Nacho Lozano debuts on Hoy Día and they tell him he wants to look like Jorge Ramos

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Nacho Lozano debuts on Hoy Día and they tell him he wants to look like Jorge Ramos
FOTO Instagram Nacho Lozano
  • Nacho Lozano debuts on the new Telemundo Hoy Día program
  • The young journalist was not so well received
  • Many believe that you want to look like Jorge Ramos

This Monday, the host Nacho Lozano debuted on the new Telemundo Hoy Día program, which replaced the famous morning show Un Nuevo Día, however it seems that the arrival of the Mexican did not like the public, since they think he is trying to ‘imitate’ to Jorge Ramos.

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Accompanied by Arantxa Loizaga, Nicole Suárez, Chiquibaby, Adamari López and Chef Oropeza, Nacho Lozano made his first appearance on the new Hoy Día program.

Nacho Lozano Hoy Día, driver

PHOTO Instagram Javier Ceriani

The journalist who appears for the first time on the Telemundo network has 20 years of experience “reporting for television, radio and print media in his native Mexico,” according to an article in the chainHowever, not all the experience of the young Mexican was worth him to be ‘well received’.

The critics ‘rained’ for Nacho Lozano

In social networks, immediately the comments about the new program did not wait and go to them criticism rained down of many followers ‘disgusted’ with the new, more newsworthy approach.

“A disaster”, “very Jorge Ramos”, “just be yourself”, “but it seems that he wants to imitate Jorge Ramos a lot”, “relax, we don’t want someone who exaggerates the note”, “too much acted on his performance”, “Jorge Ramos rejuvenated” were some of the comments that revealed the public’s opinion.

Nacho Lozano Hoy Día, driver

PHOTO Instagram Nacho Lozano

Lozano has reported on large events, such as elections, breaking news and television specials on natural disasters, according to Telemundo.

He is also the author of books and columnist, something he ‘shares’ with Jorge Ramos, since the Hispanic journalist also writes his column for prestigious media. Lozano has also been a news, radio and television presenter for Grupo Imagen in Mexico.

Not everything was critical

After calling him a “bad copy of Jorge Ramos”, other users with different opinions made positive comments about the new driver of Hoy Día.

“Nacho very well. Hopefully and value it ”,“ I liked how he gives the news, I did not know him until today that it was published in Hoy Día ”,“ excellent ”,“ he is very good ”,“ I like it ”,“ I love his way of giving news ” , “, Commented several followers of the new program Hoy Día.

Others even ‘defended’ him and acknowledged with comments such as: “Very good. That has always been his style…. he does not imitate anyone ”,“ he is very good, dynamic and youthful, I hope he does very well, something different ”.

Nacho Lozano Hoy Día, driver

PHOTO Instagram Nacho Lozano

There were those who accused Telemundo of being the reason why Hoy Día’s new host, Nacho Lozano, allegedly tried to imitate Jorge Ramos.

“Nacho Lozano is an excellent journalist and communicator, but being under a television station he will always have a standard to follow, he would be perfect to be a freelance like Chumel Torres, for example,” commented a follower.

PHOTO Instagram Nacho Lozano

The ‘radical’ change presented by this new program that replaced Un Nuevo Día, was not well received by all, since many preferred a less newsworthy version of the morning.

Many even think that the new drivers of Hoy Día have left the beloved Latinas Adamari López and Chiquibaby as “vases”, since in Un Nuevo Día they used to have more “reflectors” on them.

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Strong criticism for Hoy Día

The Instagram account of journalist Javier Ceriani published two videos where it is observed that he is analyzing ‘Hoy Día’ on his first day of startup and seriously questioned whether Chiquibaby and Adamari López had been left as vases, since in the welcome they only appear Arantxa Loizaga, Nacho Lozano and Nicole Suárez.


“The most boring thing they could have put on tv, only news and misfortunes, as if we no longer had enough with the news”, “it is no longer a morning show, it is one more news program, what a pity … you can see the professionalism of the new Yes, you have to give them that credit, but in general it was boring ”, described the people.

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