Mhoni Vidente predicts the passing of immigration bill and what Biden and Kamala will do

Mhoni Vidente releases uncensored predictions for magical days April 11 and 13 The Cuban psychic predicts that the immigration bill will ...

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  • Mhoni Vidente releases uncensored predictions for magical days April 11 and 13
  • The Cuban psychic predicts that the immigration bill will be passed at the end of April
  • A third world war is looming over us, the cards tell Mhoni Vidente

April 11 and 13 are the magical days and, according to the Cuban psychic and clairvoyant Mhoni Vidente’s predictions, these are the cabalistic numbers that will rule over most of the month. The tower card told her that different regimes are rising in Latin America in Ecuador, Chile and Peru.

She also revealed that a lot of energy is moving in Argentina because some want to overthrow President Alberto Fernández, and that in the countries of Brazil and Chile there are whispers saying that it is possible that certain factions want to pull off a coup against his government. The president of Argentina could suffer an attack, develop an illness or face a coup.

Mhoni Vidente revelations: Ace of clubs in Colombia

Mhoni Vidente previews when immigration law will begin and what Biden and Kamala will do
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He indicated that in Colombia several movements are beginning to turn, especially with the parties in matters of power. Mhoni assures that they also do not want President Iván Duque, who pointed out that he wants to extend his mandate for two more years but the people no longer want to let him continue. Many movements are coming for Colombia.

The Cuban indicates that the letters indicate large changes in Latin America: “I already told you that these cards, from the rook and the ace of clubs, signify significant changes in Latin America, in the governments of Chile, Ecuador, Peru, Argentina and Colombia. There will be demonstrations in those countries and people will be taking to the streets.

Mhoni Seer Revelations: Migrants in the United States

Mhoni Vidente previews when immigration law will begin and what Biden and Kamala will do
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Mhoni Vidente said that there is a lot of support since Joe Biden and Kamala Harris won the elections because the current president is giving them entry, he is helping children, and he assured that full caravans of migrants are coming from Honduras, Nicaragua, Honduras, Costa Rica, Cuba, Colombia, Mexico and Venezuela.

“All the country people are wanting to cross into the United States. More than 30 thousand people are visualized who in the month of April will want to cross to be able to legalize in the United States, “Cuban seer Mhoni Vidente said in her uncensored predictions on the issue of migrants seeking a better life in the United States. .

Mhoni Vidente revelations: They will reach a negotiation

Mhoni Vidente previews when immigration law will begin and what Biden and Kamala will do
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“The letter from the emperor that tells me about Joe Biden, together with the letter from the force of Kamala Harris, will reach a negotiation with the countries of Central America and Mexico so that there are no longer so many migrants wanting to enter the United States, there is going to be a lot of financial aid for those countries so that they can detain their people and have a job and don’t want to go to another country to look for a better future ”.

Mhoni Vidente assured that the letters from the emperor and the force indicate that at the end of April or the beginning of May they are going to announce the new immigration law in the United States, where more than 11 million people who want to legalize their stay they will already have an opportunity to be able to be with their papers in order in the country.

Mhoni Vidente revelations: Migration law has a date

Mhoni Vidente previews when immigration law will begin and what Biden and Kamala will do
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Regarding the possible approval of the new immigration reform, Mhoni Vidente stressed that it will be very good, “because the world is going to begin to grow, and people are going to be in that tune of being happier, progressing, having a future in a country that is not theirs and it is thanks to these two people, Kamala Harris and Joe Biden ”.

The seer assured that the new reform is going to be consummated thanks to the new administration, because the letters of the emperor and the force have announced that good things are coming in terms of migration and that will trigger the harmony of happiness to be reflected in the world and make positive changes in people’s lives.

Mhoni Seer revelations: Announces pregnancy of singer

Mhoni Vidente previews when immigration law will begin and what Biden and Kamala will do
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When he took out the letter from the priestess he spoke of the famous singer Mon Laferte. “This letter tells me that an artist, who is a singer, very famous, who is Chilean, who has a group, who is international throughout the world, who is a total activist, in favor of women and who is always helping, Mon Laferte, you are going to get pregnant ”.

“As you hear, gentlemen, at 37 years old, at 38 she turns 38 in the month of May, she will be talking that she is pregnant, and they will be twins.” He assured that the news of the pregnancy will be given in the middle of the year. She said that her partner is also a musician and that the Chilean’s career would continue to rise thanks to the duets she is performing.

Visualize that Putin wants to start the third world war

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He also spoke about Russian President Vladimir Putin and what is happening in Ukraine. “What is happening, that the Russian president has already sent almost all the troops to the border of Ukraine, to several islands, making a very strong tension to defend their territory and defend some islands of Ukraine, which the United States defends.”

“But the devil’s letter and the emperor’s letter come out, President Vladimir Putin wants to start the third world war now. It will be a very fast war, from 11 to 13 days ”. He says Putin will use all his power to defeat his enemies. Mhoni Vidente said that a third world war is envisioned where countries such as Russia, China, India, the United States, France, Germany and Canada will be participating. WATCH VIDEO HERE

Elections in Mexico will not be canceled

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Mhoni predicted that there will be a third wave of Codiv-19 infections in Mexico, it will be for April 21 and 21, “after those days there will be infections in almost the entire country. The elections will not be canceled, they will be in June, on June 6, the elections will be held, many people were speculating that they were going to be canceled, but no ”.

He visualized that the elections for the 15 governorships will take place and that it will be the bloodiest political campaign in the history of Mexico, with many dead candidates, attacks, controversial videos, political betrayals. “The death letter tells me that the imposition of candidates from very powerful people will be predominant.”

They will weaken President Joe Biden

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The seer assured that they no longer want Joe Biden in power and are seeking to put Kamala Harris in, that is why they are weakening him. “A very strong tragedy comes to Biden with the health of one of his children, he is going to have a problem with a stroke, they are going to start making him weaker through the children or through the grandchildren,” he said.

Mhoni Vidente in his revelations, declared that the Vice President of the United States Kamala Harris will be governing with the help of the Obamas, for that reason a tragedy is visualized for the next few days or months, “a tragedy that will hurt with the soul, it is visualized that they will soon remove him from power ”.

Predicts death for Cuban president

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The devil’s card and the ace of clubs predict what politically awaits Cuba, and according to the seer, the United States no longer wants the Castros in power. “The movements will take place at the end of April or the beginning of May. The death of Raúl Castro is visualized, so the Castros are no longer ruling ”.

He stressed that from the United States, Mexico, Spain, all strategies for Cuba will begin to move, “the liberation of the regime on the island is visualized, it will be a year of radical changes, as of April 13, the death of Raúl Castro , the movements to overthrow the communist regime and the complete liberation of the island ”.

Earthquakes and fires will continue

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Regarding the field of music, Mhoni Vidente assured that the reunion of One Direction will soon take place. He assured that Louis Tomlinson, “gets the letter from the magician, which will bring him more success in his career and he will start doing a tour this year that will be very successful, he will also be a father again with a new friend or A fan”.

Visualize that the weather for Mexico will be very extreme with temperatures that will reach up to 50 degrees, the sun and moon charts will be influencing the weather and visualize more fires for California and Texas. Cyclones are anticipated for May and June. It will tremble in California, Tijuana, Mexicali, Guadalajara, Mexico, Oaxaca, Chiapa and Guatemala.

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