Mhoni Vidente considers Vicente Fernández dead (VIDEO)

Cuban clairvoyant Mhoni Vidente made a terrible prediction. Is the Mexican charro dead? Is he brain dead? Mhoni Vidente predicts Vicente ...

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  • Cuban clairvoyant Mhoni Vidente made a terrible prediction.
  • Is the Mexican charro dead?
  • Is he brain dead?

Mhoni Vidente predicts Vicente Fernández’s death. It has been months of concern for the Fernández dynasty since El Charro entered the hospital and his health has gradually deteriorated to such a degree that it has been speculated whether he will be able to recover or the family will decide to ‘end’ his suffering.

In recent weeks, rumors of the death of the famous Mexican singer have flooded social networks and the press. Now, Mhoni Vidente makes a terrible prediction about the death of Vicente Fernández and many are “shaken” by the Cuban’s statements.

Mhoni Vidente predicts the death of Vicente Fernández

Mhoni Seer prediction full moon blood: The letter of justice

It was on the Heraldo de México program on YouTube, where the clairvoyant gave the terrible prediction about the singer. “I think he is already brain dead, his body already very worn out in every way”, but the seer did not stop there, as it ‘shook’ his followers even more.

“As much as the family wants to say otherwise, because the reality is that they have not released a video of Vicente trying to greet the fans or anything,” declared Mhoni Vidente, predicting a possible brain death of the beloved Mexican singer. Mhoni also spoke about the conditions of Doña Cuquita, Vicente Fernández’s wife.

Mhoni Vidente talks about the alleged death of Vicente Fernández

Mhoni Vidente talks about the alleged death of Vicente Fernández

“And Cuquita is already very tired,… she feels very exhausted in the hospital, it is not easy…. And Don Vicente in his state that is very sedated, he must also be very fatigued and they want to take him out to let him die on the ranch with his family “, declared Mhoni Vidente for El Heraldo de México on YouTube.

Recently, through the program ‘First hand‘, it was possible to briefly interview Doña Cuquita, the wife of Don Vicente Fernández, who has already spent 3 months in a hospital in Guadalajara and her health does not seem to improve; Amid speculation about whether he would be disconnected and would no longer leave the hospital, El Potrillo’s mother cleared up doubts.

Mhoni Vidente predicts when will be the death of Vicente Fernández

"I don't see any solution soon"

The clairvoyant pointed out that the family of the “Charro de Huentitán” could be close to disconnecting the singer. “They are waiting for Alejandro Fernández to finish the tour, or they are waiting for the family to get together to say goodbye … but I really do see the death letter to Don Vicente,” said Mhoni.

In addition to the above, the latest report on Vicente Fernández’s health was recently revealed. Also, for the first time, Alejandro Fernández’s mother was intercepted when leaving the hospital and in her armored truck she answered the questions of the reporter of the Imagen Televisión program.

“I don’t see any solution soon”

"I don't see any solution soon"
PHOTO YouTube El Heraldo de México

“Unfortunately his illness has become very complicated and I do not see any solution soon,” said the Cuban clairvoyant most loved by Hispanics. Given these statements, the presenter of the YouTube program of El Heraldo de México said that we should not lose hope.

However, Mhoni Vidente did not agree with the driver and pointedly pointed out: “Sometimes when you already see a person so exhausted in the hospital and so worn out, you have to put yourself in their place too.” The clairvoyant ended her participation hoping that the family and Don Vicente are “completely at peace.” TO WATCH THE VIDEO OF CLICK HERE.

Doña Cuquita breaks the silence

Doña Cuquita breaks the silence
Instagram: Vicente Fernández

“Madam, what do you say to the public about your husband, about Don Vicente?” The reporter is heard asking while Dona Cuquita is on top of the armored truck with a mask, waiting for the vehicle to start and she only nods her head in thank you sign together with your hands.

The most important question that the reporter asked Doña Cuquita is if they were going to take Don Vicente Fernández out of the hospital soon, however, the singer’s wife was clear in denying such a statement with her hands, which undoubtedly ruined the hopes that his recovery will go quickly.

Is Vicente Fernández no longer going to leave the hospital? Doña Cuquita responds

DONA CUQUITA suspicions Vicente Fernández
YouTube: First Hand

Doña Cuquita also nodded when she was told if Don Vicente Fernández had been very happy with the visit of his grandson, so it is already implied that the Charro is waking up and at least that gives more hope that his health will be recover, even if the medical report says otherwise.

Doña Cuquita’s statements dismiss the version released by the Mexican magazine ‘TvNotas’, citing a family source who allegedly assured that the family was determined to remove Don Vicente Fernández from the hospital to be treated at home, which is now confirmed, it will not be possible.

It had been said that Vicente Fernández would be taken from the hospital to be treated at home

Vicente Fernández Doña Cuquita

People began to speculate on the YouTube video ‘De Primera Mano’ and said: “Vicente Fernandez is brain dead (they have him connected to a machine), as they say, it is not fair, the public deserves respect, as well as they They ask the same thing ”,“ These media always wanting to invent, the lady didn’t even answer them. Mr. Vicente does not deserve to go through this situation of prolonged agony ”,“ Mrs. Cuquita soon the king of our vernacular music is going to recover very soon ”.

“Grateful for being aware of the health of Mr. Vicente Fernández, we regret that some media without having communication with the family and much less medical information, since this is only transmitted directly to the family, speculate maliciously about the health and condition of Mr. Vicente Fernández ”, begins the new medical report.

The new medical part of Vicente Fernández’s health is announced

Doña Cuquita
YouTube: First Hand

And he continues: “Don Vicente Fernández continues stable, with periods of awakeness during the day. We continue with pulmonary rehabilitation and progression in ventilation withdrawal, his respiratory effort continues to be weak for which he requires support ”, they reveal.

“Your family, friends and medical team, we appreciate not making unsupported speculations. If his state of ‘stability’ continues and there are no eventualities, it is intended to leave intensive care and continue his room care, “the statement ends with the hope that the singer will recover already on the hospital floor.

The Fernández family asks not to speculate without reasons

Medical report Vicente Fernández doña Cuquita

“God protect Don Vicente”, “God is good”, “Give him a lot of desire King”, “Do not loosen king”, “Thank God”, “Good health and blessings Don Vicente! Here we are waiting for you! “,” Poor thing, he is suffering, “” The Virgin of Guadalupe takes care of him and heals him, “” God willing, he will soon leave the hospital, “they wrote in support. HERE YOU CAN SEE THE VIDEO OF DOÑA CUQUITA.

One more problem in Vicente Fernández’s health. After days without news, the doctors of the “Charro de Huentitán” revealed how the singer is after months hospitalized and strong rumors of his wife’s intentions about disconnecting him and even his death.

Now another health problem joins Vicente Fernández

They reveal how the health of Vicente Fernández is

“We know the concern of society and the media for his health,” begins by saying the statement distributed on Vicente Fernández’s official Instagram account. “Since he was admitted to hospital in August, we have taken care of multidisciplinary medical care to improve the health of Mr. Vicente Fernández.”

“His family has been by his side in this disease process since his hospital admission, which has limited his quality of life and now he continually depends on specialized health care,” warns the medical statement.

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