The 10 most popular nail colors of summer 2022

These are the nail colors for summer 2022! One of the most anticipated seasons is about to arrive, and with it, the trends most current i...

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These are the nail colors for summer 2022! One of the most anticipated seasons is about to arrive, and with it, the trends most current in nail colors and ideal for creating combinations and the best styles.

Nail polish is an excellent option to give a unique and fun touch to all your outfits. The trends that will arrive in summer 2022 will include the colors that will be used the most during the most anticipated weeks of the whole year. Find out which are your favorites!

10. White

white nails

One of the nail colors for summer 2022 that will be used the most is, without a doubt, white. This color, though not striking by itself, is a tone that highlights the shape of the nails, even more so if they have a special design or texture.

You can get a white shade in any store and even in supermarkets, but hurry! This will be one of the most sought-after nail polishes to wear at festivals, at parties, and on the beach during the summer.

9. Salted caramel


Summer colors don’t have to be always flashy. Neutral tones hold a special place in the taste of people who use colored varnishes. Many people prefer this type of tone to maintain a discreet and serious style.

Salted Caramel is a kind of combination between brown tones and beiges, and they combine perfectly with practically any garment. It is ideal for people who need to avoid colors that are too flashy for work reasons.

8. Nude 

nude nails

As in the case of the Salted Caramel color, one of the favorite nail shades of summer 2022 will be naked. All the colors that resemble those found on the beach, such as sand and sea.

The advantage of naked is that it is one of the most basic and most easily found colors in stores. It combines perfectly with most styles and is easy to apply and remove at any time.

7. Pearly

pearl colored nails

White tones will be in everyone’s eyes this summer, and it is an accessible option that gives a fresh touch to outfits and enhances the subtlety of the hands in a simple and very versatile way, since it is easy to combine with other colors.

Pearlescent colors, such as ivory, are useful for people who want to wear a discreet tone, or for those who prefer to play with possible combinations to create innovative effects that will make them look spectacular in summer 2022.

6. Green


The different varieties of the color green will be in trend during the summer of 2022, at least when it comes to nail polishes. This is because the trend will lean towards tones that evoke the elements of nature (and especially the beach).

Remember that the green color is available in multiple shades, such as olive green tone, lime green and the variations with glitter effects which add a stylish and fun twist to all your summer outfits.

5. Blue Nails

blue nails

Like the green tones, the blue ones will be your best ally to create a mood. According to experts in fashion trends, this color will become one of the favorites in summer 2022.

Of the entire color palette, blue tones have the ability to change all styles and make them more vibrant. For example, electric blue tone, sky blue, and the shades with glitter can be combined with any other tone. Go ahead and create the best combinations!

4. Colors with glitter

glitter colored nails

Glitter colors will be one of the most sought after nail polishes of 2022 and can be used as a base to create innovative designs or simply as varnishes that balance the more fun styles to make them slightly more discreet.

Glitter polishes are always trending. In the summer of 2022 they will be even more present, as the trend indicates that the taste of users will focus more on vibrant and bright colors, such as blue, orange, and green.

3. Lilac


In the past years, pink tones were among the main preferences of nail polish wearers. Summer 2022 will be the perfect time to save this color and replace it with shades of lilac and purple, both matte and shimmer.

The lilac and purple tones will captivate your attention from the first moment and will be easy to combine with other tones, such as white, fuchsia, and glitter. 

2. Metallic-colored nails


In the summer of 2022, nail polishes in shades of blue, green, orange, purple, and white, among others, will be in fashion. Remember there are different types of polishes, such as matte tones, those that contain glitter, and metallic ones! The latter will be your best summer ally!

Metallic colors will give a new emphasis to your style, especially in the different variations of green. Without a doubt, metallic tones will enhance all your summer outfits and will soon become your favorite nail polish for the whole year!

1. Fuchsia


If there is a color that almost never goes out of style, it is fuchsia and all the varieties of pink. It’s a vibrant and eye-catching shade that fits virtually any style. In the summer of 2022, it will be common to see designs using this color as a base.

Now that you know which nail colors will be trending in 2022, it’s time to choose your favorite and start defining the style with which you want to stand out in the most anticipated season of the year. This is your time to shine!

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