EXCLUSIVE INTERVIEW: Mexico launches historic action against the United States

Mexico launches historic action against the United States. An unprecedented lawsuit was brought against American companies. The Mexican G...

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  • Mexico launches historic action against the United States.
  • An unprecedented lawsuit was brought against American companies.
  • The Mexican Government believes that winning the lawsuit will benefit the entire region.

A historic event has just occurred involving both Mexico and the United States. It is a lawsuit that the Mexican government filed against major US companies, which it holds responsible for most of the deaths that occur in their country.

According to information contained in the lawsuit, companies such as Smith & Wesson and Beretta, among many others, have enriched themselves in recent years at the cost of pain and blood that has been spilled in Mexico through the weapons they manufacture. The suit alleges that they “knowingly” placed them in the hands of criminal gangs.

Mexico launches historic action in the face of pain and bloodshed in the country

Mexico launches historic action
Mario Guevara / MH

In an exclusive interview he gave today to MundoHispánico, the consul general of Mexico in Atlanta, Javier Díaz de León, declared openly that they are convinced that the “powerful” firearms that these companies manufacture directly find their way to dangerous criminal groups.

They use them to instill terror in the Mexican population, murdering in cold blood whoever gets in their way. According to the official, in an effort to obtain the highest possible profit, the companies mentioned in the lawsuit have even customized both long and short weapons for major gangsters.

Does Mexico want to remove weapons from the United States? Diplomat clears up doubts

Mexico launches historic action
Mario Guevara / MH

Díaz de León emphasized that he knows that lawyers for the defendant companies are going to try to divert attention by claiming that Mexico does not have any jurisdiction over what happens in the United States regarding the sale of weapons. They’ll say that it is even an attempted violation of the Second Amendment.

This clause is related to the acquisition, possession and carrying of weapons, a Constitutional right of the American people. This is something that the diplomat has flatly denied. According to de León, the demand does not pertain to American citizens, but rather it demands that the companies take measures to guarantee that their weapons will not be used by criminals against innocent civilians.

Mexico launches historic action and hopes for a prompt resolution

File / MH

The Mexican Government’s historic legal action was filed before a federal court in Massachusetts last August and it is expected that ,no later than the end of this month, the defense will present its arguments so they know what the next steps will be. Mexico is confident that it has good arguments against them and that they will win the case.

Behind this suit there is a monetary demand, but De León clarified that in the end, receiving money is not the point, since nothing could compensate the high cost of so many lives that have been lost in the many violent crimes that have occurred in Mexico since these companies began selling weapons to gangsters.

“The entire region will benefit”

Lawsuit against weapons Marcelo Ebrard AMLO Federal Court in Massachusetts
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According to the consul, if they win the lawsuit, the gun manufacturers will have to make changes to prevent their products from continuing to fall into the hands of drug traffickers and other criminal groups. These are groups that have been controlling entire areas for decades, since they are even better armed than the the police.

Therefore, De León affirmed that this would positively affect not only Mexico, but also US citizens. Not to mention several Central American countries that have also been affected by the increase in violence thanks to weapons getting into the hands of criminals.

United States court hears Mexican lawsuit against arms companies

Lawsuit against weapons
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The Secretary of Foreign Relations of Mexico, Marcelo Ebrard, reported that the Federal Court in Massachusetts agreed to hear the lawsuit filed by Mexico against various US companies, according to information published by news agencies El Universal and EFE.

The Chancellor indicated that this is a great step. “The Federal Court in Massachusetts agreed to hear the litigation presented by the Government of Mexico against various companies responsible for negligent commerce of weapons used by criminals here. It is a first big step, now comes the notification and the legal process. We move forward,” he wrote on Twitter.


Federal Court in Massachusetts
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On August 4, Mexico filed a lawsuit against large US arms manufacturers in a federal court in Boston, denouncing a “negligent and illicit trade” that encourages smuggling and drug violence in its territory, the Foreign Ministry announced.

“We are confident in the legal quality of what we are presenting, we are going to litigate it seriously and we are going to win the trial and we are going to drastically reduce the illicit arms trade to Mexico,” Foreign Minister Marcelo Ebrard said at a press conference.



Among the companies being sued are Smith & Wesson, Beretta, Colt, Glock, Century Arms, Ruger and Barrett, producers of at least 68% of the more than half a million weapons that are illegally brought into Mexico each year, according to information included in the plea.

According to information from the Mexican Foreign Ministry, “between 70% and 90% of the weapons recovered at crime scenes in Mexico were trafficked from the United States.” Ebrard affirmed that there is no precedent for the Mexican government, “to participate in a litigation of this nature” in a US court and that the measure had the authorization of President Andrés Manuel López Obrador.


Lawsuit against weapons
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The Foreign Ministry’s legal team is supported by US attorneys Steve Shadowen, who specializes in civil rights, and Jonathan Lowy, also involved in preventing gun violence. The foreign minister explained that the lawsuit seeks that the manufacturers compensate the Mexican government.

The foregoing, for the damages caused by their “negligent practices”, although the amount to cover said demand must be determined during the course of the trial. It also demands that reasonable and verifiable standards be developed and implemented to “monitor and discipline” arms dealers for the violence that has erupted in Mexico. Filed Under: Gun Lawsuit


Marcelo Ebrard
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Foreign Secretary Marcelo Ebrard even accused US manufacturers of developing different models especially for Mexican drug traffickers, an argument that is included in the lawsuit.

“They are made for that (the weapons), for them to buy, they are more valuable, they have different types of arrangements from the aesthetic point of view and from the point of view of use,” said the chancellor. Mexican historian and analyst Lorenzo Meyer confirmed that there is no history of a similar action by Mexico before the United States courts, although he has few expectations of its success.

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