Miss Universe tests positive for COVID setting off alarms

A beauty pageant contestant tests positive for COVID-19. The event organizers released the news. The event will continue as planned. IS T...

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  • A beauty pageant contestant tests positive for COVID-19.
  • The event organizers released the news.
  • The event will continue as planned.

IS THE CONTEST CANCELED? A Miss Universe contestant has tested positive for COVID-19 after arriving in Israel where this year’s event will take place. The news sparked fear that the pageant may have to be canceled. So far, they have not reported who the contestant is and the event will continue as planned.

The organizers of the beauty pageant did not give any details about the situation. They also haven’t said whether the young woman  could have been exposed to the new omicron variant that has caused serious concern around the world. This is in addition to the serious problems that the contest faced for taking place in a country with ongoing Palestinian conflicts. But Andrea Meza, the current Miss Universe, stated that the pageant should not be politicized and people should view it as, “a place where all women come together.”


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A couple of days after starting the Miss Universe pageant, organizers are facing more problems than expected. A report that one of their contestants has tested positive for COVID-19, after arriving in Israel, the country that welcomed them, put the beauty pageant in danger due to fear that other contestants may have been infected.

According to The Associated Press, Israel has not canceled its plans to hold the beauty pageant despite closing the borders in the face of the new COVID variant But, it was reported that having a contestant test positive for COVID is not the only concern facing the organizers of the famous beauty pageant.

Miss Universe contestant has COVID19: Who is the contestant who tested positive?

Miss Universe COVID19 positive: Who is the contestant who tested positive?
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The Associated Press reported that the contestant was not identified and it was not clear if she had the omicron variant, which has generated worldwide alarm and was detected in a traveler returning to Israel last week. Although, various rumors have already pointed to one of the contestants who did not appear in some pageant events in Israel.

However, Noticias SIN, released the alleged identity of the contestant who tested positive for COVID-19. They say it is Clémence Botino, Miss France, 24 years old, who arrived in Israel before the government established new restrictions. After taking the necessary tests, she had a positive result. International media states that the young woman has already been isolated in a hotel room in the city and the other contestants are being tested regularly. Filed Under: Miss COVID19 Positive Universe

Miss Universe contestant has COVID19: Will the pageant continue?

Miss Universe positive COVID19: Will the contest continue?
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The outlet also stated that the Miss Universe Organization said that most of the 80 contestants have arrived in Israel and the event will take place as planned on December 12 in the southern city of Eilat with strict COVID protocols in place. So far, some contestants are active on social media and have shown how the preparations are going.

The contestants will compete in their national costume, gowns and bathing suits, as well as answering various questions, the AP reported. Given the negativity from certain groups regarding the contest, there are increasing questions about whether organizers will run into any more serious issues before December 12. The pageant was already in the spotlight for being held in Israel amid calls for a boycott against the country because of its treatment of Palestinians, USA Today noted. Filed Under: Miss COVID19 Positive Universe

Miss Universe contestant has COVID19: The organizers’ opinion?

Miss Universe positive COVID19: The opinion of the organizers?
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According to The Associated Press, organizers said the contestant tested positive upon arrival in Israel and was taken to a government-provided isolation hotel. The participant was fully vaccinated and had been tested before leaving for Israel, they said.

This information caused some fear among the organizers because several of the contestants have been living with each other, without the necessary sanitary measures. Several of the young women have shown themselves without masks or social distancing. Now the testing protocols will be more rigorous than they already were. Filed Under: Miss COVID19 Positive Universe

Miss Universe contestant has COVID19: A problem for Israel?

Miss Universe positive COVID19: A problem for Israel?
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The agency mentioned that Israel hoped the contest would help attract tourists and project an image of the country as a safe destination during the pandemic. But the contest was already in the spotlight before calls from groups to boycott it because of the country’s treatment of the Palestinians. Such problems have jeopardized the the contest taking place in the Middle Eastern country.

The problems were reflected from the moment Malaysia said it would not send a contestant due to COVID concerns and the South African government withdrew its support for its representative. Both countries support the Palestinian cause, AP noted. Last week there was a rumor about a case of the new omicron variant, so alarms have been going off towards the organizers of the contest and the conflicting countries. Filed Under: Miss COVID19 Positive Universe

Miss Universe contestant has COVID19: Andrea Meza’s opinion about politicizing the contest

Miss Universe positive COVID19: Politicize the contest? Andrea Meza's opinion
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The current Miss Universe, Andrea Meza, gave an interview to The Associated Press, answering questions that have arisen after groups have been encouraging boycotts of the beauty pageant because it’s being held in Israel. For this reason, the Mexican woman pointed out that the contest should not be politicized and it should be taken as a moment of union between women.

“All with different beliefs, with different origins, with different cultures, they all come together and when you are there you forget politics and religion,” Meza told The Associated Press. “It’s just about accepting other women,” she concluded. Unfortunately, the beauty pageant once again attracts controversy and is fiercely debated. Filed Under: Miss COVID19 Positive Universe

To advocate for the Palestinians?

To advocate for the Palestinians?
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Amid fears over the contestant who tested positive, organizers must confront the political situation in Israel and the boycott that a certain pro-Palestinian group is carrying out. According to the AP, supporters of the pro-Palestinian boycott, divestment and sanctions movement, known as BDS, see boycotting the contest as a non-violent way to advocate for Palestinian rights.

Israel’s occupation of Palestinian territory is in its sixth decade. Efforts to create a future state and peace negotiations have been stalled for more than 10 years, the AP noted. Unfortunately, the beauty pageant has gotten in the way of BDS’s plans and its constant struggle with Israel.


WHO “monitors” new variant of coronavirus
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According to The Associated Press, the WHO reported on a surprising discovery that raised alarms with scientists and left more than one nation deeply concerned. According to the agency, the discovery of a new variant of the coronavirus sent a chill across much of the world on Friday.

This alert, caused nations rush to stop air travel, markets fell dramatically and scientists held emergency meetings to weigh the exact risks, which are still largely unknown, the AP noted. So far, the public has begun to be alerted so that they can exercise appropriate caution.

A variant of concern?

WHO names coronavirus variant: What is the name of the variant?
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It has been more than a year since the existence of the Coronavirus was made known and for a couple of months, the public has been aware of one of the most dangerous variants: Delta. Now, there is a new potentially more dangerous variant. A World Health Organization panel has named the variant omicron.

As it was mentioned it was classified as a highly communicable, worrisome virus.  The delta variant, the most prevalent in the world, also falls into this category, reported AP. The WHO is very concerned about this news as indications are that it could be highly infectious.

More restrictions?

WHO names coronavirus variant: More restrictions?
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One thing that most nations have agreed on is that more restrictions should be established in terms of international travel. As reported by The Associated Press, the United States has joined the European Union and several other countries in establishing new travel restrictions for visitors from southern Africa.

The White House released a statement announcing the restrictions that would start on November 29. The AP said that the White House said the United States will restrict travel from South Africa and seven other countries in the region.

Who will it apply to?

WHO names coronavirus variant: Who will it apply to?
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The New York Post reported that the travel ban does not apply to US citizens or permanent residents. But, above all, it stressed that the restrictions are for the countries of: South Africa, Botswana, Zimbabwe, Namibia, Lesotho, Eswatini, Mozambique and Malawi.

The restrictions came after nations such as the UK, the EU, Canada and several other countries began announcing travel bans from Southern Africa, for the new variant they worry may be highly contagious. Until now, it is not known when the restrictions will be lifted.


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