Mexican bricklayer buys a mansion in Canada and everyone is amazed (VIDEO)

A Mexican bricklayer shows off his mansion in Canada. His name is Diego Saúl, and he started in masonry work. Immigrants become an inspir...

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  • A Mexican bricklayer shows off his mansion in Canada.
  • His name is Diego Saúl, and he started in masonry work.
  • Immigrants become an inspiration to many.

An inspiration to many! A Mexican immigrant surprised everyone on his YouTube channel by publishing a video showing the amazing house that he bought in Canada with profits from his hard work. He has become an inspiration to hundreds of Latinos who seek to live “the great dream”.

Migrating is not an easy situation for anyone, and many times, it takes a lot of willpower and courage to live in a completely unknown country, leaving behind your family and life as you knew it. It’s a situation that hundreds of migrants experience every day.

A Mexican immigrant bought a mansion in Canada

Video: YouTube

Despite adversity, fortunately many of them have managed to emerge victorious. They are a complete inspiration to thousands of Hispanics who long for this life. A clear example is Mexican bricklayer Diego Saúl Reyna. After working for several years in Canada, he was able to afford a beautiful home in this country.

On his YouTube channel “Diego Saúl Reyna Español”, the Mexican migrant showed his almost 2 million subscribers the incredible house he bought in Canada several years after settling in this country.

The Mexican immigrant’s house has lots of space

Video: YouTube

The video, published on October 3 is a tour of the Mexican immigrant’s house. The mansion has tons of space for everything you can imagine. It has many rooms, terraces, a recreation room, a study, an office, bathrooms, a dressing room, a huge kitchen, and two attics.

In the video, Diego shows off the basement, which serves as a small apartment that is big enough to be rented out. However, the Mexican bricklayer hopes to use it for his parents to stay in when they travel to Canada to visit with him and his family.

His new house in Canada has a private lake view

Video: YouTube

Diego Saúl Reyna, the Mexican immigrant who resides in Canada, has a new home located in a prestigious neighborhood. The Mexican news outlet El Heraldo confirms that residents have a private view of the lake.

In the video, we can see how enormous the two-story house is. It has a classic design with blue and white details. The video also shows the two garages from the front, beside the front door, which although small compared to other doors, is still beautiful.

What does Diego Saúl Reyna share on his YouTube channel?

Video: YouTube

As The Herald stated, this Mexican immigrant shares his experiences in Canada on YouTube. He began doing masonry work. Currently, he has a construction company, and he hires other Latinos who come to fulfill their dreams.

The newspaper also reports that Diego Saúl Reyna helps the Latino community who may have doubts about the process of traveling to Canada. He explains how to get a job and the process he went through to learn English, which he did on his own.

The life of the Mexican immigrant in Canada

Video: YouTube

According to Indigo Report, Diego Saúl came to Canada at age 17 in search of a better life. The Department of Children’s Services of the Canadian Government provided him with a family to take care of him.

At the end of high school, he found a job in construction, where he developed his talent. In in his words, “it was his ideal job.” Years later, he met his wife Katrina, with whom he had two children. They live with him in this new home.

An inspiration to other immigrants

Video: YouTube

This video of the house tour generated endless comments from other Hispanics inspired by the bricklayer’s achievement. The commenters said they also hope to one day be able to build such a house.

Some of the comments reads as follows: “How proud your parents will be with all your achievements, congratulations, it is beautiful to finally have your home.” “Congratulations, the truth is that it is an indescribable feeling when you have your home for now, it is a feeling that inspires you to move on.” “What a beautiful house, Diego, many of us dream of living that moment.” Watch the video here.

Mexican immigrant sells hot dogs during pro-Trump demonstrations

Photo: Shutterstock

In the United States, it has been observed how several people have managed to take advantage of the most unexpected situations. This is the case with a Mexican immigrant who took his hot dog cart and went into the middle of a crowd to sell his delicacies without worrying about the risks.

On January 6, Trump supporters broke into the Capitol, but it was not the only place in the country where demonstrations were gathering. In front of the Los Angeles City Hall, a group of about 200 people also gathered to protest, and there was Don Efra. Filed under: Mexican immigrant buys his home in Canada and everyone is amazed

The 53-year-old Mexican immigrant sold his hot dogs amid demonstrations

Photo: Twitter

At the beginning of 2021, the story of Efraín González, a hot dog seller originally from Puebla, Mexico, was shared. Given his origin, it would seem that the 53-year-old was getting into the wolf’s den, right in the middle of the supporters of a president who has always compared Mexicans to criminals.

None of that mattered, though. He saw an opportunity and took it. Things turned out better than he could hope for. He arrived with his cart to sell hot dogs to the protesters and local channel FOX 11 reported about it. There, in the middle of the shot, was Don Efra. It didn’t take long for it to go viral. Filed under: Mexican immigrant buys his home in Canada, and everyone is amazed

A GoFundMe raising money for Don Efra

Video: Twitter

A Twitter user shared the video and, despite the man wearing a mask, it did not take long for them to identify that it was Mr. Efraín. Then, the same Internet user met Don Efra again, and he said he was forced to leave the area early.

“So I ran into the hustla from yesterday!! Unfortunately he was hit by tear gas and had to go home early. Let’s show him some LOVE by helping the race. Any little help!” He wrote on Twitter. In the same post, he tagged a GoFundMe account that’s raising money to benefit Don Efra. Filed under: Mexican immigrant and bricklayer buys his house in Canada, and everyone is amazed

Like most of us, he does everything for his family

Photo: Shutterstock

On the GoFundMe page, they shared some of Mr. Efraín’s words: “I go to work every day knowing the risks I take, but I have not stopped to fight for my family and my two-year-old daughter, which is my motivation. When the pandemic started, I was very affected because my work depends on social events and it has been difficult to find work since we were not prepared and we did not imagine being in this situation. I have not stopped working because my priority is my family, and I will continue fighting for them.”

“I thank all the people who read this very much. Thank you for your kindness. I’m infinitely grateful. God bless all of you,” he added. Originally, the goal was $6,000. But, so far, more than 330 people have donated to the Mexican man, which has allowed him to raise more than $9,300. Filed under: Mexican immigrant buys his home in Canada, and everyone is amazed

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