Mitt Romney Proposes Permanent Monthly Payments to American Families

Lawmaker and former presidential candidate Mitt Romney proposed permanent monthly payments to American families The Republican legislator...

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  • Lawmaker and former presidential candidate Mitt Romney proposed permanent monthly payments to American families
  • The Republican legislator proposed the Family Safety Act that requires monthly payments of $ 350 for children 5 years and younger
  • Romney’s proposal also aims to promote marriage as rates are “at an all-time low”

The Republican senator and former presidential candidate Mitt Romney proposed Thursday that the state offer permanent monthly payments to American families, reported FOX News.

The Utah legislator proposed the Family Safety Act that requires monthly payments of $ 350 per child for children 5 and under. Also, children between the ages of 6 and 17 would qualify for payments of $ 250 per month.

“American families are facing increased financial pressure, compounded by the COVID-19 pandemic, and marriage and birth rates are at an all-time low,” Romney said in a release.

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“On top of that, we have not comprehensively reformed our family support system in nearly three decades, and our changing economy has left millions of families behind,” he added.

Under Romney’s proposal, payments would be reduced by $ 50 per child for every $ 1,000 in income above the current thresholds for the Child Tax Credit, which are $ 200,000 for single taxpayers and $ 400,000 for married couples.

“Now is the time to renew our commitment to families to help them meet the challenges they face as they take on the most important job any of us will ever do: raising the children of our society,” Romney said.

“This proposal offers a path to greater security for American families by consolidating the many complicated programs to create a benefit in monthly cash for them, without increasing the deficit, “added the Republican.

Mitt Romney indicated that his proposal could reduce child poverty by 33% and in the same way encourage marriage among Americans.

Mitt Romney’s proposal calls for “establishing a strong national commitment to all American families as well as supporting families from pregnancy through childhood.”

Senators reintroduce initiative with a path to citizenship for “dreamers”

Senator Dick Durbin, Democrat of Illinois, and Republican Lindsey Graham, of South Carolina, again presented a bill on Thursday that would open the path to US citizenship for almost two million undocumented immigrants who are beneficiaries or eligible for the Action program. Deferred for Childhood Arrivals (DACA), reported Efe.

The two senators presented their Sleep Act in 2018 and again in 2019 with the purpose of protecting undocumented immigrants who were brought to the country when they were minors, and whose deportation was suspended since then-President Barack Obama decreed in 2012 a postponement of the expulsion.

In 2018, then-President Donald Trump canceled DACA, which caused lawsuits that have reached the Supreme Court of Justice, which is expected to rule in the coming months.

The Sleep Act, named after the term “dreamers” given to themselves by young people covered by DACA and which alludes to the “American dream,” did not progress last year in Congress, where Republicans held a majority in Congress. Senate and were a minority in the House of Representatives.

This year, with a Democratic majority in both houses and with Democrat Joe Biden in the Presidency, the Government has announced a different immigration policy and both Durbin and Graham believe that this political context is more favorable for the legalization of the “dreamers” and their families.

Greisa Martínez Rosas, executive director of the United We Dream organization, indicated in a statement that the reintroduction of the Sleep Law in the Senate “is direct proof of the undeniable power of young immigrants and our allies, who have pushed for legislation meaningful that protects our communities ”.

“Congress has a responsibility to end a 35-year delay in passing meaningful immigration legislation by establishing permanent relief for young immigrants and essential workers,” he added.

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