Mother of ‘dreamer’ trapped in Mexico cries for her return (VIDEO)

Mom and husband of the ‘dreamer’ trapped in Mexico, break the ‘silence’ Karumi Durán Reyes cannot see and care fo...

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  • Mom and husband of the ‘dreamer’ trapped in Mexico, break the ‘silence’
  • Karumi Durán Reyes cannot see and care for her baby who is in the United States
  • Her family speaks to television news and ask for her to be allowed back

In a new stage of the story of the dreamer Karumi Durán Reyes who is ‘trapped’ in Mexico, now her mother and husband ‘break’ the silence after she wasn’t allowed to enter the United States; her baby waits for her while she recovers from an illness.

During an interview for the show Hoy Día, both she and her relatives expressed their sorrow, as due to an error in an immigration form, now the family is separated and they don’t know if it will be solved soon.


Dreamy trapped Mexico
Photo taken from Youtube today

“We are here with my husband, thank God, everyone is supporting us, Rober’s family, my daughters, but it is very difficult because the girl needs her mother, she has educated her in such a beautiful way, she is a teacher and The same thing that I would do with any boy in his school, he does with his girl, ”said the dreamer’s mother.

About the baby he said: “She is very calm, very smiling, happy, but the mother is like that, very good people, she is a perfect teacher because she is a person who loves children, loves animals, loves everything that is he gets close to her, he’s always smiling, he’s always nice to people. ”


Dreamy trapped Mexico
Photo taken from Youtube today

However, the most critical moment of the interview came when Karumi Durán Reyes’ mother burst into tears, her voice broke, she couldn’t take her pain anymore and in front of the cameras showed her vulnerability to the situation her daughter is experiencing , granddaughter and family.

“(The granddaughter) is called Alison Reyes, she was born 7 months ago, I went to take care of my daughter… What is happening is horrible, because she does not deserve to be out there, my son-in-law does not deserve it either, he is a very good person, I really appreciate everything you are doing for my daughter ”. Filed Under: Dreamer Trapped Mexico


Dreamy trapped Mexico

But the mother’s pain became more evident and she sent words of sincere gratitude: “And I thank God, all the people who are telling us ‘give it a try’, firstly God Karumi is going to return, this is his country Yes, because she reached the age of 6 ”.

And she explains that first she learned to write first in English and then Spanish: “She is, her attitudes are very very American, she has done many things, she participates in the church, she was taking care of her daughter from the pandemic, she was ready to go back to work. She loves children, she loves her job, she loves her home, she loves this country with all her heart, just like us. To see the video, click here. Filed Under: Dreamer Trapped Mexico


The “dreamer” Karumi Durán has not stopped crying in recent days. Her little baby was ill and she could not take care of her because an error in an immigration petition has left her trapped in Mexico and with a ten-year punishment that prevents her from returning to the United States, where she lived a lifetime and her family remains. .

What all started with an immigration petition that filled the couple with enthusiasm has turned into a huge problem that they still do not know how to solve, the young woman tells Efe in a call from the capital of Mexico, while her husband, Roberto Reyes, He listens to it in the city of Tyler, in Texas. Filed Under: Dreamer Trapped Mexico


All their hopes fell to the ground when the US Consulate in Ciudad Juárez denied Durán a request to adjust his status last March. “The lawyer told us it was going to be easy,” Reyes and Durán say in unison.

The couple explains that, despite the fact that Durán was covered by the Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals (DACA) program since 2013, they ventured to make that request with the aim of her obtaining permanent residence thanks to Roberto is a US citizen. Filed Under: Dreamer Trapped Mexico

Dreamy trapped Mexico: SADNESS

Karumi Duran Reyes

But it was not like that. Durán does not have a legal entry to the United States, a document that is obtained when a foreigner enters legally through a US border port, and therefore his adjustment request could not be successful.

A few days ago, she spoke about the situation. What hurt Durán the most these days is that he couldn’t be with his baby, barely 7 months old. “For more than a week he has been vomiting, and he does not want to eat. Alison was used to seeing me every day, to me taking care of her ”, says the“ dreamer ”.


In the absence of Karumi Durán Reyes, her daughter, Alison is cared for by her maternal grandparents, who live in College Station, also in Texas, but located 149 miles southeast of Tyler, where the couple has a home.

“We decided that I should stay working because we know that we are going to need money, and we have many bills to pay, the house, the lawyer, many things,” explains Reyes, who is an architect by profession. The young woman is sure that her baby is resenting her absence, and that of her father. “We have already done everything the doctor said but she is still ill,” she insists. Filed Under: Dreamer Trapped Mexico

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