Winner of the first leg of Mexican soccer: Cruz Azul vs Santos

Winner of the first leg of Mexican soccer: Cruz Azul vs Santos. Cruz Azul vs Santos met in the first leg of the Mexican soccer final. The...

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  • Winner of the first leg of Mexican soccer: Cruz Azul vs Santos.
  • Cruz Azul vs Santos met in the first leg of the Mexican soccer final.
  • The teams prepare for the football grand finale this Sunday.

Winner of the first leg of Mexican soccer: Cruz Azul vs Santos. Cruz Azul hit first in the grand finale of Mexican soccer, beating Santos Laguna by a goal at their own home, the Corona Stadium of the Santos Modelo Territory, on Thursday night, May 27.

The Guerreros of Santos Laguna were unable to celebrate in their own home, since in the 70th minute of the second half Luis Romo made a great play, fought for the ball, pressed and scored the first and only goal of the game, which gives them a slight advantage for the Return Game of the Mexican Soccer Final.

First leg of the Mexican soccer final: Cruz Azul vs Santos.

Game First Leg, Cruz Azul, Santos vs Cruz Azul
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Santos Laguna dominated most of the game, but at the end with a great play by Luis Romo he lost all direction and the opportunity to go with an advantage to the second leg, something that would give them a lot of peace of mind to reach the most important commitment of the tournament.

There are still 90 minutes to go, but Santos Laguna has more work to do as a visitor, so many already give the victory to the Cruz Azul Machine, which yearns for a championship after being the ‘king of the runners-up’. The second leg of the final will be on Sunday at the Azteca Stadium, at 8:15 pm.

First leg of the Mexican soccer final: Tickets ‘through the clouds’

Game First Leg, Cruz Azul, Santos vs Cruz Azul
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The ticket for the return of the Final of Guardians 2021 was sold out practically the instant that the virtual sale started yesterday, while tickets were already offered on resale sites, says Agencia Reforma. The expensive tickets for the finale between Cruz Azul and Santos, on Sunday at the Azteca Stadium, ranged from $ 450 to 2,200 pesos, and were released through the Ticketmaster.

However, celestial fans took over social networks with messages of annoyance, accusing that they no longer found tickets just a few minutes after the sale started, at 11:00 am Meanwhile, resale sites such as Stubhub, were already offered tickets up to 28 thousand pesos, reports Agencia Reforma.

Final first leg: Outrage over ticket prices

Game First Leg, Cruz Azul, Santos vs Cruz Azul
PHOTO Reform

“As the vast majority did not, I was on the lookout, I already had the account, the card to make the payment and I looked for the event, looking for tickets, and on all occasions, none of them threw me tickets, not even the most expensive ones, I spent 30 minutes trying ”, said the fan Jonathan Velázquez to Agencia Reforma.

“It is strange that expensive seats do not even appear, that Palco Club does not appear, that no seats appear, it is understandable, but that several people do not find a ticket, I do not want to think badly, but it is strange that this happens the minute they go on sale “Added the Cruz Azul fan.

First leg of the final: ‘Nobody’ reached a ticket

Game First Leg, Cruz Azul, Santos vs Cruz Azul
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Some fans did not find tickets even though they entered the site from 4 different devices as soon as the sale was opened, says Agencia Reforma. The purchase site even indicated to users that they were on a waiting list.

Said list to have up to 60 thousand people waiting to buy a ticket. The Azteca Stadium will open its doors to 25 percent of its capacity, just under 20 thousand people, a figure similar to the one that attended the Semifinal match between Cruz Azul and Pachuca, points out Agencia Reforma.

Bad news for Cruz Azul

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Roberto Alvarado was not there in the first leg of the 2021 Guardians final, which Cruz Azul played today against Santos in Torreón, after his wife Dayana lost the baby they were expecting, Agencia Reforma revealed. Midfielder Cruz Azul, who ran over a person near La Noria last week, did not travel to Torreón.

This, because his partner lost the girl, whose sex was revealed in a ceremony recently at the club’s premises. “Fly high my princess, we will love you always,” Alvarado’s wife, who was already 4 months pregnant, wrote on Twitter, according to Agencia Reforma.

Shield city from the first leg of the final

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At least 1,350 elements of federal, state, municipal and private security corporations will be in charge of the Comprehensive Security Scheme of the 2021 Guardians Final of the MX League, to be played by the Santos and Cruz Azul teams, tomorrow and Sunday, reported today Gerardo Márquez Guevara, Attorney General of the State, according to the Reform Agency.

The operation seeks to maintain order, avoiding acts of violence such as those that were registered last week in the Mexican city of Torreón, during the Semifinal games that gave Santos a pass to the Final, as well as preventing COVID-19 infections .

Security against multiple acts of violence


“The authority will act in accordance with human rights in the operation, but also if order is disturbed … This is a sports festival and the population must behave so that there are no situations to regret,” said the person in charge of security.

He pointed out that the minimum prison penalties for altering the order are from 3 to 10 years in prison, and that there is already a precedent in the city where the first leg of the final was played of having applied one of this type, according to Reform Agency.

Strong security operation in the final Cruz Azul vs Santos Laguna

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This security operation will begin from this Thursday at 3:00 p.m. and will be focused on three concentric security circles during the sporting event. Up to 21 thousand people will be able to enter the Santos Laguna stadium for the first leg of the Final, said Agencia Reforma.

Cruz Azul should hit first in the first leg of the 2021 Guardians Final, if it wants to get closer to the long-awaited Liga MX title, but in the Corona Stadium it suffers, indicates the Reforma agency. The Machine struggles when it visits Santos Laguna, since it has not won on that field since the Apertura 2015.

Cruz Azul vs Santos Laguna matches

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Since then, he has added 3 defeats by 2 draws, Reforma agency points out. The last setback in the Santos Laguna territory was precisely on Day 1 of this tournament. The previous visit was on Date 18 of the 2019 Opening.

When Cruz Azul fell 3-1 to the Warriors of Santos Lagguna, they got the victory. The Lagunero team is strong because even at home they knew how to stop the Cruz Azul del Apertura 2018, a tournament in which they would reach the Final, but that on Date 7 they equaled a goal, points out Agencia Reforma.

‘Curse’ of the Cruz Azul


Will the ‘curse overcome the celestial ensemble? In Torreón it has become a custom that every three years they celebrate a League title, as has happened since 2012, while the Celeste nation will live its seventh Final of the local tournament in more than 20 years waiting for the end of the ‘ curse’.

Santos Laguna was crowned in the Clausura 2012 against Monterrey, in the Clausura 2015 against Querétaro and in the Clausura 2018 against Toluca. In La Laguna they also remember that in the Clausura 2008 they already beat Cruz Azul in a Final, says Agencia Reforma.

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