Mom is shot in the head, but two suspects are arrested (PHOTOS)

Mom is shot in the head in Denver, Colorado She was sitting in her truck when a shooting broke out After the fact, two teenagers are accu...

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  • Mom is shot in the head in Denver, Colorado
  • She was sitting in her truck when a shooting broke out
  • After the fact, two teenagers are accused of his death

Pamela Cabriales, a Denver, Colorado mom, was shot in the head while sitting in her Land Rover, two accuse teenagers, according to the news portal of New York Post.

It was on February 20 that the victim She was sitting in her luxury truck, when a shooting in West Colfax and on I-25 around 10:45 pm, according to the first official versions.

The woman orphaned a 6-year-old child, she was just 32 years old and her death shocked society in general.

Image taken from Twitter @nypost

According to a press release, after the mother was shot in the head, she was rushed to Denver Health Medical Center in “extremely critical” condition.

The police report states that a person who was next to a Honda sedan and at one point fired a gun six times at the woman’s truck, and then fled, according to the Denver Post.

However, not a day did the authorities take to identify the Honda that is linked to the aggression of the mother Pamela Cabriales, who was shot in the head.

A 14-year-old teenager and an 18-year-old man, who was identified as Neshan Johnson, were taken into custody after police officer Katie Phillips recognized the vehicle from the shooting at a McDonald’s restaurant.

The apprehension of the subjects occurred after a movie chase that Phillips police filed, who chased the vehicle until it crashed into a post on Tejón Street, knocking down a fire hydrant, according to an official report.

The statement read: “DPD Metro SWAT and K-9 units searched the area and found Johnson hiding in a nearby shed. The alleged shooter and another minor were also arrested ”.

The case of mother Pamela Cabriales who was shot in the head has surprised the citizens of Denver, Colorado and the investigations continue.

After being caught, the police officers managed to seize 16 cartridges and a casing in the shed where Johnson hid. The Honda vehicle he was hiding had two AR-15 rifles “in sight”, according to the report issued by the authorities.

Apparently there is a third suspect, however, so far the authorities of the prosecutor’s office have not established any legal charges against him.

For his part, Johnson, identified as the suspected driver, will face charges of first degree murder, criminal attempt to commit first degree assault with extreme indifference, one count of vehicular evasion and criminal attempt to commit first degree murder with extreme indifference.

In turn, the 14-year-old must face charges of murder in the first degree, criminal attempt to commit assault in the first degree with extreme indifference, criminal attempt to commit murder in the first degree with extreme indifference and two charges for being considered a aggravated juvenile delinquent.

The name of the minor involved was not revealed, since the law prevents that information from being disclosed by the secretariat of the case.

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Image taken from Twitter @DenverChannel

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