Mhoni Vidente: Weekend Horoscopes (June 4-6)

Mhoni Vidente reveals her horoscopes for the June 4 to 6 weekend Find out what fate has in store for you according to your zodiac sign. T...

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  • Mhoni Vidente reveals her horoscopes for the June 4 to 6 weekend
  • Find out what fate has in store for you according to your zodiac sign.
  • This weekend great surprises await you, discover them.

Mhoni Vidente Friday horoscopes. The beloved psychic, Mhoni Vidente, once again reveals her horoscopes for this June 4 to 6 weekend, exclusively for the readers of Mundo Hispánico, thanks to which you will know what awaits you in the following days through your zodiac sign.

On this occasion, the astrologer Mhoni Vidente shares her predictions with the help of the stars and the Tarot cards, which have strokes of luck in store for you, or a new love might be even about to knock on your door in the coming days, so don’t you dare to leave your home without first discovering your destiny.


Mhoni Seer Friday horoscopes

Weekend of being in the mood to go out and meet your new love, remember Aries that your sign is fire and you need a partner to develop more in your daily life. Be careful on Friday, try not to get into problems that are not yours and be more cautious. You get money that you did not expect for a debt or you get paid your commissions. Your family gets together to celebrate a birthday, you fix your car from the tires, remember to drive slowly because that’s why they get damaged very often.

A love looks for you to return if it does not want to return, give it to him, but try not to get fought with anyone. You buy clothes and you change your look, you change the living room of your house. You go on a picnic on Sunday with your friends. You are a very charismatic friend of Aries and that makes you always surrounded by loyal friends in your life. For married Aries, patience because they come up with some lawsuits, your lucky numbers are 21,33,90.


Mhoni Seer horoscopes Friday 2

Friday of being with a lot of work behind schedule and having reviews with your bosses, remember not to be defensive and cooperate in everything they tell you. You receive financial help from a family member to pay off a debt that did not let you sleep. You are a very good friend of Taurus with your friends and that sometimes makes you take advantage of you and it begins to differentiate who is who in your life. Take care of skin infection or see your doctor.

You enter a course on Saturday and you will be very active, if you still live with your parents it is time to be more independent and live alone so that you can be more responsible. In love with the best, with good luck if you already have a partner on a weekend of great passion and if you are alone, a very passionate love will come to you. You update your tax or government payment stationery, your lucky numbers are 23,19,08. Filed Under: Mhoni Seer Friday Horoscopes


Mhoni Seer horoscopes Friday 3

Friday the day of celebrating and having a good time with the best friend of Geminis, you receive gifts that you did not expect and a love looks for you to surprise you. Be careful, Gemini with money, try not to spend too much and be more cautious in your life, Friday of going through all the paperwork of social security and your work. You go to the gym to exercise more, remember that in the month of July you go to the beach and you need to show off your body.

Saturday of a lot of work and they put in order everything that is around you, remember that the Gemini is very disorganized and that causes you to have problems in your life. A brother is looking for you to borrow money from you. A love leaves your side or they decide to separate for a while, be careful with the neighbors, do not trust them too much because they want to steal from you. They send you to do social service outside of your city and think about doing a master’s degree. Your lucky numbers are 23,10,87. Filed Under: Mhoni Seer Friday Horoscopes


Mhoni Seer horoscopes Friday 4

Friday of feeling that you can do everything you have in mind and not get discouraged so soon, remember that your sign likes success a lot and always tries to achieve it in any area that it performs. Enough of so much jealousy, cancer friend, it is good to love your partner, but do not be intense or obsessed, remember that both of you need your space and you will see how your love relationship will go better. You finish paying for your car and decide to change it.

Family members come to you from abroad to go to a wedding, you buy shoes and clothes. A friend looks to you for advice, you take an advertising or communications course. On Sunday to go for a walk or go to a picnic, to the cancer who are married pregnancy at the door or the birth of their baby. You send to fumigate your house and try not to have pests, your lucky numbers are 31,23,09. Filed Under: Mhoni Seer Friday Horoscopes


Mhoni Seer horoscopes Friday 5

On Friday the day you are analyzing a change of home or work, remember Leo friend that you always need to be in constant movement for your positive energy to develop more. Ask for a car loan, they look for some friends to start a business. Do not fight with your partner anymore, try to give that positive change to the relationship and go out more to live together, try to sleep more this weekend to renew energy.

You change your cell phone or decide to change the payment plan. Your lucky numbers are 03,22,91, it’s going to be a weekend full of parties and fun, but remember to control yourself in alcohol. Your daddy is going to be sick, try to help him or take him to the doctor. Be careful with gossip at work they are saying that you go out with your boss, be more discreet in your relationships. Filed Under: Mhoni Seer Friday Horoscopes


Mhoni Seer horoscopes Friday 6

This Friday is lucky in matters of new loves and to fall in love again, remember Virgo friend that your sign is dominated by passion and always being in a relationship. Your mom is going to be asking you for help with legal or pension issues. You go to a doctor for a check on your blood pressure or bones. You finish making your car payments. Be careful with gossip, try not to talk about your personal matters too much and you start to better select your friends.

