Melania Trump could have prevented the January 6 attack

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Melania Trump could have prevented the January 6 attack
  • In the new statements of the former press secretary, she confirms the terrible truth.
  • Melania Trump refused to ask for peace and non-violence, in the January 6 attack.
  • Grisham details Melania’s account in her forthcoming book titled “I’ll Take Your Questions Now”.

The new details provided by Stephanie Grisham have caused an impact because they change the outlook of what happened on January 6. In her new book, the former White House press secretary in the Trump Era stated that Melania Trump had the power to ask for peace and non-violence on Capitol Hill and she refused.


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It seems that the first lady had the opportunity to stop the attacks and she simply refused to cooperate. Obviously, the Melania Trump office offered statements to the media announcing that they deny the veracity of the statements made by Grisham and that it is all an “attempt to redeem herself for her poor performance,” when he worked for Trump.

Grisham impeachment Melania Trump: Grisham’s harsh statements

Grisham impeachment Melania Trump: Grisham's harsh statements
Photo: Twitter

They are on fire! It seems that Stephanie Grisham fell from the grace of the Trumps, after the statements that appear in the next book that will come to light. In that publication, the former press secretary made strong statements about who was the first lady and that did not please Mrs. Trump.

Stephanie’s revelation was made known through POLITICO, who first wrote about the former press secretary’s book. In this article, it is detailed on January 6 and the events that happened in the Capitol before the arrival of Trump supporters and the attacks they carried out, mentioning that Mrs. Trump had the opportunity to stop the situation. Filed Under: Grisham Indictment Melania Trump

Grisham Impeachment Melania Trump: What’s Coming In Grisham’s Book

Grisham Impeachment Melania Trump: What's Coming In Grisham's Book
Photo: Twitter

The former Trump White House press secretary, who became better known for never having held a press conference, sent POLITICAL part of what will appear in his new book and where he launches harsh accusations against the former first lady of the country, during the term of Donald Trump.

At 1:25 p.m. on January 6, shortly after rioters broke through the barricades outside the Capitol, Melania Trump received a text message from her then-chief of staff, Stephanie Grisham, that could have turned the tide of situations. that happened and that marked the entire country. Filed Under: Grisham Indictment Melania Trump

Grisham impeachment Melania Trump: Stephanie’s question

Grisham impeachment Melania Trump: Stephanie's question
Photo: Twitter

What caused some of Stephanie’s anger and caused her to resign that same day was the answer to the question she posed to the former first lady. She says in her new book that she mentioned to Melania Trump if she wanted to tweet about the protests that were taking place outside the Capitol and the violence that was taking place, but did not get a good response.

“Do you want to tweet that peaceful protests are a right for all Americans, but that there is no room for anarchy and violence?” Was the question posed by the former White House press secretary. But it was the response of the former first lady, which caused the furor on social networks. Filed Under: Grisham Indictment Melania Trump

Grisham impeachment Melania Trump: Melania Trump’s “No”

Grisham impeachment Melania Trump: The "No" by Melania Trump
Photo: Twitter

The response he received was not satisfactory for Grisham, as he thought that the first lady would want to intercede between the protests that were happening outside the Capitol in favor of Trump, but the only thing he got was a ‘No’, on the part of the Donald Trump’s wife and who made the woman disappointed.

“A minute later, Melania responded with a one-word answer: ‘No.’ That response caused surprise to the one who was a press secretary during the Trump administration and caused the desire to stop working with the president after five years at his side and later, to translate that response into the book. Filed Under: Grisham Indictment Melania Trump

Grisham indictment Melania Trump: “What I saw at the White House”

Grisham indictment Melania Trump: "What I saw at the White House"
Photo: Twitter

Stephanie’s new book titled, “I’ll Take Your Questions Now: What I Saw at the Trump White House,” notes that while she was asking the First Lady about the protests that were going on on Capitol Hill, she was in the White House. getting ready for a photoshoot of a rug she had selected.

