“Mysterious” things that happen in houses

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“Mysterious” things that happen in houses
  • Sounds that can spark all kinds of fears are heard inside houses.
  • Terrifying sounds make us think of ghosts or paranormal events.
  • Next, seven things that happen in houses and have a rational explanation.

There are certain “mysterious things” that happen inside homes that make us think of paranormal phenomena. How many times has it happened to you that you are at home and suddenly things that you don’t understand start to happen? Don’t think that it’s something paranormal!

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And if it comes to sounds, there is a lot to say in this regard, especially in old houses with wood worn by time or neglect…


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From these supposed paranormal events the best known anecdotes and stories of ghosts and cursed houses have been born … But everything, or almost everything, remains in the popular imagination, in the family tradition told through the also terrifying stories of any moonlit night.

Here we share a list of things that happen and that have an explanation, so that you do not think that you have a mysterious house.

Squeaky hardwood floors

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Wood creaks when you walk on it, but what happens when no one is there. Wood floors, due to temperature changes, can swell or deflate.

To prevent that sound from catching you off guard, add an anti-acoustic base. In case the floor is already installed, you can apply a little paraffin.

Saluting Closet Door

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One of the main reasons that closet door suddenly opens slowly and mysteriously is due to poorly adjusted hinges.

Another cause can be humidity and changes in temperature, which cause the wood to expand or contract.

Infinite water spout

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Having a water leak is common and more so in bathrooms. In the event of a possible leak, the tank is likely to make strange noises from time to time.

One cause may be that the cistern mechanism does not detect when enough water has accumulated and therefore does not stop filling.

Restless light

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Has it happened to you that you are alone at home and suddenly the light starts blinking? How scary, it is another of the mysterious things! Take a deep breath and remember that everything has an explanation.

The flickering in an LED bulb can be due to the fact that how it works with a very low power is very sensitive to any return voltage.

Marbles rolling

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It has happened and it is another of the mysterious things: It is midnight and you are leaving the last pending. Just as you head to bed you hear a noise like marbles are rolling.

This happens when the water flowing through the pipes suddenly stops. The phenomenon is known as the ‘Joukowski pulse’.

Talking Refrigerator

Photo: Shutterstock

Surely it has happened to you that when you want to go for a glass of cold water, you approach the refrigerator and hear a strange noise. When you open it and drink your water, it immediately stops ringing. Here are other mysterious things.

Why? Many times this noise is caused by the refrigerant flowing in both liquid and gaseous states.

Whimsical bolt

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Many doors and windows have deadbolts instead of keyed openings. One day everything works wonderfully and another, it takes you an impressive job to open it. Another one of the mysterious things!

If your door or window is made of wood, the cause is due to temperature changes and this causes it to expand or contract and therefore, lock.

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