Mother records Tik Tok video unaware that a shadow would terrorize her (VIDEO)



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  • Mother makes a recording at home and a strange shadow appears on video
  • Innocent Tik Tok video ends up terrifying users
  • There is controversy in regards to the veracity of what happened

What was supposed to be an innocent Tik Tok video became a scary picture when a mother discovered something frightening in it, in the background appeared a shadow that immediately terrified some Internet users, according to the portal The Mirror.

The Tik Tok app has become so famous that several anomalies have been recorded through it, which have later travelled around the world and this time it happened to a woman who says she was alone at the time of recording the material.


Mother shadow video
Image taken from Tik Tok

The mother assures that only her children were found and that they were already asleep in their rooms, in addition that the silhouette or shadow of the person is that of an adult, so it is ruled out that her children have played a bad joke on her.

However, for users it is clear that it was the shadow of a person, so it is not explained how the events happened or if it could be a technology hoax, the truth is that the controversy arose on social networks .


The woman was in the comfort of her home when she recorded a video for Tik Tok with one of her friends. In the video you can see how they have fun and laugh, however, their tranquility was taken away by a terrifying event. To see the video click here.

After taking a good look at the material, the woman’s friend noticed something strange and disturbing, something that caught her attention, so she immediately looked for a way to inform her friend of what she had seen at home. Filed Under: Mother Shadow Video


Mother shadow video

The mother of the family was identified as Kayleigh Corby, 33 years old with residence in England, when it suddenly occurred to her to record a video of Tik Tok without imagining what would happen later in her application.

When she was interacting with her friend, at one point something appeared in the background of her image, and although she did not detect it, she had to receive the help of her friend who made it clear that apparently, she was not as alone as she believed . Filed Under: Mother Shadow Video

Mother shadow video: FULL OF FEAR

Tik Tok

At one point the woman was confused and it was not so late that she detected what her friend had told her: there was a silhouette or shadow of a person behind her, however, she does not know who that image is about.

This caused the woman to be so afraid that she had to speak to her parents to keep her company, since she did not know if it was an apparition or perhaps really a person who was inside their house. Filed Under: Mother Shadow Video

Mother shadow video: “IT’S SO CREEPY”

After the video appeared on Tik Tok, users began to give their opinion about it and the woman herself: “Wow, it’s so creepy,” said a user when he saw the magnitude of the silhouette or shadow of a person inside his house.

She even had to intervene in the comments of the users and said: “Crazy I do not know what to do because I cook again I do not do more because I am scird in case it happens again”, which generated a lot of reactions. Filed Under: Mother Shadow Video

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