Millionaire’s son is sentenced to 7 months in prison after killing Monique Muñoz in horrific accident

A millionaire’s son who killed Latina Monique Muñoz was sentenced to spend between 7 and 9 months in prison. The young man was driv...

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  • A millionaire’s son who killed Latina Monique Muñoz was sentenced to spend between 7 and 9 months in prison.
  • The young man was driving a luxurious vehicle at full speed when he collided with Monique Muñoz’s car and caused her death.
  • Now, the defendant told the victim’s family that he was very sorry about the event.

The son of a millionaire from Los Angeles, California, was sentenced to seven to nine months in a juvenile offender camp for speeding a vehicle and colliding with a car, causing the death of Latina Monique Muñoz last February, the news agency Eph reported.

The accident occurred on February 17 when the Lamborghini Urus SUV driven by the teenage son of a millionaire rear-ended a Lexus sedan, in a horrific accident that killed 32-year-old Monique Muñoz.

Young man who killed Monique Muñoz will spend 7 to 9 months in prison

Monique Munoz
Photo montage MH: GoFundMe / LAPD West Los Angeles.

Since the accident occurred, Monique Muñoz’s family had demanded that the maximum sentence be imposed on the young man, the son of wealthy businessman and e-commerce developer James Kuhri. At the time of the accident, the young man was 17 years old, and last April he assumed the charges of the Juvenile Court for vehicular manslaughter.

As reported by the MyNewsLA portal, the boy, whose name was not disclosed due to his age, apologized to Monique Muñoz’s family during the judicial process carried out on Thursday, October 21, saying: “Please know that I am sorry a lot from the bottom of my heart ”.

Monique Muñoz’s car was broken in two by the strong crash of the teenage driver

Monique Munoz

The crash was so strong that the Lexus driven by Hispanic Monique Muñoz broke in half and died instantly, while the minor was taken to an area hospital after suffering head injuries, the Efe report said.

One of the Los Angeles Police Department investigators testified in court that the vehicle’s speed was 86 miles per hour (about 138 kilometers per hour) five seconds before impact, with the driver’s foot “fully on the accelerator at the 100% ”. He added: “Vehicle speed reaches 106 miles per hour (170 kilometers per hour) less than two seconds before the collision.”

Monique Muñoz’s family considers the sentence “unfair”

Monique Munoz

Cristina Muñoz, aunt of the victim Monique Muñoz, told the local media that the sentence against the son of a wealthy family who caused the accident was very “unfair and sad.” In turn, he added: “A mother waited for her daughter to come home. This ruling does not give us peace ”.

The newspaper Ktla 5 He mentioned that the defendant was “running” (racing) in the Lamborghini Urus with whom he was his girlfriend at the time at speeds of more than 100 mph when he violently collided with the car driven by Monique Muñoz.

Karla Rico died and her 10-year-old son was injured in a dramatic crash in Texas

Monique Munoz
Reference photo: Shutterstock

On the other hand, a mother identified how Karla Rico died and her 10-year-old son was injured in a severe crash caused by a driver who was allegedly fleeing police when he unleashed the tragic accident last month in Texas. The family’s puppy, a poodle, also lost his life in the collision.

The 28-year-old Hispanic Karla Rico and her young son were hit by a driver who allegedly ran a red light while trying to escape at full speed from the police authorities, reported People Wednesday, September 8.

He fled from the police and crashed Karla Rico’s car

Karla Rico
Accident where Karla Rico died. Photo: Screenshot from CBS DWF video

In accordance with Fox NewsOn Monday afternoon, September 6, Karla Rico was driving with her 10-year-old son and her puppy Apollo through the intersection of Garland Avenue and Miller Road, northeast of Dallas, when her silver Toyota was hit by a Honda Accord driven by Bobby Lee Murphy, 37, of Oklahoma.

Moments earlier, Bobby Lee Murphy had been pulled over for a traffic violation, during which time officers allegedly noticed evidence of drugs inside his vehicle. But before they could investigate further, Bobby Lee Murphy allegedly sped up and fled with the two passengers inside.

“It was like a horror movie”

Karla Rico
Bobby Lee Murphy. Photo: Dallas County Jail

In an apparent attempt to evade officers, Bobby Lee Murphy reportedly ran a red light, crashed Karla Rico’s car and a second vehicle, a Honda CRV, which was stopped at a red light in the lanes to the south, People detailed.

“For me, it was like a movie, a horror movie,” witness Joshua García told the newspaper. CBS DFW. “You are never prepared for a situation like this,” added the Hispanic after witnessing the tragic event in which Karla Rico and her puppy lost their lives.

Karla Rico died at the accident site

Karla Rico
Karla Rico, her son and her puppy Apollo. Photo: courtesy of the family

After the collision, Bobby Lee Murphy and the other two occupants of his car were transported to a hospital in the area, while the driver of the Honda CRV suffered minor injuries and was given an altar at the same place of the crash, police said. cited by People.

Karla Rico was pronounced dead at the site, as was her puppy Apollo, and the 10-year-old son was taken to a hospital in the area, where until Wednesday he remained in critical condition, reported People and Fox News reports.

Karla Rico was an “incredible” mother

Karla Rico
Karla Rico died in a traffic accident. Photo: GoFundMe

“Karla was an amazing person and everyone who knew her loved and admired her. She was a blessing to all who had the privilege of working with her, ”wrote Emily Smith on a page of GoFundMe that he created to help the family cover the medical expenses they face for the child’s injuries.

After being treated by doctors, Bobby Lee Murphy was charged with murder and evading arrest, causing serious bodily injury. It is unclear whether he pleaded guilty or hired an attorney to comment on his behalf, the People report said.

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