Mexican goes viral for spending his birthday without his family (VIDEO)

Mexican goes viral for a video in which he appears crying on his birthday. The young man was sad to eat his cake without his family. The ...

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  • Mexican goes viral for a video in which he appears crying on his birthday.
  • The young man was sad to eat his cake without his family.
  • The tears of the Mexican moved millions of Internet users on TikTok.

Mexican celebrates birthday alone. A young Mexican goes viral on social networks, when he appears celebrating his birthday with an individual cake, but apparently the man was not completely happy, since he needed something that is truly essential in the life of any person.

It was through his TikTok account that the Mexican was seen inside his home, celebrating his birthday, in his hand he held a small cake that was given to him, but he could not help the tears when he confessed something truly sad.

Mexican goes viral for spending only his birthday

Mexican celebrates only his birthday

It should be remembered that today social networks are essential in all people, since in them you can request anything you need, but unfortunately this was not the case of this user, who for his video on TikTok has obtained a large number of visits.

On this occasion, the Mexican made a recording where his birthday was not entirely happy, since as he mentions in his video he is celebrating alone without his family, this generated great nostalgia in the users who immediately sent their support.

Mexican celebrates only birthday: He could not hold back the cry

young man breaks down in tears for birthday

The young Mexican named Juan Manuel Ramón decided to make a video on his birthday, where he appears lying on his bed, holding a cake, which he claims was given to him, but what most moved Internet users was that he mentioned that he did not have a who to share it.

“Here celebrating my birthday, they bought me a cake, the anger is that there is no one with whom I share it, but it’s good”, were the words of the user who could not hold the cry, for spending this special day alone: ​​”how sad is to be alone, “he wrote in the clip. TO SEE THE VIDEO CLICK HERE

Mexican celebrates only birthday: Who is this young man?

Mexican cries for being alone

According to his TikTok profile, the young Mexican’s name is Juan Manuel Ramón, who is just one more user who makes videos for fun, until this publication when it goes viral and is supported by millions of Internet users who were moved by his video.

According to several lives that he has done, the subject from a very young age has not had a good time, since from the age of 6 his mother left to live in the United States and his father abandoned him, being only 9 years old. At that age he was in legal trouble for apparently stealing a bag of greaves and selling them.

Mexican celebrates only birthday: messages of support

they give him birthday cake

Internet users were immediately present in the comments, sending their messages of support for the young man who moved millions of followers, who could not bear so much sadness, and sent their congratulations and encouragement for the Mexican.

“You enjoy your cake even if it’s alone, it’s ugly and difficult but make it look like life is beautiful, Happy Birthday”, “this is where men cry, blessings friend”, “I send you a huge hug. I know that next year will be different and this will only be the memory “,” Do not cry on your birthday, even if you have no one to share, enjoy this day that is only once a year, “were some comments.

Mexican celebrates only birthday: He had already shared his loneliness

says not to be alone

Previously on his TikTok account, Juan Manuel Ramón had shared another video where he showed that his friends comment that he is not alone, in the recording the young man is seen lying on his bed with a message: “When my friends tell me that I am not only”.

“You do not show your sadness, many people laugh here also want to see you dance and laugh”, “Courage, you are never alone, God with you and all your friends, including me”, “the best people are the ones who suffer the most, be strong good things come after testing ”, were some comments.

Mexican celebrates only birthday: Hispanics go viral by invitation to Baby Shower

invite to party

TikTok has made several Hispanics popular, it should be remembered when a couple invited everyone to their baby shower, from that moment the young woman has become a celebrity on social networks, and thousands of followers have been following her and over the years she has seen a total change in her physical appearance, as it has shown that she is no longer a 15-year-old girl.

On that occasion through an account of TikTok, a Hispanic couple living in the United States invited people to a party they held for the birth of their son, which, as can be seen in the recording, is about to be born, and the young people take the opportunity to make the invitation.

Invite everyone

couple celebrate baby shower

At the beginning of the recording the couple appears embracing, she of course showing off her pregnancy belly, while the young man carried a small puppy in his hand, then they begin to invite ‘everyone’ and briefly explain what would be at the party , including Louis Vuitton and Gucci branded gifts.

“Good afternoon TikTok, I wanted to invite everyone, for the month of June, we are going to have my son’s baby shower, everyone is invited, we are going to have carnitas, the band will be playing, and we are also going to have some raffles, at bring wipes or diapers, for women we bring a Louis Vuitton bag and for men we bring a Gucci handbag, those who can come will be well received, everyone is invited ”, were the words of the young man. Filed Under: Mexican celebrates only birthdays.

Netizens remembered Rubí

celebrates the birth of son

This video has already gone viral, since it came to the memory of the followers and Internet users of social networks, when Rubí’s parents invited everyone to their fifteenth-year party, this has generated that several users were made present in the comments to leave their opinions.

“It reminded me of the XV of Rubí, but if I go”, “The last party that I had been invited like this was to Rubí’s”, “That is similar to Rubí”, “Obviously the idea was a rehash of Rubí” , “I thought they would raffle the dog that he is carrying”, “the puppy will also be raffled instead of the goat”, “Rubí who’s fifteen-year-old? And the goat? ”Were some of the comments. Filed Under: Hispanics Invite Rubí Quinceañera Baby Shower. TO SEE THE VIDEO CLICK HERE Filed Under: Mexican celebrates only birthdays.

Personal invitation

celebrates only birthday and goes viral

Later, the couple made another video on the same social network platform, but now inviting a single person, who is supposedly a friend of Hispanics, and for this reason they make the personal invitation to the baby shower that took place in the past. June 12.

“Good afternoon, this video is to personally invite my friend ‘faceless’, I hope to see him at my son’s baby shower and see what happens, compa, I hope to see him there on June 12, thank you”, were the words that the young man said , while again carrying his puppy that many people already want in a raffle. TO SEE THE VIDEO CLICK HERE Filed Under: Mexican celebrates only birthdays.

Reaction of users

Mexican celebrates his birthday without family

Again the Internet users did not let the moment pass and began to make fun of the couple making comments about the dog being raffled, and about the border, since many live in Mexico; “That’s where they drop me for the carnitas. Good luck, get ready just see what happened to Rubí ”.

“If he knew how to do it, his wife looks a lot like Rubí at 15 years old, almost her double”, “I want to go, but I don’t have a coyote to cross the border”, “better than Rubí’s fifteen-year-old”, “cousin do not say where it is, the fifteen of the Rubí got out of control “,” I want to go, but I remember that I do not have a visa, “commented the followers. Filed Under: Mexican celebrates only birthdays.

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