Mexican singer reveals he is “living a nightmare” thanks to his bisexual son and his OnlyFans account

Is he living a nightmare? Yahir, Mexican singer, revealed a harsh truth about his son. The former Academy contestant stated that his son ...

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  • Is he living a nightmare?
  • Yahir, Mexican singer, revealed a harsh truth about his son.
  • The former Academy contestant stated that his son is bisexual and started an OnlyFans account.

THAT’S NOT WHAT HE EXPECTED? For Yahir, the news that his son is about to start an account on OnlyFans doesn’t seem to please him very much. The former Academy contestant, stated that the 23-year-old was in a difficult stage of his life due to addictions that he has been trying to help him overcome.

The Mexican singer expressed his concern about the life his son leads in an interview conducted by the Televisa morning program ‘Hoy Día’. Yahir was sincere and argued that his son, Tristan, didn’t know what he was doing when he mentioned that he had started an account on the social network, where most of the content is sexual in nature.


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Recently, eyes landed on the Mexican singer Yahir after his son admitted that he is bisexual and that he was about to start releasing content on OnlyFans, where most of the material is erotic or even pornographic. The 23-year-old’s statements surprised the public who were curious to see the father’s response. Now, the singer has made a series of comments, stating his concern about the issue.

In a recent interview with the Mexican program ‘Hoy Día’, the singer stated that he was really concerned about his son Tristan’s attitude, after debuting on OnlyFans. He added that he believes that most of his son’s actions are due to addiction. The response surprised the public, since no one suspected the young man used illicit substances.

Yahir’s son’s statements: A nightmare?

Yahir son statements: A nightmare?
Photo: YouTube

The Mexican singer was interviewed when he was at the International Airport of Mexico City, where the reporter asked him his position regarding the statements made by his son where he admitted his bisexuality and the possibility of starting an OnlyFans account. Yahir said that he’s, ‘living a nightmare,’ and that he really doesn’t know how to support his first born.

“The truth is that it feels like I’m living a nightmare,” said the singer and actor. Yahir, who rose to fame after performing on the TV Azteca program ‘La Academia’, bared his heart and explained that he is concerned about his son’s current situation. Everything seems to indicate that the two are estranged and with a fractured relationship due to the the young man’s decisions. Filed Under: Yahir son statements

Yahir’s son’s statements: Problems with addiction?

Yahir son statements: Problems with addictions?
Photo: YouTube

In the interview, Yahir also highlighted that his main concern was Tristan’s drug problem. As a responsible father, the Mexican singer stressed that they were struggling daily with addictions and that he had reached a breaking point when he saw his son’s attitude. He explained that it makes him terribly sad to see what how drugs are affecting his son.

“We have been waging a long war on addiction. My son is going through a serious relapse after going to several rehab centers and it’s very sad to learn that this addiction problem is leading him to do such things, right?” Filed Under: Yahir son statements

Yahir’s son’s statements: Because of his sexuality?

Yahir son statements: Because of his sexuality?
Photo: YouTube

In the interview, the former Academy contestant said that his main concern was not with his son’s sexuality. The father made it clear that his greatest concern is his son’s health and, of course, the drug problem that he seems to be facing, so he feels extremely sad about the young man’s attitude, for which illicit substances are to blame.

The fact that he’s bisexual, to be honest that doesn’t bother me at all. What does bother me is how he’s exposing himself, right? As he exposes himself, he has no filters, he lets it all hang out,” said the Mexican singer to the reporters Televisa reporters. But, there is one issue that does bother him and he made it clear: the requests his son has made. Filed Under: Yahir son statements

Yahir’s son’s statements: What does Tristan want from his father?

Yahir son statements: What does Tristan look for from his father?
Photo: YouTube

According to the singer, his son asked for his full support in terms of his addiction and to not be upset about it. According to what he told the media, the 23-year-old asked him not to be “so hard” in terms of his drug use and everything seems to indicate that this is the reason why they are estranged.

