Microsoft Teams will be updated with AI to include noise suppression

Microsoft has announced a new function in your Microsoft Teams video conferencing application. In the announcement issued by the company,...

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Microsoft has announced a new function in your Microsoft Teams video conferencing application.

In the announcement issued by the company, it is ensured that the main objective is to offer a better experience for the user during the transmission of the video conferences to which they have access.

The new Microsoft Teams feature is the option to enable a “loud” sound suppression setting.

Do you want to know more about this function? Here we tell you!

  • The use of virtual platforms continues to show improvements; this time, Microsoft Teams has announced a new tool for its virtual conferences
  • This is a function to completely suppress background noise during live broadcasts
  • Artificial Intelligence is presented as a factor of change for Microsoft, which hopes to provide a competitive service within a wide market

For Microsoft, the user experience is one of the main concerns, especially in an age where the need to use tools like Microsoft Teams is increasing.

The new Microsoft Teams feature will allow you to configure the application to completely suppress background sounds.

While the app already offers this feature, this new mode is expected to further suppress background sound during user live broadcasts.

The improvements in the application find their reason not only in the competition, but in the most current needs of the users.

Since the beginning of the pandemic, what was considered a temporary means of work, for many has become a permanent modality.

Working from home, however, has represented a new challenge for most people: now, when working remotely, distractions are often the order of the day.

For example, during a videoconference, under normal conditions, the sound of cars passing by, or the noise caused by the inhabitants of a house, could be heard if the user did not live alone.

For this reason, applications such as Zoom have also worked on developing functions to eliminate background sounds during video conferences.

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According to the USA TODAY portal, the use of the Microsoft Teams application has increased considerably since the beginning of the pandemic caused by the Coronavirus.

Since March, the platform reached a daily record of 2.7 billion minutes of video conferencing in a single day.

This fact represents an achievement for Microsoft, since it is an increase of 200% compared to 900 million videoconferencing minutes recorded in previous months.

This number continued to rise, and by June 31 it had already exceeded 5 billion minutes of videoconferencing in a single day.

This was stated by Satya Nadella, CEO of Microsoft, during a meeting with his investors on July 22.

In addition to improvements to the sound during video conferences, Microsoft is already working on creating a new screen to offer a more realistic experience to its users.

Microsoft, a step forward in the user experience

Since last March, when sanitary conditions forced a total protection, companies were forced to create safer work dynamics for employees.

For many companies, the change implied the implementation of the home office as the main means of work.

Eight months later, the peaks of the pandemic appear to have picked up in some countries, while in others mobility restrictions continue to represent the norm.

It will not be until mid-2021 that the Covid-19 vaccine has been approved and commercialized, which probably means that it will take several more months for normal working conditions to be restored in several companies.

Thus, Microsoft continues to work to adapt to the new needs of users, and for that it has turned to Artificial Intelligence.

Sound suppression through Artificial Intelligence works by analyzing the user’s audio, then using a deep neural network to filter the sound and retain only the voice signal.

In a report shared by Tribune India newspaper, it is explained that now “users will be able to control how much sound suppression they want to use. The “loud” setting is recent, and will suppress background sounds even more. “

So far, this new function is “in development”, as has been announced on the official website.

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How does the new Teams feature work?

The new feature to suppress background sound during video conferencing in Microsoft Teams will be available for desktop computers.

The official announcement does not address how the new Microsoft Teams feature will be adapted to devices operated by Android or iOS.

In addition to the new sound suppression feature, Microsoft Teams is expected to release other enhancements and updates.

On its home page, the company has announced that users will soon be able to customize the way content appears available to participants in a video conference.

The purpose of this feature will be to help create more dynamic virtual meetings.

In theory, this update would be presented in December, and it would be after the new sound settings.

In addition, Microsoft Teams will offer the option to summarize by recording the video conference, transcripts, a chat and a tool to share files automatically during the video conference.

Likewise, the application will allow you to see in real time the list of contacts, voicemail and call history at the same time, which should make the process of making calls with a single click easier.

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