Mother of three jumps 82 feet to her death in extreme sport accident (VIDEO)

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Mother of three jumps 82 feet to her death in extreme sport accident (VIDEO)
  • A mother of three fell 82 feet to her death while bungee jumping.
  • The woman, who used to practice ‘bungee jumping,’ leaped prematurely without having the safety rope attached and crashed into the pavement.
  • “Despite immediate medical procedures, the patient died,” said a local health spokesman.

A mother of three who sought to experience strong emotions died after falling 82 feet (24 meters) while bungee jumping, reported The New York Post.

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A disturbing video recorded by a tourist showed how a misunderstanding between the man managing the activity and the mother caused the woman to jump ahead of time. As can be seen in the pictures, the safety rope was not yet properly secured when the mother jumped.

Mother dies after jumping from 24-meter building

mother dies

Photo: Twitter

“Despite ongoing medical measures, the patient died,” a local health spokesperson told East2West about the strange and heartbreaking accident, which occurred last Sunday in Karaganda, Kazakhstan.

In the disturbing video, Yevgenia Leontyeva, 33, appears on top of a bungee jumping hotel getting ready to jump into bungee jumping, using a harness and ropes, however, the person in charge of the activity apparently gives her the go good to jump in before securing it. Filed Under: Mother Dies Bungee Jumping.

Woman crashed into pavement after bungee jumping

mother dies

Photo: Twitter

Off camera, a man who appears to be filming the video says “I love you” to Yevgenia seconds before the woman leaps from the ceiling. What no one noticed is that the safety rope had been tied to a tree to be able to hold it when the mother of three boys jumped.

The jumping of the woman, who was allegedly experienced in such extreme activities, ended fatefully when she crashed into the pavement at a very fast speed. After hitting the ground, the woman rolled into a wall, generating panicked screams from onlookers, according to East2West. Filed Under: Mother Dies Bungee Jumping.


mother dies

Photo: Getty

According to the medium reviewed, the organizer of the activity was holding the rope that tied the mother of three children instead of having tied it to the tree. The woman, still alive, was rushed to a local hospital and was immediately admitted to the operating room.

“The patient was operated on,” said a local health spokesman. “A craniotomy and removal of the hematoma was performed,” however, despite the efforts of doctors, the woman died from her injuries. Authorities are investigating the incident amid suspicions of “negligence” by the company that organized the extreme activity. To see the shocking video click HERE. Filed Under: Mother Dies Bungee Jumping.

Mother dies after jumping into the sea to rescue two drowning men

mother dies

Photo: Twitter

On the other hand, a mother died after trying to save two men who were drowning in a popular beach resort in Brazil. Scharlene Ferreira Rodrigues, 38, was on vacation in the Porto de Galinhas resort with friends when she saw two men who were drowning, she reported The Sun.

According to witnesses to the incident, the two men had been drinking all day on the beach just before going into the water to swim. When the woman saw that the men were struggling to get afloat, she ran into the water to help them.

Mother dies after saving two people by drowning

woman dies

Photo: Twitter

In an attempt to save them, the woman was also compromised in the water, however, a retired lifeguard who was also at the spa saw what was happening and went into the water to help the three people.

The lifeguard managed to get Ferreira Rodrigues and the two men out of the water. The woman and one of the men identified as Kairo Cesar Pimentel Felipe, 28, were taken to hospital for medical attention. When the woman arrived at the hospital, she reportedly suffered cardiac arrest from swallowing too much water.

Mother orphaned a small child

woman dies

Photo: Twitter

Despite the efforts of medical personnel to revive Ferreira Rodrigues, they were unable to save her and she was pronounced dead at the hospital. The current health status of the man who was also hospitalized is unclear.

Reports have said that six persons they had difficulties in the same place the day before, but they were all rescued immediately. The authorities have warned that the area is delimited with red flags due to the risk of drowning caused by an underwater trench that facilitates the currents. The woman was a travel agent and orphaned a small child.

Hispanic mother dies with her 11-year-old daughter in the middle of the border; they record their last words

They tried to cross the border


On the other hand, a Hispanic mother dies while trying to cross the border with her two young children. The woman named Claudia Marcela, of Colombian origin, had the objective of crossing to the other side to meet her husband who was already waiting for her and unfortunately she ended up losing her life.

Through an Instagram video, the show ‘Hoy Día’ disclosed the chilling last call of the Hispanic mother who sounded desperate for someone to help her, after the coyotes she hired to cross the border, left her adrift with her children.

Hispanic mother dies trying to cross the border

Hispanic dies

Instagram: Today

“Please help me, I’m going to pass out.” They record the dramatic call of an abandoned mother on the border with her children shortly before she died; was the description that in the Instagram account of the morning show ‘Hoy Día’, from Telemundo, they hung with the chilling video of the last moments of the life of the Hispanic mother.

“In a call to 911 she can be heard asking for help for herself and her two children, ages 11 and 3, after getting lost in the Arizona desert while crossing to meet her husband. But the help was late. When the authorities arrived at the place, only the little boy was alive, ”they report in the morning.

An 11-year-old girl and a 3-year-old boy accompanied the Hispanic woman at the border

They tried to cross the border


“Please help me,” says Claudia Marcela in a 911 call pleading for support in the face of the high temperatures in the Arizona desert in order to cross the border; “How many people are there with you?”, An operator responds, to which the Hispanic woman adds: “Two children, please help me, I’m going to faint,” the Colombian woman is heard saying.

Meanwhile, in the background the 11-year-old daughter of Claudia Marcela, who responded to the name of María José, could also be clearly heard: “Mommy, I’m hungry,” while she cried inconsolably; For his part, the alarmed operator tells him that he sent him a message through what’s app to detect his coordinates.

Support for Hispanic Women Came Late and Dies

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Unfortunately, for the luck of Claudia Marcela, her cell phone ran out of battery and the trail was not located, until finally the Border Patrol managed to find them but unfortunately only the 3-year-old boy named Christian was already alive, as the Hispanic mother and her 11-year-old daughter died from the extreme heat.

Claudia Marcela’s husband received the fateful news with immense pain: “I have no words to describe the feeling I have in this moment of powerlessness and at the same time of strength, of going to pick up my son and fighting day and night for me. son ”, were the first words of Victor Hugo Morales, Colombian partner of the deceased.

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