More muscular than ever! JLo boasts exaggerated shapely legs in a thong and a transparent blouse (PHOTO)

JLo provoked everyone’s lust with a photograph where he can see his most muscular legs As if that were not enough, the Bronx Diva p...

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FOTO: Mezcalent
  • JLo provoked everyone’s lust with a photograph where he can see his most muscular legs
  • As if that were not enough, the Bronx Diva posed in a white thong and without a bra with a transparent blouse
  • He did it all as part of promoting his boot brand

With a photograph where she looks more muscular in her legs and dressed in a thong and with a transparent blouse, JLo conquered and drove everyone crazy.

The singer, actress and businesswoman used her charms as a promotion for her brand of boots and they manage to convince her fans to buy her products.

However, all that is derailed when JLo appeared sexier than ever with tousled hair, a makeup in dark tones and without a bra with a blouse that made her breasts transparent.

Not satisfied with that, JLo wore more muscular legs than ever to notice her snakeskin boots but showing that she was only wearing a white thong.

This hot photograph joins another that she would have recently published to say goodbye to summer, where she posed lying on the beach in a bikini.

Jennifer López scandalized everyone with the Photography, which of course received thousands of comments as soon as his fans saw the lust he transmitted to them:

“This was the best photograph I can see when I open my phone”, “Queen of serving in photos”, “My God, how much sensuality is possible”, “That body at the age of 52”, “Unreal, it is Could you be human? ”,“ Serving looks as usual ”,“ That kind of hair is everything ”.

JLo recently decided to focus on other projects by reporting days ago that his project to buy a baseball team would not have worked.

Continue on the next page to enjoy the sensuality of JLo in her photo on the beach in a bikini.

JLo boasts legs in a thong (Instagram)

JLo boasts legs in a thong (Instagram)

JLo conquered once again with her shameless sexual bearing to wear a bikini and her body on the beach in a photograph that was not indifferent to her fans.

As if it were about saying goodbye to the summer that is about to end, the native of the Bronx in New York, knew how to take off her clothes to provoke lust.

In his official Instagram account, Álex Rodríguez’s fiancée appeared lying on a white towel, on the sand of the beach by the sea, facing the sunlight.

But of course what stood out the most from the postcard was the body of JLo, who at 52 raises passions left and right with her marked curves.

This occasion was perfect to uncover her breasts with a pink top and a thong of the same color, a bikini that perfectly suited her dark skin color.

“Feeling golden (feeling golden). Holding on to the last few moments of summer… #GlowCheck ”, was what JLo published as a description of her photo.

In addition to her breasts that look fuller due to her pose, her hips, legs and arms are also quite shapely.

As is customary in the photographs of JLo in a bikini showing her body, the hot comments from her fans did not wait:

“Why are you so perfect”, “If I don’t look like that at 51 please finish me off”, “Oh my God, I’m in shock”, “I’m dead, JLo is a Latin vampire”, “You’re a goddess”, “That sand is blessed”, “I’m having a real heart attack”, “At 50 JLo he looks better than what I have looked all my life”, “Simply divine”.

JLo bikini body (Instagram)

JLo bikini body (Instagram)

JLo shows off her thong legs.

JLo not only wears a bikini on the beach, but she did her own thing again in the middle of the street showing off her physical attributes and this time she showed off her breasts and her sexy abdomen.

The Bronx Diva was apparently photographed leaving the gym when she suddenly wanted to put on a gray top and struggled in the attempt.

At least this is demonstrated by the photos published on the Instagram ‘JLobronxgirl’ of fans who can give themselves an eye with the sexy poses and outfits worn by the singer and actress.

In the first image, JLo finishes exercising and wearing black leggings that are glued to highlight her hips and buttocks, she goes out onto the street, shocking the photographers who surely did not expect that the Diva would give them a very hot moment.

JLo showing off abdomen and breasts (Instagram)

JLo showing off abdomen and breasts (Instagram)

And it is that Jennifer López appears ‘tougher’ than ever with her marked body, her shapely arms, her six-pack abdomen, and of course her well-arranged breasts in a purple top that did not leave much to the imagination, who when seeing it that would provoke did not hesitate to want to cover it.

When seeing the photographers, JLo tried to put on a gray blouse, however it seemed from her face that she made an effort to put it on correctly and that series of photographs were captured.

Quickly, the singer’s fans were swift and ‘cheated’ on her powerful figure in the series of photos with which JLo conquered once again:

“True inspiration for many”, “Sexy”, “Huge body that loads JLo”, “Divine”.

JLo boasts abdomen and breasts on the street (IG)

JLo boasts abdomen and breasts on the street (IG)

JLo shows off her thong legs.

In the midst of the gradual reopening due to the coronavirus in the United States, the Puerto Rican singer Jennifer López (JLo), current partner of Alex Rodríguez, appears on Instagram with heart-stopping breeches and fishnet stockings that reveal her impressive butt and cause a stir.

JLo’s sexy postcard was uploaded on the @jlobronxgirl account and has had such an impact that until the afternoon of August 25, it had more than 300 like reactions.

This photograph coincides with others that were uploaded and that are just as sensual and the most grateful, of course, are the men.

Alex Rodriguez couple

Image taken from Instagram @jlobronxgirl

In these and other images, the singer and actress, also known as the Diva of the Bronx, shows her most precious attributes without any shame and this brings her more followers.

One of its most recognized attributes is undoubtedly its enormous rear that was once classified as the most coveted in the world and recognized even by men and women.

Although she recently turned 51 years old, ARod’s wife still has the luxury of raising more than just the passions of her most loyal fans around the world.

It does not matter if they are teenagers, young people, adults or even the elderly, the truth is that this woman is like wines.

So if you want to see the stunning image of JLo showing off her butt in black panties and fishnet stockings, visit the next page and judge the singer’s body for yourself.

Image taken from Instagram @jlobronxgirl

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