Mhoni Vidente reveals who were the supposed murderers of Efraín Ruales (VIDEO)

Mhoni Vidente reveals who were the supposed murderers of Efraín Ruales (VIDEO) The clairvoyant has made predictions about the terrible de...

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FOTO Captura de Pantalla Twitter Canal Oficial Mhoni Vidente
  • Mhoni Vidente reveals who were the supposed murderers of Efraín Ruales (VIDEO)
  • The clairvoyant has made predictions about the terrible death of the Ecuadorian driver
  • The death that shocked an entire country produced offers of thousands of dollars for the capture of the culprits

Mhoni Vidente reveals who were the murderers of Efraín Ruales, the beloved and famous Ecuadorian presenter who was killed in a shooting in “broad daylight” in Guayaquil, Ecuador.

As a result of the shock that caused the death of Efraín Ruales, many theories have been ‘unleashed’ about the motives and perpetrators of the terrible crime.

What did Mhoni Vidente say about Efraín Ruales’ death?

The Cuban clairvoyant was not ‘left behind’ and made strong predictions and revelations about the beloved driver from Ecuador in a video recently uploaded to YouTube. After fixing himself up a bit, Mhoni began to relate the events that occurred in Guayaquil on January 27, where apparently two armed individuals shot at him. driver television station who is aboard his vehicle and on his way home.

PHOTO Screenshot Twitter Official Channel Mhoni Vidente

According to Mhoni Seer, who murdered Ruales?

“They were already following him,” said the Cuban to later accuse the “same government” of committing the violent act, attributing the murder as a measure to cause “fear.”

PHOTO YouTube Ecuador Communication

Mhoni Vidente, who described Efraín Ruales as a “person with a strong, dynamic character,” stated that the shooting was probably ‘orchestrated’ by “very important people… from the former Correa government,” referring to the former president of the South American country, Rafael Correa. .

According to her, the murder of Ruales was carried out “so that the people of Ecuador would be afraid.” The clairvoyant said that they could capture those who shot the Ecuadorian actor, however, predicted that the “person who was behind” was the government of that country. To see the video click here.

He spoke about the motives that could lead to the murder

In addition, one of the most followed Hispanic psychics on social networks, speculated about the motives for the terrible murder.

According to Mhoni, the motives they could have for murdering Ruales were purely electoral and “to scare the entire population” and described Ruales as a “guinea pig”.


“That is the real reason,” said the Cuban and later pointed out that the versions of a complaint of the alleged theft of medical supplies was not the main reason.

After assuring this, the clairvoyant issued a warning to the Ecuadorians. “Be careful, analyze your vote well, don’t let the left get in,” said Mhoni Vidente.

PHOTO Instagram Release The Soup

Then he predicted that if Andrés Arauz, a candidate “sponsored” by former President Rafael Correa, wins the presidency, many demonstrations in Ecuador will “unleash”.

The ‘traumatic’ death of the charismatic driver will be very difficult for citizens to forget, and it is that the death of the presenter Efraín Ruales amazed the entire country that day.

Recently, ‘heartbreaking’ messages that Efraín Ruales sent before he died were discovered.

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Piercing! Alejandra Jaramillo, Efraín Ruales’s girlfriend, shows the messages she sent her before she died

Relatives and friends of the deceased were devastated after learning of the murder of one of the most beloved celebrities, but a woman who to date is suffering the sensitive loss is Efraín’s girlfriend, Alejandra Jaramillo, who was one of the most affected, since the love of his life is gone forever.

And is that in your account Instagram, Ale Jaramillo, shared a series of images where you can see the last WhatsApp conversations he had with his partner, days before he died.

Girlfriend Efraín Ruales messages, Alejandra Jaramillo


In the publication, Efraín’s sentimental partner placed a phrase where he shows that one is affected by the death of his boyfriend, who took his life while driving his vehicle, “One week”, accompanied by some heartbroken emojis, this makes reference to the time that has passed after the murder.

Girlfriend Efraín Ruales messages, Alejandra Jaramillo 2


It should be remembered that the Hispanic presenter was killed by a group of armed individuals, who was hit while driving home, the murderers have not yet been captured, but several clues have already come to light to find the culprits.

Girlfriend Efraín Ruales messages, Alejandra Jaramillo 3


On the day of the murder, Ale Jaramillo, shared in his Instagram stories, a video where he is doing exercises, and behind her appears Efraín who trained together with her, it was the last time she saw him alive, because when he left there to go home was when he was shot that caused his death.


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