Mexicans do massive Payaso de Rodeo dance after discrimination (VIDEO)

Mexicans protest racism in the least expected way. They perform a massive “Payaso de Rodeo” dance. “It’s just the beginning, ...

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  • Mexicans protest racism in the least expected way.
  • They perform a massive “Payaso de Rodeo” dance.
  • “It’s just the beginning, long live our race.”

Payaso de Rodeo Mass Dance. In different places, all types of protest, like vandalism, stopping the traffic, blocking streets, etc. have been carried out. But seldom has a group of protesters been seen protesting with a massive dance. This was the case of a group of Mexicans who have gone viral on social media.

Through an Instagram account, a young Mexican student shared a series of images and videos from outside the Catholic Marist High School in Chicago. This with the motive of protesting against racism towards Mexicans, according to the portal Regeneración.

Mexicans protest discrimination

Rodeo Clown Mass Dance

The protest was made as a result of the fact that a video was previously published where in a dance the famous song of Rodeo Payaso from the Caballo Dorado group, a Mexican group that have become famous with their lively dances that are heard at any party, will be heard. TO SEE THE VIDEO OF THE DISCRIMINATION CLICK HERE .

At the time of sounding the theme song, a group of American students knelt in the middle of the dance floor in order to change the music. This act was taken as a racist act, and it immediately went viral on social networks, and they also got a response.

Rodeo Clown Mass Dance: A Mass Dance

Rodeo Clown Mass Dance: A Mass Dance

The young Mexicans who went to protest for alleged discrimination towards their country, appeared at the school where the students responsible for these acts study. They were placed outside the institution with banners and flags of Mexico against xenophobia and racism.

This protest was carried out in a way that was very different from the common ones, since on this occasion the young people who showed up performed the dance for which the students knelt to remove it. A massive dance was held in the streets of Chicago, in order to keep this kind of thing from happening again.

Massive Rodeo Clown dance: “Long live the race”

Massive Rodeo Clown Dance: "Long live the race"

In the young woman’s post you can see the group of young people with their Mexican flags to end the discrimination that for so many years has been a great global problem. Fortunately, this demonstration was peaceful and the people who saw this act had a pleasant moment watching them dance.

Only the beginning. I am proud of EVERYONE who used their voice today and will continue to speak out !! VIVA LA RAZA ”, you can read in the publication where the protesters performed a massive dance by the Mexican group Caballo Dorado in their famous song Rodeo Clown.

Massive Rodeo Clown Dance: “Show what we can do when we get together”

Massive Rodeo Clown Dance: "Show what we can do when we meet"

Internet users immediately reacted to the post: “Miss Sitrin, what a queen. I love to see him very proud of all of you ”,“ As a former student, I am sorry that you all continue to deal with the same situations that we faced 10 years ago ”,“Transfer to a welcoming, supportive environment. I’m sorry I didn’t. Where are all the school leaders?

“It is a perfect way to use social networks. So proud of you ”,“ Show what we can do when we get together. Just the beginning of something huge ”,“ proud of you and everyone who was there today! It was amazing to see you all! ”,“ Me, the last video of all of you dancing to the song made me cry ”, were some of the comments. TO WATCH THE VIDEO CLICK HERE .

Massive Rodeo Clown Dance: Blame the DJ

Massive Rodeo Clown Dance: Blame the DJ
“That!!! Mexicans always united !! We have so much potential and sometimes that intimidates people !! Now work really hard and get into an amazing University! Those people shut up with success! ”,“ I like this nothing but respect for you ”,“ Keep it up! Don’t let that administration breathe, ”the messages continued.
Some even blame the DJ: “This is what we stand for, very proud”, “” these are the facts ”practically blaming the DJ saying that they should have changed the song if they knelt…. YT students will not be held accountable or disciplined… in their mind… It’s perfectly fine for what happens… Now it was the DJ’s fault. “

Massive Rodeo Clown Dance: A Fixation Against Mexico

Mock mexican houses
Photo Tik Tok

Previously after tik toker known as Michuy provoked the anger of all Mexico with a controversial video in which he mocks the food of that country, because he says that nopales are for pigs according to InfobaeNow he does it with the houses of the Mexicans, since he says they are huts.

However, the young man has a fixation against Mexico, since this video of the nopales is not the only one he has made, which is why he has earned the animosity of the Aztecs, since at all times they feel offended by the content of his material that is mocking and insulting.


Tik Tok
Photo Tik Tok

However, not happy with what he did, he published another video in which he compares the houses in Central America (Salvador, Guatemala and Honduras) with those in Mexico, but he made a mistake, because the material titled it as Central America raffle , and in the photos he added the United States, which is from North America.

The reason seems apparent, since the young man lives in the United States and probably did not want to have problems with anyone and, on the contrary, what he tried is to look good with the country that welcomed him, but it was not like that with the Mexicans, for which he did not has no respect. Filed Under: Rodeo Clown Mass Dance

Hate earned

Photo Tik Tok

The young man has already earned the hatred of many Hispanics, especially Mexicans, because he is always against them, but this time he had no ‘mercy’ with them and insulted them in such a way that he implied that in Mexico they are all poor , which ignited even more the inhabitants of this country.

First it shows very made and luxury houses in Guatemala, then in Honduras, it passes through El Salvador and arrives in the United States, which is not from Central America, but being its ‘second’ home it highlights it, but when it arrives in Mexico, it shows a cardboard house, type jacal. Filed Under: Rodeo Clown Mass Dance. To see the video click here.

“Mason’s elbow face”

Mock mexican houses
Tik Tok

This daring generated a little more than 740 comments until the morning of this October 13, 2021 and many users responded to it: “But the hungry poor are coming to ask for asylum in Mexico”, “the worst thing is that the last one is seen more in Guatemala”.

“The face of a bricklayer’s elbow they tell him”, “the man who has just crossed the border and already thinks he is international”, “at least we are not emigrating to the USA for a better life, apart from that your country is not even in the North American treaty However, Mexico is, ”said more users. Filed Under: Rodeo Clown Mass Dance


Photo Tik Tok

But hatred was already on in Mexicans: “Man, you really don’t mess with Mexicans, you can get hurt or someone you love because Mexicans are very proud”, “hahahaha Mexico is North America, Guatemala and El Salvador does not reach him nor to the heels ”.

“Don’t worry, I’ll take care of it, I have contacts”, classic images taken from google because it can’t prove any of that “,” Mexicans say with great pride that if there are those humble little houses around here and the best of all is that the who live there are wonderful people ”, defended more people. Filed Under: Rodeo Clown Mass Dance


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