“And he asks me to be his accomplice in the matter of addiction. And I cannot be, I cannot support him in that; he asks me to support him, I cannot support him with the idea of being a porn actor, nor with the idea of continuing using drugs” said the singer. Filed Under: Yahir son statements

Yahir’s son’s statements: Does he live with his son?

Yahir son statements: Do you live with your son?
Photo: YouTube

Everything seems to indicate that at the moment, Tristan and Yahir are not close and the actor’s son has chosen to stay away due to the rules that the singer imposes. According to the singer, he has always had rules for his son and if he wants to live with him, he must respect them.

“Being with me requires effort, being with me requires discipline, being with me requires being sober and working hard. You know? That what being with me means. He has all my love, all my support. He has always had it,” Yahir told the media. The singer said that as long as the young man does not want to commit to sobriety, he will not support him in any way. Filed Under: Yahir son statements

He has never worked?

Have you never worked?
Photo: YouTube

The singer pointed out that his son had never had a job and that perhaps it was time for the young man to buckle down and start living an adult life where it takes effort to get ahead. Yahir commented that maybe it is time for him to grow up and in that way, he will be able to see the problems he’s facing.

“But now, definitely with all this all I see is that Tristan needs to work, he has never had a job” Yahir concluded before the  ‘Hoy’ cameras, where he expressed his concern about his first-born son’s drug addiction and his decision to open an account on a platform that features erotic content.

What does Tristan think?

What does Tristan think?
Photo: Instagram

According to People en Español, the singer’s son said that his father would support him in any situation and accept him as he was. The 23-year-old stated that Yahir is one of the most respectful people he has ever met and that what may have bothered the former Academy contestant was the way he announced the situation.

“My dad is going to accept me however I am, he’s my dad. I know him more than anyone in this world, he’s my dad, he’s a super loving and respectful person, but perhaps he doesn’t accept the way I handled it“ The young man reported in a live broadcast he made on Instagram, where he mentioned his bisexuality.

Did he talk about his sexuality?

Did you talk about your sexuality?
Photo: Instagram

People magazine also reported on the moment when the young man talked about his bisexuality since it was one of the things people had been wondering about most since he stated how he felt about it on social media. The 23-year-old said that he had always known it and that everyone he knew was aware. TO SEE VIDEO CLICK HERE

“I have always known it and people have too, don’t play dumb. You know it, my friends knew it, it was very obvious. For me, being bi is the most normal thing in the world,” the young man reported on the post he shared on social media. The young man mentioned that he was aware that it was ‘new’ for the everyone else, but not for him.

Yahir defends Guzmán: He stays out of the problem

Yahir defends Guzmán and they leave with everything
PHOTO Instagram

A few days after rerunning the musical, Hoy no me pude levantar, the singer Yahir spoke in front of Sale el Sol cameras, where he was questioned about the problems Enrique Guzmán was facing due to statements made by his granddaughter Frida Sofía where she accused him of having touched her when she was five years old.

When asked, the actor just said: “The truth is, the only thing I am going to say is that I wish with all my heart that this goes to a positive side, that all this be fixed, that all this gives them peace because I imagine that they are experiencing something very sad and horrible.” WATCH VIDEO HERE

Yahir defends Guzmán: He claimed that they have a “long-standing” friendship

Yahir defends Guzmán and they leave with everything
PHOTO Instagram

Yahir stated that he has a great friendship with Enrique Guzmán: “The only thing I can say about Mr. Enrique Guzmán is that we have a great friendship, very relaxed, we swear, we flip each other, we insult each other, we’re screwing with each other all the time.”

The singer was adamant about saying he didn’t want to get into the family problem that Enrique Guzmán is going through and only said: “For me, Enrique Guzmán deserves respect, since I started at La Academia he has supported me, the truth is I only have nice things to say about Enrique Guzmán.”


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