Mexican wrestler Tabbo, La Parka’s brother, dies (PHOTOS)

Mexican fighter Taboo, La Parka’s brother, dies It was Cibertnético and the AAA who confirmed the news You were hospitalized due to...

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  • Mexican fighter Taboo, La Parka’s brother, dies
  • It was Cibertnético and the AAA who confirmed the news
  • You were hospitalized due to a pulmonary thrombosis

The Mexican wrestler, La Parka’s brother, better known as Taboo, dies. It was the Cibernético gladiator who announced the unfortunate news and the AAA, according to information published on the sports portal of Record.

This news has caused shock in hundreds of fans of the Mexican pankration, since the wrestler was a much loved character.

In fact his death It occurs precisely eight months after his brother La Parka passed away, so his family has not been able to recover from that lost when they already face another.

Image taken from Twitter @Milenio

According to the first reports, the gladiator was hospitalized for a few days due to a pulmonary thrombosis.

The Mexican wrestler was no longer part of the AAA cast, and he was already giving presentations independently throughout the Mexican Republic.

Taboo took advantage of a luchistic caravan to make himself known in one of the most important events, Triplemanía XIX.

During his stay he made a great impression on the public and was immediately linked to La Parka, like his family member, hence they saw his potential.

But tragedy has befallen this family after the death of La Parka just eight months ago, because now his brother will accompany him.

On the next page we will leave you with more details about the death of La Parka, who was one of the idols of Mexican wrestling.

After knowing the news that the Mexican fighter Taboo, known as La Parka’s brother, died, some people in the middle sent heartfelt messages.

The first were the organizers of the AAA wrestling, who sent the following message: “#LuchaLibreAAA Worldwide joins in prayer for the eternal rest of” Taboo “, brother of” La Parka “. We send a hug and prompt resignation to family and friends ”.

Image taken from Twitter @luchalibreaaa

Then the cyber sent a heartfelt message through Facebook that says: “A friend and fellow TABO brother of my compadre La PARKA left. Rest in peace”.

In this publication, people began to leave other messages: “What sad news, rest in peace, how bad the two brothers left this year.”

Someone else commented: “He is already with his brother in the heavenly arena”, “it can’t be, what a bad wave, but he is already with his brother and they are fighting in the heavenly arena. My sincere condolences to his family.

“I can’t believe it, so young. He was great with the fans, he would send us a congratulatory message on birthdays. Rest in peace… ”,“ I can’t believe it, my condolences to the family and a hug from Ciber ”,“ this year has hit us with everything, rest in peace ”, said more fans.

Some more lamented the death: “More and more dear and close people are leaving, brother, a big hug, you were very important to both him and your friend”, “I think it must be ‘bard the gypsy’ if I was not wrong , with that name he fought here in Hermosillo ”.

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But more public regretted the news: “What a pity that the best fighters in Mexico are dying”, “We love you Ciber and well we are with you, may Taboo rest in peace, he only went to catch up with his brother”, “Most Holy God and May the Virgin of Guadalupe have him in his glory, amen ”.

“What sad news, it is a shame, but he is already with his brother in the heavenly arena, resignation my dear Cybernetic, a hug from a distance”, “I am shocked by this news too DEP, incredible human being who gave me all his support when he had a terrible depression. I feel very sad, ”said more people.

The pain did not end on social networks: “My condolences to the family, strength and strength to move forward with this pain, may God give him his eternal rest.”

“How sad my Cyber, that his family and friends find resignation, although La Parka still has not been overcome …”, “Tabo, I think that for something we are still here on this earthly plane, we must take care of ourselves in all aspects, and to God have the moment, get well soon, APOCALYPSE !!!! NOW…..”


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It was at the beginning of the year that the death of the Mexican wrestler La Parka, at 54 years of age, was announced. He was an icon of AAA wrestling.

Through its social networks, the AAA announced that Jesús Alfonso Escoboza Huerta, the athlete’s real name, died in his native Hermosillo, Sonora.

The statement details that since Friday, January 10, the fighter had kidney failure and “today, January 11, lungs and kidney have definitively failed.”

In his record, it is reported, is the Triplemanía Cup, the Antonio Peña Cup, the masks of Cibernético, Gigante Drako, Falcón Dorado Jr., and Muerte Cibernética, in addition to being the top winner of the Rey de Reyes tournament. In social networks, friends and fans express their condolences with one of the legends of this sport.

The gladiator, who for a long time was the image of Triple A, was recovering from a cervical injury he suffered on October 20 in a merger at the Arena Coliseo de Monterrey, after falling dramatically when executing a suicide cap.

Brother La Parka dies

Image taken from Twitter @Parka_AAA

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