On Saturday and Sunday to take a healing course or go to a field day. You will have a stroke of luck on June 6 with the numbers 09,33,27, You buy a gift for a child or your partner. Remember not to return with a love from the past because he only wants to hurt you, it is better to continue as you are. Filed Under: Mhoni Seer Friday Horoscopes

Mhoni Seer Friday horoscopes: LIBRA

Next Friday day to start again in matters of personal matters and leave all that hurts you, remember Libra friend that this weekend is going to be a renewal of energy for you so I recommend you walk with all the good attitude. Decide to change house or go to live near your parents, you process a car loan, remember that how they see you, they treat you no longer think about it and change it.

You help a friend to get a job, you buy clothes and shoes. Watch out for toothaches or see your dentist. In love you will be meeting people very similar to you and remember not to return with loves from the past because they will do it again. You will have a stroke of luck with the numbers 24,10,99.

Mhoni Seer Friday horoscopes: SCORPION

It will be a Friday when you are getting out of your financial problems or you get extra money, but you are already trying to manage yourself better. Remember that your sign is always in debt a lot and then does not know how to pay them off, it is better to be more cautious. Procedures for a job change are coming for you, be careful with lawsuits at parties, be a little controlled with vices. A course in law or international relations on Saturdays reminds you that you always need to train yourself to be successful.

You fix papers in your house or you go to the notary, a love of the sign of Aquarius or Pisces looks for you who will talk about falling in love with you again. You will have a stroke of luck with the numbers 00,32,17. You have a car, beware of crashes or drive more carefully. Try to stay healthy and do your medical check-ups, the Scorpios who are married will have a pregnancy.

Mhoni Seer Friday horoscopes: SAGITTARIUS

A Friday awaits you from having a lot of work pressures or paying debts, remember Sagittarius friend that your sign always leaves everything last so try to be more orderly in your life. In your work they ask you to help them make a new sales project that will leave you an extra commission. Be careful someone from work who is married is falling in love with you, try not to get into trouble.

You take a graphic design or photography course to prepare yourself more and remember that your sign is dominated by art. Beware of a friend who is going to be accusing you of a betrayal, try to fix that problem. Your mom looks for you because of a health problem, try to help her in everything she needs, remember that first the family and then the friends. You will have a stroke of luck on June 6 with the numbers 21,07,66. Remember that in love you will always do well, just try not to be so unfaithful.

Mhoni Seer Friday horoscopes: CAPRICORN

Remember that it will be a Friday day of luck for your sign and it will be in matters of gambling or lottery with the numbers 09,33,27. Try to put your day of Birth so that you personalize your luck and you will see how you get some extra money. Be careful at work, they want to fire you because of a colleague, so talk to your coordinator or boss so they don’t have a bad impression of you. You will have a lot of parties this weekend and have the most fun, but just try not to drink so much alcohol.

If you are married it is going to be a weekend of a lot of coexistence with the family. You buy a plane ticket to go on a trip this week, you send, fix your watch. You are very detailed in everything you do so try to take an engineering or music production course on Saturdays.

Mhoni Seer Friday horoscopes: AQUARIUS

On a Friday when you are recovering from emotional losses or closing love circles, remember Aquarius friend that you are in your time to grow more as a person and leave all the negative behind without times to renew yourself in everything. You will know of a family pregnancy, you are invited to a wedding on a beach. Try to go to parties this weekend so that your energy is renewed more and you are in better spirits, remember that your aquarium is meetings or always being social events.

You will have a family meeting to buy a house, you get a love of the sign of Aries or Libra that will talk about being in formality with you. Be careful with sexual infection problems, see your doctor, you will have a stroke of luck with the number 34,00,91. Remember that money is going to come to you, just try to be more administrative.

Mhoni Seer Friday horoscopes: PISCES

On Friday transformation day that means that you are going to completely renew yourself in everything and leave that bad streak that you have been dragging for a long time, that is why I recommend you try to go to a beach or river to take baths and thus be at your best. A new love enters your life with great force and is going to be formal, just try not to be so intense or show your feelings a lot. They invite you to a party that you are going to have a lot of fun, a friend comes to you to ask you for advice about a divorce.

A brother is looking for you to tell you that he is going to be a father. They give you a perfume or clothes remember that the best gifts are those that do not wait. You will have a stroke of luck on June 6 with the numbers 03,22,61, be careful with accidents or if you have a car, drive with caution. Just beware of a friend who is talking behind your back and tries not to talk about your personal matters so much. On Sunday you go for a walk with your parents, you take a course in metaphysics or healing.