, according to information from the chain CNN.

Without waiting any longer, the same mayor, John Cooper, decided to sign an executive order to officially declare a state of emergency on Sunday, through a tweet reported that Davidson County will require resources state and federal after bad weather.


Image taken from Twitter @ JohnCooper4Nash

Verbatim, he wrote: “We send our deepest condolences to the loved ones of the four Nashvillians who died in the floods last night. Metro first responders have worked tirelessly after the city’s second-highest two-day rains, which flooded neighborhoods across the county. “

The situation has turned into chaos and the public is the one who suffers, after heavy rains hit the devastated area on Saturday night and the rescue forces worked at forced marches to keep the situation as stable as possible.


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Torrential rains in Tennessee left roads impassable and flooded homes and a church, causing dozens of people to be rescued in the Nashville area. Authorities indicated that four bodies were found on Sunday.

Nashville received more than 17.5 centimeters (seven inches), the second-highest rainfall in two days ever recorded in the city, Mayor John Cooper said at a news conference Sunday, and the situation did not improve immediately.


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The National Weather Service mentioned that many people were seen Saturday night and early Sunday while clinging to trees and other objects so that they would not be washed away by the floods in Nashville.

Some people were also seen taking refuge in their attics awaiting the arrival of rescue bodies. This situation had not been seen for a long time and kept citizens uncertain all night.


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The rescuers’ work was intense. According to a report from the Nashville Office of Emergency Management, Nashville Fire Department aquatic emergency teams had removed at least 130 people from their vehicle units and homes since Sunday morning.

Rescue work continued throughout the day as they were assigned a place to take refuge in which lowered the water level and lessened the danger for the hundreds of citizens who were affected. Filed Under: Nashville Flood Emergency


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It was also announced that at least 15 people were taken from an apartment complex after a building was affected by a mudslide, authorities from the city fire department reported.

It was also announced that two of the people who were rescued were taken to local hospitals with non-life-threatening injuries. The fire department specified that about 40 dogs were rescued from a pet shelter known as Camp Bow Wow. Filed Under: Nashville Flood Emergency


Nashville flood emergency
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Search and rescue teams found a man killed in a car underwater from flooding near a Walmart store next to a stream, according to the Metro Nashville Police Department.

In addition, authorities reported that the man was later identified to the man as Garry Cole, 70, of South Nashville. A second body was found on the Nashboro Village golf course, police said. He was identified as Douglas Hammond, 65. Filed Under: Nashville Flood Emergency


Nashville flood emergency
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Ebony Northern said a normally calm stream that runs past the apartment complex where he lives in Nashville rose rapidly in level due to heavy rains that began Saturday night. In an hour or so, Northern could see some first-level units flooding in other parts of the complex.

The woman said that several people went up to the second level and that she heard calls through the frequency of the fire department requesting boats to come to the rescue. “The units are a mess. Some outdoor air conditioning units floated away, ”Northern said after rains in Nashville. He added that the American Red Cross arrived to support its neighbors. Filed Under: Nashville Flood Emergency


Nashville flood emergency
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At least one temple canceled face-to-face services on Palm Sunday. The New Tribe Church on Mt. Juliet said on Facebook that a stream of water flooded the site up to its knees, shattered the glass in the main entrance and dragged chairs down a hallway.

“I’m smiling but our hearts are devastated,” said Pastor Jarod Smith at the start of an online service. “We are standing in our place of worship and words cannot describe what it looks like,” he said after the rains in Nashville. Filed Under: Nashville Flood Emergency.

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