Mhoni Vidente predicted that Kamala Harris will be U.S. president (VIDEO)

Mhoni Videnti, a psychic, was right once again with a prediction about Biden, U.S. President, and Kamala Harris. The Hispanic predicted t...

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  • Mhoni Videnti, a psychic, was right once again with a prediction about Biden, U.S. President, and Kamala Harris.
  • The Hispanic predicted that Kamala Harris will become the U.S. president.
  • Mhoni Vidente’s prediction was fulfilled this Friday, November 19, 2021.

Eight months ago, Mhoni Vidente made a chilling and shocking prediction involving the United States’ President Joe Biden and Vice President Kamala Harris. She predicted that the American president would retire from his position. The psychic said the African-American woman would replace Biden.

This Friday, November 19, 2021, the prediction came partly true. Due to a medical issue, Joe Biden had to cede power to Kamala Harris for a while. It lasted 85 minutes to be exact.

Kamala Harris took over as U.S. president while Joe Biden was undergoing a medical procedure

Biden left the power of US President to Kamala Harris
YouTube: The Herald of Mexico

In a YouTube video from El Heraldo de México, Mhoni Vidente predicted that Kamala Harris would replace Biden as the president of the United States. The prediction came true, but the circumstances the psychic saw were different.

Eight months ago, Joe Biden made some controversial statements regarding Russian President Vladimir Putin’s interference in the elections in favor of Donald Trump. Afterward, the psychic Mhoni Vidente said people who did want him in power would do everything to take it away.

Mhoni Vidente’s prediction that Kamala Harris would replace Joe Biden as the U.S. president

Mhoni Seer prediction Kamala Harris and Biden US President

“We are going to talk about what is happening in the United States. Joe Biden just gave a statement saying that the Russian president meddled in the U.S. elections last year so that Donald Trump would win. He also called him a murderer. He made a statement of that magnitude because he was already in command. That is, he already made a declaration of war,” Mhoni said.

On Friday, November 19, 2021, Mhoni’s prediction came true as Joe Biden temporarily transferred power to Kamala Harris for medical reasons. So, Harris made history as the first woman to hold U.S. presidential powers even for only 85 minutes.

“There are people who will seek to overthrow Biden as president of the United States,” said Mhoni Vidente in her prediction

Biden US President Kamala Harris supplies it

For Mhoni Vidente, the fact that the Illuminati do not want Joe Biden would cause Kamala Harris to assume the presidency of the United States. Although the circumstances this Friday were different, the psychic predicted that it would happen before the end of the year.

People believe that Mhoni Seer’s prediction is true and is part of a plan between Biden and Kamala Harris

Mhoni Vidente hits the US President's prediction

People commented about it at the time, saying that everything had already been planned: “That has been the plan long before. That is why they show him with health problems.” “That was known from before without the prediction; that was always the game: the president resigns, Kamala Harris will be president, Hilary Clinton vice president, and who will really govern America will be Hilary. God help us with that terrible being.”

Other comments were as follows: “According to the U.S. laws, they can only leave power to the Vice President after 2 years; that is, it does not apply before.” “Well, for that you do not have to be fortune-tellers; they put the hawk Kamala Harris to govern.” “That everyone knows. It is the dark plan.” “Liar, she first said that the president died and the Vice President was in charge. Now he resigns. The first thing she said is worth it.” “Let him tell us how we are going to go with Kamala; Biden is doing very well.”

What you longed for so much? Kamala Harris took over from Joe Biden as U.S. President

Biden and Kamala Harris President USA

President Joe Biden went to the Walter Reed National Military Medical Center in Maryland on Friday, November 19. He underwent his first routine medical examination as president, the AP news agency and various local media reported this morning. While undergoing the medical procedure, he temporarily handed over the presidential power to Vice President Kamala Harris.

Plans for the medical exam were announced in a morning tweet via the White House press secretary, Jen Psaki. Psaki explained that Biden would undergo a “routine colonoscopy” and would be under anesthesia for some time. (WHAT CAN YOU SEE: The video of Mhoni Vidente’s prediction about the U.S. president)

Biden underwent his first medical exam as president

biden medical exam

The 78-year-old U.S. president underwent his last comprehensive exam in December 2019. The medical report, cited by the AP, said the former vice president was “healthy, vigorous” and “fit to successfully perform the duties of the Presidency.”

Dr. Kevin O’Connor, who has been Biden’s primary care physician since 2009, wrote a three-page note in which he assured the people that the then presidential candidate was in goodgeneral  condition and in good shape (KKTV 11 News this Friday).

Biden’s medical exam history

biden medical exam

Dr. Kevin O’Connor said that since 2003, Biden has had episodes of atrial fibrillation, a type of irregular heartbeat that is potentially serious but treatable. The doctor cited a list of tests showing that Biden’s heart was working normally and that his only necessary care was a blood thinner to prevent the most worrisome risk: blood clots or strokes (KKTV 11 News).

Biden had a brush with death in 1988, when he required surgery to repair two brain aneurysms: weak bulges in the arteries, one of them leaking. Biden has never had a recurrence, his doctor noted, citing a test in 2014, in which his arteries were examined (KKTV 11 News report). Filed under: Psychic Mhoni’s prediction that Kamala Harris takes over as U.S. president.

The doctor in charge of Biden’s medical exammedical examination Mhoni Vidente gets it right

When Biden took office, he brought Dr. Kevin O’Connor back to the White House to continue serving as his physician. That same physician was expected to lead a team of experts to conduct Biden’s physical exam on Friday, November 19.

When the COVID-19 pandemic emerged in early 2020, Biden’s team took intense measures to keep the then-candidate and now-president healthy as the virus spread and claimed a disproportionate number of victims among older populations (KKTV 11 News report). Filed under: Psychic Mhoni’s prediction that Kamala Harris takes over as U.S. president.

Unlike Trump, Biden is expected to approve the release of his full medical exam report

medical examination Mhoni Vidente gets it right
Photo: Getty Images

Biden received his first dose of a COVID-19 vaccine in December 2020 and his second dose just two weeks before taking office. He also received a booster dose, which regulators say provides longer-lasting protection, in late September, KKTV 11 News reported.

Biden was expected to authorize the release of a report on his medical examination, as is customary for presidents and presidential candidates. Former President Donald Trump, 75, was harshly criticized for revealing only superficial details about his health while running for and serving in the White House. He even hid the severity of his COVID-19 illness a month before the 2020 U.S. presidential election, KKTV 11 News commented. Filed under: Psychic Mhoni’s prediction that Kamala Harris takes over as U.S. president.

Thanksgiving check? Pressuring Biden for $2,000 Thanksgiving and Christmas bonus

Biden Mhoni Seer's medical exam gets it right
Photo: AP

New checks on Thanksgiving? The ever-increasing inflation for critical necessities like food, rent, cars, and heating oil is setting Americans up for an economically difficult Thanksgiving and Christmas season.

That is why people on Twitter are pressuring President Joe Biden to issue a $2,000 stimulus check on Thanksgiving and even a Christmas bonus in the same week. Filed under: Psychic Mhoni’s prediction that Kamala Harris takes over as U.S. president.

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