Mexican peso February 4, this is how the dollar sells



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  • Mexican peso yields this February 4
  • Employment figures improve in the United States
  • According to the dollar exchange rate, it is sold at 20.81 pesos

As numbers improve job In the US, the Mexican peso yields this February 4, according to the dollar exchange rate it sell at 20.81 pesos, according to information published on the news portal of The financial.

According to Citibanamex, at a bank window, the dollar sells for 20.81 pesos. The coin it reaches a minimum of 20,1803 units, at 8:14 pm on Wednesday, and a maximum of 20,3504 units, at 6:04 am.

Against this background, Gabriela Siller, director of economic and financial analysis at Banco Base, commented that: “In the United States, the publication of better-than-expected economic indicators has generated speculation that additional inflationary pressures could soon be observed.”

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And during this day that the Mexican peso gives way on February 4, he added: Despite the fact that the dollar strengthens, there is not a consistent pattern with a greater perception of risk in the exchange market, since they lose currencies from emerging and advanced economies ”.

For its part, in Europe, the Bank of England kept its key interest rate unchanged on Thursday, amid growing optimism about the outlook for the British economy in the wake of the rapid launch of coronavirus vaccines.

In a statement, the Bank’s rate-setting Committee on Monetary Policy projected the British economy and said:

During 2021 it will recover rapidly to pre-COVID levels as the vaccination program is supposed to lead to a loosening of COVID-related restrictions and health concerns. “

The decision to keep the policy unchanged was unanimous among the nine members of the committee.

The central bank has been proactive during the pandemic, cutting its main interest rate to an all-time low of 0.1% and using 450 billion pounds ($ 615 billion) more for its bond purchase program.

Mexican peso February 4

What is the best option to send money to Mexico from the United States?

This is the comparison of money transfer service providers, so that you can make a better decision when sending dollars to your relatives in Mexico:

Western Union takes the exchange rate at: 20.04 Mexican pesos for every dollar.

MoneyGram takes the exchange rate at: 19.85 Mexican pesos for every dollar.

Transferwise takes the exchange rate at: 20.48 Mexican pesos for every dollar.

Remitly takes the exchange rate at: 19.85 Mexican pesos for every dollar.

Pangea Money Transfer takes the exchange rate at: 19.77 Mexican pesos for every dollar.

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Mexican peso February 4

Although the year began with hopes of an economic reactivation due to the application of the coronavirus vaccine, some analysts predict that the Mexican peso will have losses against the dollar in 2021, according to the agency El Universal.

However, they do not see the whole picture in a diffuse way, since they trust that this year oil and the Mexican Stock Exchange will achieve profits.

The dollar achieved a close of 2020 at 19.91 pesos and accumulated a depreciation of 5.5% or 1.04 units during the year, this due to the high volatility in the markets due to the coronavirus.

In addition, they point out that it is very possible that the wholesale exchange rate will depreciate to 20.30 pesos by the end of 2021, according to the results of the most recent survey that CitiBanamex carried out with more than 29 banks.

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