Miss Universe Andrea Meza tells the truth about her photos dressed as a bride (PHOTOS)

Several users claim that the new Miss Universe is married. Andrea Meza explains why she is dressed as a bride in some photos. The Mexican...

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  • Several users claim that the new Miss Universe is married.
  • Andrea Meza explains why she is dressed as a bride in some photos.
  • The Mexican has no choice but to go out and tell the truth.

Andrea Meza dressed as a married bride. Last Sunday was an emotional night for Mexicans, when the model Andrea Meza, who represented Mexico at the Miss Universe ceremony, was crowned to be the new world beauty queen, gaining popularity immediately… but not everything worked out great for the young woman.

After being named the new Miss Universe, Internet users began to look for her in social media to learn more about her and, to the surprise of many of them, they found the model dressed as a bride and accompanied by a man, so they assumed she was married and began to ask for the crown to be returned.

Andrea Meza appears in a wedding dress

Miss Universe Andrea Meza dressed as a married bride
PHOTO Instagram

Therefore, Miss Universe Andrea Meza had no choice but to go out and tell the truth. Through your account Instagram, the Mexican shared the same photo where she appears dressed as a bride with a man in a groom suit, on top of a cliff. He accompanied his publication with a suggestive message: “09/03/19” and an emoji in the shape of a ring.

According to the rules of the Miss Universe contest, the contestants cannot be married, being one of the main requirements to be eligible to compete in this contest, so after seeing this snapshot shared by Andrea Meza herself, several users thought that the Mexican broke the rules.

Andrea Meza dressed as a married bride: Answer by Andrea Meza

Miss Universe Andrea Meza dressed as married bride 2
PHOTO Instagram

After the versions that came out on social networks, about stripping her of the crown, the Mexican and new Miss Universe Andrea Meza responded to this situation about whether it was true that she was already married, due to the image that was discovered in her network profile social, where she appears in a white wedding dress.

“I’m not married, it was a photo session,” the Mexican wrote in her account. Twitter along with an interview he conducted where he mentions the real situation about the controversial photo, and that for this reason the followers already demanded that it be investigated for possible breaking the rules of the contest.

Andrea Meza dressed as a married bride: “We thought it was fun”

Miss Universe Andrea Meza dressed as married bride 3
PHOTO Instagram

According to the Insider portal, where Andrea shared some words, they mention that the model decided to do a photo session about a fake wedding to promote the Copper Canyon, which are a series of tourist mountains in her home state Chihuahua, on her profile. for which he decided to take the photos.

“It’s funny because the boy with me is the younger brother of one of my best friends. He is 21 years old, he is just a boy! And it’s funny because everyone takes it very seriously, ”Meza said. “At that time I was not in any contest, I only published the photo making fun of the situation. We thought it was fun to prank our friends by just writing the date in the caption! ”He added.

Andrea Meza dressed as a married bride: Focused on her duties

Miss Universe Andrea Meza dressed as married bride 4
PHOTO Instagram

“People often spread rumors about the winner after being crowned, but this is definitely one of the craziest I’ve ever heard! People like to search our past and try to find something that creates a scandal. It happened when I won the state competitions, it happened when I won the national competitions, and I know that it will continue to happen ”, he mentioned about the comments of the users, according to Insider.

Miss Universe is already focused on her duties as queen: “For me, it is a realization of my dreams. I have admired the women in this position for a long time, and being here and having this opportunity means a lot to me because now I have the platform to inspire girls like me ten years ago. “

Andrea Meza dressed as a married bride: Internet users defend her

Miss Universe Andrea Meza dressed as married bride 5
PHOTO Instagram

Through the Instagram account of Gossip live, shared the publication of the note where they would talk about the image that has caused so much controversy, where Andrea Meza appears wearing a white wedding dress, but Internet users immediately defended her.

Ardent people, she won and now, what pride, she is beautiful ”,“ they love gossip, she is not married. But hey, you have to publish each pod to gain raiting…! “,” She is not married, if they bring the gossip it is because she ever took photos of a model with a wedding dress “,” And even if she was married, what? They let trans people participate, but not a married woman? It is not fair all or nothing “,” how unhappy people annoy with stories, they won and they hold out, “were some comments.

Andrea Meza dressed as a married bride: Andrea Meza suffers from bullying

PHOTO Instagram

Faced with harsh criticism from Hispanics from other countries who wanted their contestants to be the winner in Miss Universe, the winner of the contest Andrea Meza, from Mexico, faces controversy over allegations that Telemundo ‘bought’ the crown and even that El Chapo Guzmán supported her to win, however it is she who used her social networks to give ‘a white glove slap’.

After most people thought that Miss Peru, Janick Maceta, would be the great winner of Miss Universe, they began to attack Miss Mexico, now the winner of the pageant, so even the queen’s partner had to ask her his followers to stop bullying towards Andrea Meza.

Andrea Meza dressed as a married bride: She leaves them ‘quiet’

PHOTO Instagram

The model is a software engineer, she is 26 years old, she is originally from the state of Chihuahua. In Mexico, a tourism ambassador, likes makeup and extreme sports, in addition to taking the lead in her fight against violence suffered by women around the world, as apparently she had to live.

After winning Miss Universe, Andrea Meza has had days full of work, but also news of all kinds, since it was recently announced that Miss Mexico was alone and without family in the final stage of the contest before the emergency operation that her mother had to perform, for a tumor on her head.

Fight criticism

PHOTO Instagram

After learning that her mother could not accompany her in the final stage of Miss Universe, Miss Mexico took refuge in her companions and ‘rivals’, forging a strong friendship, so it is not surprising that after being announced as the winner, the majority of the participants ran to hug her, including Janick Maceta, from Peru.

Various memes and criticisms of people annoyed by the triumph of Andrea Meza, appeared after winning Miss Universe and those who wanted Miss Peru to be the queen, unleashed their fury against the Mexican, so Janick Maceta asked his followers to leave ‘alone to her friend ‘, as they had forged a great friendship and she even shared a video about it. Filed Under: Miss Universe Andrea Meza Dressed Married Bride

Miss Universe defends herself


PHOTO Twitter

Andrea Meza’s social networks are more active than ever after her victory in Miss Universe and now, she used her Twitter account to leave certain messages that serve as a reference and as a ‘defense’ against the sad accusations and accusations that she has been subjected to. since winning the pageant.

“My dream and that of all Mexicans was fulfilled. Never allow someone to tell you that you are worthless. I want to thank you for all the support you have given me and for believing in me from the beginning, when no one knew who Andrea Meza was, when I started. Thank you because your support motivates me to continue giving my best, ”he began writing in a series of messages. Filed Under: Miss Universe Andrea Meza Dressed Married Bride

“The crown is from Latin America”

PHOTO Twitter

And if that was not enough, ‘shutting up’ to all those who ‘were left with the desire’, Andrea Meza was very intelligent and noble to dedicate the crown to all of Latin America: “This crown is dedicated to our country Mexico, but also it is for all of Latin America, “he wrote in another message.

But unfortunately, she also assured that she has doubted her, could it be that she read all the criticisms of the people who do not support her ?: “I have come to doubt me, it is human to doubt us and have some mistrust, however, the important thing is to remind us how valuable we are, that is what makes us unique, “he wrote. Filed Under: Miss Universe Andrea Meza Dressed Married Bride

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