Nacho Lozano confesses to Mundo Hispánico after his debut on Telemundo’s Hoy Día (Video)

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Nacho Lozano confesses to Mundo Hispánico after his debut on Telemundo’s Hoy Día (Video)
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  • Telemundo launches “HOY DÍA”, a morning program with a new and fresh format for the Hispanic audience in the United States
  • The three-hour live morning show will feature an unparalleled “news first” focus and segments featuring the latest in entertainment, weather, and lifestyle for Spanish-speaking viewers across the nation under the signature banner ‘Las Cosas As they are’
  • Produced by Noticias Telemundo, today it will feature Arantxa Loizaga, Nacho Lozano and Nicole Suárez as news presenters, Adamari López and Stephanie Himonidis as entertainment hosts, Chef Alfredo Oropeza as the kitchen expert and Carlos Robles as main meteorologist

Nacho Lozano Today Telemundo Day. Nacho Lozano has it clear: he wants to reach Hispanics in the United States. East journalist Mexican has 20 years of experience reporting for television, radio and print media in his native Mexico. Lozano has covered major events, including elections, breaking news, and television specials on natural disasters.

This book author and frequent columnist for various publications was presenter of news, radio and television for Grupo Imagen in Mexico.

But now comes to join the new era of “today”, the morning program of three hours that will offer a new format on Hispanic morning television designed to offer viewers all the timely, balanced and relevant information they need to start their day.

Nacho Lozano Today Telemundo Day


Exclusively with Mundo Hispánico Nacho Lozano confessed from his childhood to his most intimate secrets.

How do you feel after this jump from Mexico to the United States?

“I am very happy, very satisfied, very proud to be part of the Telemundo family, it is a privilege to be part of such an important network, and the fact that they have thought of me to be part of the Telemundo Noticias team is for me a duty that we try to fulfill every morning ”.

Nacho Lozano Today Telemundo Day 2


Many people wonder if you are going to have that freedom with which you have been characterized, have you followed that same line?

“Absolutely, it is the same freedom, it is a respect that I appreciate from my bosses at Telemundo NBC, it is very nice, fortunately I have had it in other companies and this is no exception. In the matter of language, humor, irony, sarcasm, will continue and more things will come that we are preparing for the future of Hoy Día ”.

Nacho Lozano Hoy Día. Did you already know your current colleagues?

“Adamari not in person, but from afar, I had to see her and admire her career as an actress in Mexico, Chiqubaby yes, but as a fan of her radio show and Chef Oropeza as well, she had been working in Mexico in several projects from there we met him, not my other colleagues, but it is a pleasure to meet them ”.

Nacho Lozano Today Telemundo Day 3


What do you think about Biden’s Immigration Reform?

“I hope that this administration makes a difference and responds to those who placed their trust in this administration, what was said in the elections was very forceful, many messages were sent and many demands were made, among the communities the millions of votes that returned to Joe Biden president are the empowered Latino communities, the political class that is governing is very aware of that, they know that this community in 4 years can charge them.


What do you think about racism towards Hispanics, at this point there is a lot to do?

“A lot of what to do, to believe that the American Union woke up differently, that the hatred ended from one minute to the next is ridiculous, that has not happened, and that has to happen at some point, I think there is a very important responsibility of citizens in the US to transform that, we have to be convinced that hatred is useless. “

What was the greatest thing your parents taught you as professionals, they were elementary school teachers?

“The most important thing that my mother taught me was to read when I was 3 years old, that was very valuable to me, my father taught me discipline, a discipline born of love, seeing my father get up at dawn to whistle while he I was dressing, while we got up to go to school, that has accompanied me every day ”.

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Nacho Lozano Hoy Día. How do you remember your childhood?

“Full of imagination, friends, family, travel, my parents took us to many states of the Mexican Republic for many years.”


How was your adolescence?

“I think I was a teenager who knew how to behave, and that makes me think that we had no other choice, we are a very loving family, I remember a lot my friends in high school, University was one of my most precious moments, I remember a lot of music , I never liked alcohol ”.

In your 20-year career, what was your biggest success and your biggest failure?

“My greatest satisfaction was when I received a text message a year ago, and they tell me that a colleague is being asked for my number to ask me for a favor, his mother was lost for 4 days and they wanted to see if they could give me the photo to pass it on on the news and I told her of course, the lady appeared 5 days later in Veracruz, having learned that publishing the lady’s photo helped someone pass information to certain authorities, it was worth working. “

“I have failed many times, it is part of the job, of training as reporters.”

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Nacho Lozano Hoy Día. What would you say to all the people who miss you on your previous show?

“I respect the work of my colleagues, and I respect the work of others”


Do you see yourself in a future married?

“I have no idea, right now I’m thinking about what we are going to do next Monday on Hoy Día, I think these times have forced us to think about the day, and give ourselves to the day at the same time.

How did you get involved as an actor?

“I studied art history, and studied dramatic literature and theater for 7 years, I am a lousy actor, but I know the skills of an actor or an actress.”

Finally, the host thanked and invited them to see him from Monday to Friday on the Hoy Día program on the Telemundo network.

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