The wife of the former US president did not think twice about refusing a simple question that could have helped the situation in the country in a certain way on January 6, but she was worried about the photo session she had to do with her new carpet ; all those little actions were fueling the anger and disappointment of Grisham, by both figures. Filed Under: Grisham Indictment Melania Trump

An illegitimate choice

An illegitimate choice
Photo: Twitter

POLITICAL, noted that Stephanie Grisham wrote in the book about her interactions with the former first lady. In one of those conversations, he described asking Melania a couple of times if she should reach out to Jill Biden during the transition to make the traditional housewarming tea, and she changed the subject entirely.

The woman mentioned in the book that instead of organizing the meeting, Melania told her that they should “see what to do in the west wing.” Obviously, Melania Trump did not want to have interactions with Jill Biden, much less, to be present at the succession acts that she would have to perform to leave her place of ‘First Lady’. Grisham commented in her book that the only reason she had was what: Melania, like her husband, believed that the choice was illegitimate.

Melania’s statement

Melania's statement
Photo: Twitter

Worse, the former first lady did not remain silent and launched a strong accusation against the woman who worked for her husband for more than five years. It was Melania Trump’s office who declared that it was all part of a smear campaign against her and her husband, as Stephanie’s work had been ‘inefficient’.

“The intention behind this book is obvious. It’s an attempt to redeem herself after poor performance as a press secretary, failed personal relationships, and unprofessional behavior in the White House. Through falsehood and betrayal, he seeks to gain relevance and money at the expense of Mrs. Trump, “said the statement that POLITICAL rescued.

Did Trump’s future re-election hurt?

Against Biden
Photo: Twitter

A couple of days ago, it was Sean Spicer who mentioned the possibility that Trump will return to the nominations of this 2024. Is that the reason for annoyance on the part of Melania, before Grisham’s statements? Since one more scandal and of that nature could generate more controversy for the Trump family, who want to return to the White House.

“In my opinion, the mind of President Trump is already made up. I think he will run again. “, Spicer told The Sun, turning on the alerts before a possibility that every day becomes more latent and that many citizens did not want to take into account. For this reason, the bets on social networks have already begun, on the future president of the United States.

Could I win?

Trump accused twice
Photo: Twitter

In the media, Spicer confessed that Trump left his days as a ‘neophyte’ behind and has managed to understand the system, after his season as president of the nation. For this reason, if he were to end up in power again, his policies would be completely different from those he presented in 2016 and which left a bad taste in the mouth for others.

That reason is the one that has been motivating Trump and that has made him think about reelection. It is known, that after having lost During the electoral contest, he was extremely furious with his entire cabinet and even with his family, so his reason for returning to power is to show that he has “changed” and can generate better politics.

Does Melania want to go back?

Melania Trump no longer wants to be the first lady of the United States.
Photo: Getty Images

But, it seemed that she did not wish to be the First Lady again. “For her,” added the source, “it was a chapter – and it’s over, and that’s all,” says the controversial report. The journalistic version pointed out that Trump’s wife has only been seen publicly once this summer, which could confirm this ‘abandonment’ to the Republican.

The former first lady Melania Trump, when she left the Trump Tower in New York last July with their son, Barron, points out Efe. She has also been featured in some Instagram posts from people who were able to see her at Trump’s golf club in Bedminster, New Jersey.

She is not the only one to refuse to return to the White House

Trump's complaints fed up his daughter Ivanka
Photo: Instagram

A couple of months ago, it was reported that Donald Trump’s complaints were the ones that alienated Ivanka from her father. Everything seemed to indicate that Donald Trump has not yet been able to overcome the electoral elections for the Presidency, where the victory went to Democrat Joe Biden, to become the new president of the United States in January 2021, as he continues with his regrets for leaving the White House.

The constant claims, complaints and laments have made his daughter and son-in-law ‘get tired’ of this situation, which is why they are causing a distancing: “Sometimes, the former president complains for several hours about the 2020 elections ‘stolen’ . Other times, his frustrations come up in fits and starts, most likely when he talks about his hopeful return to national politics, “said a source close to the president according to the portal of CNN.


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