Miseries? Rubí, the most famous quinceañera in Mexico, appears showing her sexy leg (PHOTO)

Mexico’s most famous quinceañera surprises her fans Rubí appears on social networks showing leg Post image on your Instagram accoun...

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  • Mexico’s most famous quinceañera surprises her fans
  • Rubí appears on social networks showing leg
  • Post image on your Instagram account

Rubí shows her leg. Ruby better known as the quinceañera most famous in Mexico, who rose to fame in 2016 when she and her parents invited everyone to her 15-year party, today she shows that she is no longer a girl.

Currently Rubí is 19 years old and demonstrates her maturity with an image published by herself on her account. Instagram, where she appears showing her leg on the side of a pool and that she is wearing what appears to be a bathing suit, she is also wrapped in a white sheet.

She even put a comment to one side of the image where she mentions the savannah: “It looks like a sheet haha”, said Rubí.

Ruby, swimsuit, quinceañera

Ruby, swimsuit, quinceañera

It is worth mentioning that the famous young woman has several followers and fans who are dedicated to sending compliments and compliments to the celebrity and this time was no exception.

Although the image only has 12 comments, all of them were from Internet users who flatter Rubí: “Mamacita”, commented a follower of the young woman.

“You are beautiful baby”, “Beautiful princess”, “I see a sheet”, “It is the one you used in I don’t want anything anymore … nothing nothing at all”, “How beautiful”, “beautiful”, these were the comments that Rubí received from his fans.

Ruby teaches leg 1


Frequently the famous quinceañera publishes photos of her where she shows that she is no longer a girl and with which her fans are satisfied as the young woman appears more sensual every day.

Rubí Ibarra rose to fame thanks to the massive invitation that her father, Don Crescencio Ibarra, made for her quinceañera, so that from a party attended by family and friends, it became a massive celebration attended by hundreds of people. from all over Mexico and the US The following page will show some of the scandals in which the quinceañera has been involved.

Rubí shows her leg. Previously, Rubí was surprised to say in a video that she is fed up with the criticism, but it seems that this idea was not one of the best that could have occurred to her, since the users destroyed her for her challenging message.

Chamonic’s Instagram account posted this video of Rubí where nothing was saved. Mexico’s most famous quinceañera, who rose to fame after thousands of people attended her party in 2016, had this to say:

“Well, the net, here between ‘compis’, because I have no ideas, carnal. My neuron does not give for more, man, that is, I wanted to put it into operation, but then it is not left, “said Rubí to some extent annoyed.

The most famous quinceañera in Mexico said she is sorry and will try to upload videos now: “Even if I have to kill myself, it doesn’t matter.”

It didn’t take long for netizens to get away with the young woman, who is about to turn 19 years old:

“Poor little girl, but keep giving fame“,” The neuron went with the goat, I think “,” Please, give don Rubí condoms so that it does not continue to reproduce “,” 2020, get over it !!! “,” Didn’t he make it a singer? Because the last I heard from her was that she would record an album and that was it, because I didn’t listen to her or see her again until now ”.

The criticism seemed to have no end for the young Rubí after her challenging message: “Oh, no, you better not upload videos, so you don’t have to kill ‘compis’”, “And on her profile she says ‘Public figure’, haha, Where from? ”,“ Take away the cell phone ”,“ Ridiculous ”,“ Nobody remembered her anymore ”.

It gives the impression that the most famous quinceañera in Mexico is discovering the hatred that can be given on social networks. On the next page, you will find out …


show leg 2


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“These things are not said”

Rubí shows her leg. Many people did not like the challenging message of the young Rubí, the most famous quinceañera in Mexico:

“Definitely, take away his cell phone and never give it to him again and block it, because those things are not said, especially in these times when there are so many people with mental health problems”, “His neurons burned”, “What a current listen ”,“ Another nini ”,“ Mensa ”,“ I can’t believe ”,“ I felt sorry for her ”.

And when nobody expected it, some people came out in defense of Rubí, the most famous fifteen-year-old in Mexico: “I feel like she said it sarcastically. He has uploaded other videos and if he looks mature. I follow her and sometimes we make more of a scandal than what suits us, it is not a bad plan “,” Remember that she is a ranch girl, she is a girl without malice and she is just growing up and is catching the wave. “

Previously, Rubí scared her followers by appearing dressed as a ‘chola’, in addition to letting herself be seen smoking, when she is barely coming of age.

Ruby teaches leg 3


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