Member of Kumbia Kings dies and AB Quintanilla cries for him (PHOTOS)

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Member of Kumbia Kings dies and AB Quintanilla cries for him (PHOTOS)
  • Kumbia Kings member dies.
  • AB Quintanilla mourns the death of Noe “Gipper” Nieto.
  • Selena’s brother posts a photo on his Instagram account.

AB Quintanilla, musician and brother of Selena, mourns the death of a member of his band Kumbia Kings, this is Noe “Gipper” Nieto, according to People en Español.


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It was the Tejano Nation media that released the information and the leader of the band immediately appeared on social networks grieving for the unexpected death, he had struggled for a time due to the effects caused by the coronavirus.


Kumbia kings
Instagram photo

The Kumbia Kings musician shared a heartfelt photograph through his official Instagram account in which he sent a message: “I never had a brother until I met ‘Gipper’… I just received the news that he passed away after a battle of two weeks against COVID. I’m in shock that it went so fast. ”

And then he added: “He was my best friend and a wonderful musician and we will miss him,” so he sent his condolences to the family of his partner who just left because of the covid and now mourns his sudden death.


AB Quintanilla
Instagram photo

The death of, Gipper, a member of Kumbia Kings, hit so much in the minds of the people that an old friend of that group, sent words of comfort to the family and it was Pete Astudillo, who commented: “My deepest condolences to all his beloved. We will miss you a lot brother ”.

This information spread quickly and especially in some who were members of this group led by Selena’s brother, who has already passed away and also left deep pain in his followers around the world.


Noe Nieto
Instagram photo

Another who could not hide his sadness was Selena’s widower, Chris Pérez, who was about to go on stage to give a concert and confessed that it was “very difficult” to continue with the show when he learned of the death of the member of Kumbia Kings.

“While I was dressing to go on stage, I received the call that someone close to my heart had passed away. So many wonderfully crazy and fun memories I had on the road with Gipper, who was my roommate for so many years. I’ll miss those good old days even more now. Gip, thanks for the years of friendship. Fly with the angels ”. To see the video click here. Filed Under: Kumbia Kings


Kumbia Kings Noe Nieto
Instagram photo

But he was not the only one, a famous singer joined the pain and grief that overwhelms those who were part of Kumbia Kings, it is Bobby Pulido, the Texas music interpreter who is much loved both in the United States and throughout Mexico.

He said the following about Gipper: “With a broken heart I want to offer my condolences to the family and friends of a great musician and tremendous human being,” prompting many acquaintances to send him messages of encouragement for the tremendous loss.

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