MundoHispánico and Kiwilimón form alliance for the benefit of the Hispanic community

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MundoHispánico and Kiwilimón form alliance for the benefit of the Hispanic community
  • Two Digital Hispanic Giants Partner to Launch the Largest Latino Food Website in the U.S.
  • MundoHispánico and Kiwilimón announced a partnership that will benefit the Hispanic community.
  • The agreement will create Mundo Sabor, the largest Spanish-language food site in the United States.

MundoHispánico, the nation’s largest Latino-owned and minority-owned digital media company, announced a new partnership with Kiwilimón, the largest Spanish-speaking digital food platform in the world.


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The agreement will create Mundo Sabor, the largest Spanish-language food site in the United States, which will offer world-class culinary content from Kiwilimón to MundoHispánico’s large American audience.

Alliance for the future

“We are excited to bring Kiwilimón’s exceptional culinary content to MundoHispánico’s vast and growing audience,” said Rene Alegría, president and CEO of Mundo Hispano Digital Network, MundoHispánico’s parent company.

Mundo will host Kiwilimón on its website (at and will promote its content among its user base. MundoHispánico has 10 million unique monthly visitors and a fan base on social networks that exceeds 9 million.

Shared experience

“With this and other new partnerships, we are working with like-minded companies to find and develop the best digital content for our MundoHispánico family,” said Alegría.

With more than 11 years of experience, Kiwilimón is a world leader in the production of food brand content. Led by a team of professional chefs, nutritionists and food stylists, Kiwilimón provides its audience with the highest quality content and the best recipes and cooking tips.

Expanding company

Within Kiwilimón there is a culinary agency, with extraordinary production capacities for content development, which are adapted to the individual requirements of each brand.

The company continues to expand at a rapid pace, with a presence in countries around the world, including the United States, where the Hispanic population is one of the fastest growing ethnic groups. Kiwilimón has 34 million followers on social media, 7.1 million unique users, and generates 107 million video views worldwide.

Largest audience

They also work with top-tier consumer brands and major retailers, such as Coca-Cola, Disney, Bimbo Bakeries USA, California Almonds, Avocados from Mexico, and many more. The association gives Kiwilimón the opportunity to reach a larger audience in the US, and bring them the most delicious recipes from Latin cuisine, as well as international cuisine.

Working together, MundoHispánico and Kiwilimón will grow their association and turn it into the reference platform for everything related to Latin food in the American Union. Both companies plan to surprise and delight American consumers with traditional Latin food recipes and new creations developed by Kiwilimón’s professional chefs.

Latin food in the US

“This alliance between the superior digital food content created by Kiwilimón and the largest digital platform within the US Hispanic market, MundoHispánico, could not come to fruition at a better time, when Hispanics represent more than 50% of the growth of the US population, ”said María Fernanda Ordóñez, spokesperson for Ki-wilimón.

About MundoHispánico: With deep roots in the Latino community, Mundo Hispánico is a privately owned digital platform focused on Latinos in the U.S. Certified minority-owned and operated company, MundoHispánico’s mission is to empower, inform and deliver purpose To the Latino community online, visit www

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