Mexico City subway overpass collapses, crushing cars below (VIDEO AND PHOTOS)

Subway overpass collapses and crushes cars below in Mexico City The fire department and medical services are on rescue work Authorities c...

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  • Subway overpass collapses and crushes cars below in Mexico City
  • The fire department and medical services are on rescue work
  • Authorities confirm death toll and dozens injured

Mexico subway overpass collapses. On Monday night an unprecedented tragedy occurred in Mexico. A subway line overpass collapsed, sending wagons plunging down onto the road below, for which authorities confirmed several dead and dozens of injured.

According to El Universal, the Olivos station overpass, which belongs to line 12 of the Mexico City subway, collapsed and sent wagons plunging down onto the road below. The capital authorities have not yet released official information on the number of dead or injured.

Bridge collapses Mexico metro

PHOTO Twitter

Medical and fire services are attending the accident that occurred on the famous Tláhuac avenue, just south of Mexico City. The head of government, Claudia SheinbaumHe reported through his official Twitter account that he was heading to the scene.

“Moving at this time to the site of the incident on line 12. I report as soon as I arrive,” wrote the head of government. While the Excelsior newspaper reported that apparently between 50 and 60 people were trapped by the collapse of the subway cars.

Bridge collapses Mexico metro: mortal balance confirmed

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Minutes after the collapse of the bridge with everything and subway cars was reported, the worst suspicions of the tragedy were confirmed: there are not only dozens injured, but also dead, after people were trapped in the rubble.

“So far, in a preliminary figure, unfortunately there are 13 people who lost their lives, and about 70 injured who are being transferred to the Hospital Belisario Domínguez, ISSSTE, Magdalena de las Salinas, Gral. Balbuena and Xoco”, confirmed the Secretariat of Comprehensive Risk Management and Civil Protection of Mexico City, through its Twitter account.

Head of government confirms why the subway bridge collapsed

bridge collapses metro Mexico
PHOTO Twitter

A few minutes later, the head of government, Claudia Sheinbaum, reported that she was already at the scene of the events where the bridge collapsed and the subway fell in Mexico City, while confirming the origin of the problem so that it could be collapse the structure.

“I am in the place. One trab has expired. Firefighters, public safety personnel are working. Attending various hospitals. We will provide more information shortly, ”the official wrote from her official Twitter account, where she began receiving dozens of comments from users concerned about the situation.

Video of the exact moment the bridge collapses in Mexico’s metro

PHOTO Twitter

Through social networks, various videos quickly began to circulate that show the exact moment in which the bridge of the Olivos station, belonging to line 12 of the Mexico City subway, collapses, with everything and wagons.

One of the videos, shared by the account of the newspaper El Universal, shows a scene of the busy Tláhuac avenue that is suddenly interrupted by a column of smoke caused by the collapse of the bridge and it is possible to appreciate how the subway car falls on the aforementioned avenue. HERE YOU CAN SEE THE VIDEO.

Emergency bodies arrive at the scene

bridge collapses metro Mexico
PHOTO Twitter

For its part, the Reform Agency reported that at least 50 people were injured after the subway fell from an elevated section of Line 12, in Olivos. In the place there are emergency bodies to attend to the injured and remove the train that fell.

The figure was confirmed by Alfonso Suárez del Real, Secretary of the Government of Mexico City, who wrote on his official Twitter account that “so far there is a report of 50 injured people; the @MetroCDMX crash at Olivos station was around 10:25 pm ”.

Bridge collapses Mexico metro: A vehicle collided with a column

bridge collapses metro Mexico
PHOTO Twitter

The El Universal agency reported that the Olivos subway station collapsed after a vehicle collided with one of the columns that support it, causing the whale to collapse, just as a convoy was passing, says the preliminary report of security authorities.

When the whale collapsed, the train broke in two, trapping around 50 people, who are reported injured. So far no death has been reported. The government of Mexico City reported that the General Hospitals of Tláhuac and General of Iztapalapa are being set up for the reception of patients.

“Can not be”

PHOTO Twitter

The reporter Carlos Jiménez shared a dramatic video on his Twitter account, in which you can see the moments after the bridge fell with everything and wagons in Mexico City, with incredulous people approaching the daunting scene, where it is reached to see that a taxi was trapped between the concrete columns that previously supported the bridge.

“Can not be. There are more images of what happened tonight in @Alc_Tlahuac. They were captured moments after the @MetroCDMX collapsed. Neighbors in the area, agents from @SSC_CDMX and @Bomberos_CDMX, the first to come to support the injured, ”Jiménez wrote along with his publication, which in just a few minutes had almost 10,000 reproductions. TO WATCH THE VIDEO CLICK HERE

Hospitals are enabled to receive the wounded

bridge collapses metro Mexico
PHOTO Twitter

The SinEmbargoMx news site reported that, according to official information, the General de Tláhuac and General de Iztapalapa hospitals were enabled to receive patients, while 22 ambulances from ERUM, eight from CRUM, ten from Red Cross, plus an undetermined number of Firefighters personnel.

The authorities confirmed that the roads around Tláhuac Avenue were closed to circulation, with the aim that the rescue teams can work without problem and have access to be able to transfer the injured to the different hospitals enabled for the occasion.

“The greatest public work” by Ebrard

bridge collapses metro Mexico
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Metro line 12, popularly known as the Golden Line, opened its doors on October 30, 2012, inaugurated by then-president Felipe Calderón and the then head of government of Mexico City, Marcelo Ebrard, who is now the secretary of Foreign Relations of Mexico.

Although it was considered “the greatest public work” during the government of Marcelo Ebrard in Mexico City, in less than two years its problems began, when in March 2014, the work that cost 26 billion pesos, derailed affecting more than 450 thousand users.

Bridge collapses Mexico metro: They had guaranteed safety

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The Golden Line lasted more than a year and eight months closed, until it reopened in its entirety on Sunday, November 29, 2015, when the then head of government of Mexico City, Miguel Ángel Mancera Espinosa, presumed that the most important part in the repair and maintenance work it was the “specialized diagnosis” that was carried out.

At that time, the then director of the Metro Collective Transportation System, Jorge Gaviño, guaranteed that “trains and facilities will now operate with strict safety ranges”, which is now in question as the Olivos Station bridge has collapsed.

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