Mercy Morales and Víctor Almanza are accused of injuring a baby

Mercy Morales and Víctor Almanza were arrested accused of fatal injuries to the woman’s daughter Fernanda Calderón Morales, one yea...

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  • Mercy Morales and Víctor Almanza were arrested accused of fatal injuries to the woman’s daughter
  • Fernanda Calderón Morales, one year old, died due to forceful blows she received to the body
  • The couple say the girl fell off her toy horse and then was unconscious

Mercy Morales and Víctor Almanza were arrested on charges of fatal injuries to Fernanda Calderón Morales, the woman’s one-year-old daughter.

Mercy Morales’ 22-year-old partner and her 18-year-old boyfriend Victor Almanza were arrested by the Harris County Sheriff’s Office (HCSO, for its acronym in English) in Texas, charged with the beatings that caused the death of the baby.

Víctor Morales and Mercy Almanza are already detained in Houston in the Harris County, accused of the serious charge of injury to a minor that caused his death.

The Texas State Penal Code details that the crime of fatal injuries to a minor is punishable by a life sentence, who is found guilty after facing trial.

Mercy Morales and Víctor Almanza face their criminal proceedings before Judge Colleen Gaido, of the 337th Criminal District Court in Harris County.

The legal documents of the case, consulted by MundoHispánico in Texas, they detail that Víctor Almanza was not the biological father of the baby Fernanda Calderón Morales, since he only had a dating relationship with Mercy Morales.

At 11:00 p.m. on Thursday, February 4, 2021, a Hispanic couple arrived with an unconscious baby at the Signature Care Emergency Center, located at 5835 Highway 6 North, northwest of the Houston metropolitan area.

Doctors from the emergency center examined the little girl and noticed that the one-year-old girl had severe blows to various parts of the body made with a blunt object.

Mercy Morales, 22, was the mother of one-year-old baby Fernanda Calderón Morales, who died from various blows. (PHOTOS Harris County Sheriff’s Office)

When interviewed by doctors, the young couple could not explain how the minor was injured and so they called the HCSO to investigate the case.

The couple told HCSO officers that the girl had accidentally fallen off her horse, hit her head, and that had rendered her unconscious.

However, the agents also interviewed the doctors at the emergency center who told them that the girl’s injuries were not consistent with the couple’s statement, as she had too many bruises.

The HCSO agents determined that the baby Fernanda Calderón Morales was transferred emergency in an ambulance helicopter to the Texas Children’s Hospital, at the Houston Medical Center to be seen.

Víctor Almanza is Mercy Morales’s boyfriend and is also accused of having allegedly injured his partner’s baby.

However, medical specialists could no longer do anything for the minor, who died due to severe blows at dawn on Friday, February 5.

Archived: Mercy Morales and Víctor Almanza

When the doctors declared the minor dead, HCSO agents arrested her mother Mercy Gabriella Morales Morales, her full name, and her boyfriend Víctor Almanza, as allegedly responsible for the girl’s injuries.

In the legal documents of the case, it is detailed that Morales and Almanza are not citizens of the United States, although their country of origin is not revealed.

For now, the couple is only accused of injuries to the minor, although until the moment of writing this story the case is still open pending the determination of the official cause of the baby’s death and her injuries.

The preliminary report of the medical examiners of the Institute of Forensic Sciences (IFS, for its acronym in English) determined that the couple’s version does not agree with the injuries of the baby Fernanda.

Archived: Mercy Morales and Víctor Almanza

Until now, Almanza and Morales maintain their version of how the girl’s injuries occurred and told authorities that no one else was caring for the baby when the events occurred.

The case documents do not detail who the biological father of Fernanda Calderón Morales is and whether the man will be questioned by HCSO investigators.

The case against Mercy Morales and Víctor Almanza remains under investigation by agents of the Homicide Division of the HCSO, who are investigating the couple’s environment.

HCSO agents ask the Hispanic community in Houston, Texas that if anyone has knowledge of how the injuries to the baby Fernanda occurred, contact their office at 713-274-9100. All tracks will be kept anonymous.

Archived: Mercy Morales and Víctor Almanza

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Archived: Mercy Morales and Víctor Almanza

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