Mrs. Rosa says something unexpected about Chalino Sánchez

Lady Rosa surprises her followers. Jenni Rivera’s mother says something unexpected about Chalino Sánchez. “May God keep him i...

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  • Lady Rosa surprises her followers.
  • Jenni Rivera’s mother says something unexpected about Chalino Sánchez.
  • “May God keep him in his holy glory and poor family”, you can read in the comments.

“He lived in fear.” Mrs. Rosa, Jenni Rivera’s mother, said something unexpected about singer Chalino Sánchez, who was murdered on May 16, 1992 in Culiacán, Sinaloa, in Mexico.

Through her official Youtube channel, the so-called “Great Lady” shared what the coexistence with the interpreter of the song Nieves de Enero was like, “one of the most important musical idols produced by Cintas Acuario, a company owned by Don Pedro and Dona Rosa Rivera.”

Mrs. Rosa remembers Chalino Sánchez

Mrs. Rosa remembers Chalino Sánchez
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Without waiting long, Mrs. Rosa revealed that Chalino Sánchez was a very simple and humble person, but she imagines that he was a person with a lot of afraid inside, with great fear, although he cannot imagine why.

“The house had a parking lot and I went out with the garbage bag, I was bent over, nor did I turn around who was there and who was not, but I went straight to what I was going to, to throw out the garbage and I returned the same, I do not know what would be thinking, but I was thinking something, “said Jenni Rivera’s mother, who at that moment heard words from the singer’s mouth that she would never forget.

“I am not afraid of anyone”

"I am not afraid of anyone"
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Mrs. Rosa recalled that Chalino Sánchez “demanded” her not to notice who was in her house. The singer mentioned that he observed her at all times and thought what he did: “Well, I am not afraid of anyone. No, Chalino, when you have God in your heart there is no fear, there is no fear, there is no one to scare you ”.

Jenni Rivera’s mother asked the singer on that occasion if he thought in the same way and did something similar, to which he replied that when he left his house “he would turn around to see what there is” and then he got on to your car.

Mrs. Rosa does not know why Chalino Sánchez lived in fear

Mrs. Rosa does not know why Chalino Sánchez lived in fear
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“I don’t know what his fear or fear would be because, I think, a sister had been killed and he had taken revenge, but I don’t know if that made him afraid or thinking, because he was afraid of everything” recalled Mrs. Rosa Rivera.

The great lady also recalled that her son Lupillo Rivera loved him very much, and on one occasion, without notifying him, she went to visit him at his house: I was about to draw the gun ”.

“You scared me, I was going to shoot you”

"You scared me, I was going to shoot you"
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Fortunately, things did not get older, although Lupillo Rivera was about to be shot after having ‘scared’ Chalino Sánchez: “I don’t know what his fear would be, but what I do think he had was a fear very great that someone was going to do something to him ”.

On May 15, 1992, the singer gave a concert at the Bugambilias Hall in Culiacán, Sinaloa, Mexico. Halfway through the concert, when he was performing the song Alma enamorada, he received a death threat note. After his performance, he informed his staff of the threat and was told that he would isolate himself in a residence for the night.

“We pray a lot for him,” recalls Mrs. Rosa

"We pray a lot for him"remember Mrs. Rosa
YouTube photo

In this video, Pedro Rivera’s ex-wife revealed that they prayed a lot for the singer, who had already been shot on a previous occasion: “He told me that we had a lot of confidence in ourselves and I replied that when you have God in your heart , you don’t have to fear ”.

“It made me sad, it made me feel sorry for you, because you can’t live a quiet life, a healthy life. That time they shot him and it was Lupillo, it was just his turn to shoot him, but Chalino stopped in time, “said Mrs. Rosa.

“We highly esteemed him”

"We highly esteemed him"
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Soon after, Chalino Sánchez became one of the most important musical idols that Cintas Acuario produced: “We highly esteemed him, he was a person who gave us a lot of money to earn even though he had his style, no matter how he sang, but he had his style ”.

“He was a person with many fears, the day he left, that he was going to go to Mexico, I told him not to go because they were looking for him there, but he told me that he would be fine.” The singer perhaps imagined what would happen to him, since he left an ‘autograph’ for Pedro Rivera.

Chalino Sánchez would buy a truck in Mexico

Chalino Sánchez would buy a truck in Mexico
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About to finish with her story, Mrs. Rosa recalled that she asked Chalino Sánchez the reason why he would travel to Mexico with a large amount of money, to which the singer replied that he would buy a truck.

“I think he did. He went, arrived and bought it, and after two days he sang, I think he sang in the Bugambilias, and when he left, they grabbed him and the brothers and kidnapped them. They took away Chalino and the brothers were left without being able to do anything ”.

“Later they found him dead,” recalls Mrs. Rosa

"Then they found him dead"remember Mrs. Rosa
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Unable to hide her sadness, Jenni Rivera’s mother recalled that after this kidnapping the singer was found dead lying in a cequia with signs of having been tortured: “We did not want to believe it that this had happened because they had already said many times that they had killed ”.

“It is very sad that such a young boy left his wife very young with two children. They said it was because of a woman, but nothing is known and nobody has known, in fact I do not know if his wife knows what was the real reason why he was killed ”.

“Chalino Sánchez continues to live”

"Chalino Sánchez continues to live"
YouTube photo

On May 16, 1992, Chalino was traveling in a Suburban truck, which was transporting guavas, through the streets of Culiacán, which was intercepted by people dressed as federal police officers. At approximately 6:00 a.m. the next day, his body was discovered on the side of a road with two gunshot wounds to the back of the head. He was buried in El Panteón Los Vasitos.

“He continues to live in the memory and in the hearts of his fans and in the hearts of his friends who loved him and highly esteemed him. He was an insecure person, I don’t know what happened in his life, but he was very insecure, he lacked, I believe, God in his heart ”.

“May God have it in his holy glory”

"May God have him in his holy glory"
YouTube photo

Followers of Jenni Rivera’s mother did not miss the opportunity to express their points of view: “What a sad story, may Chalino rest in peace”, “I love Chalino’s songs, he was a forerunner in his style from Sinaloa and closure”.

“He was not insecure, he was distrustful and had his reasons”, “I still listen to his songs”, “He killed the man who raped his sister, that’s why he was afraid”, “He killed the man who raped his sister, for I was afraid of that ”(TO WATCH THE VIDEO, CLICK HERE).

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