Masked hit man shoots man next to children on the street in NYC

Authorities have released a shocking video of a masked hit man. The masked hit man shoots a man right next to some terrified little siste...

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  • Authorities have released a shocking video of a masked hit man.
  • The masked hit man shoots a man right next to some terrified little sisters.
  • The recording shows how the masked hit man shoots the man on the street in New York City.

A video not suitable for the sensitive. Police released a recording of the exact moment when an alleged masked hit man shoots a man right next to two little sisters on the street in New York City (NYC).

After the New York Police Department released it in order to locate the suspect, the shocking video was published by various media, including newspapers New York Post and Newsweek.

Shocking: masked hit man shoots a man in the street

Masked hitman shoots

A 10-year-old girl and her younger brother were trampled and nearly shot as their candy-shopping trip turned into a first-hand look at the growing gun violence in the city, according to police and a chilling video, the New York Post reported. on Friday.

At least a dozen shots were heard by the two terrified little brothers as the black-masked gunman repeatedly took aim at his target, a man who shot down the children as he tried to escape down a sidewalk on Sheridan Avenue, near Mt. Eden Parkway, in the area. from the Bronx.

Masked hit man shoots victim in front of two little brothers

Masked hitman shoots

The dramatic images show the 5-year-old boy’s legs shaking in fear at one point in the midst of bloodshed. Miraculously, neither the girl nor her little brother were injured, the New York Post noted.

The shooting occurred just outside an apartment building for young children, shortly before 7:00 p.m. on Thursday, June 17, police and sources cited by the said New York newspaper said.

The wounded man is expected to survive

Masked hitman shoots
Image: New York Police Department

According to Newsweek, the alleged hitman fled on a motorcycle scooter driven by a fair-skinned crony who was wearing a white baseball cap, a red long-sleeved shirt and dark-colored shorts, while the shot man was shot three times, one on his back and one on each leg, and he was taken in a private car to Bronx Lebanon Hospital, where he was operated on Friday night, police told the Post. Despite the bullets, he is expected to survive, the sources told the aforementioned media.

According to the New York Post report, a family friend of the children who witnessed the shooting said family members hope to raise money so the traumatized siblings and their parents can move out of the district, where gun violence has doubled by what goes from year to year compared to the same period in 2020.

The little brothers walked just to go buy sweets (click on the image to see the video)

Masked hitman shoots

The siblings’ parents, who were walking to buy candy, spoke to police but were too scared to file a complaint in the case, law enforcement sources told the Post.

“The gun violence is too much,” a 31-year-old resident of the area told The Post on Friday. “Everything is too much. It is as if he did not care about anything … heartless, “he commented on the gunman.

“A lot of bad things in this neighborhood”

Masked hitman shoots
Image: New York Police Department

The woman, who only gave her first name, Kat, said she no longer feels safe in the city. “I see all this nonsense every day all day. You know what I’m saying. I have a baby”.

Nilda Hock, a 75-year-old woman who lives near where the shooting occurred, told the New York Post: “It’s very sad. We heard the shots and I said, ‘Oh my God.’ A lot of bad things happen in this neighborhood. ”

They find abandoned car where they transferred the wounded man

They find abandoned car where they transferred the wounded man
Image: New York Police Department

Police believe the 24-year-old shot was taken to the hospital in a white Lexus car with temporary New Jersey license plates, which was later found abandoned near the hospital, sources told the Post.

It is not clear if their temporary plates were legal, the newspaper noted. On Wednesday, senior New York police officers and the mayor announced a crackdown on illegal paper license plate covers, as they are frequently used by gunmen to escape cars.

County violence

Distressing moment for shooting in NYC

Of the five boroughs, the Bronx has seen the largest increase in shootings this year compared to 2020, NYPD statistics cited by the New York Post show.

As of Sunday, police have recorded 211 shootings so far in 2021, compared to 97 last year. Almost 250 people have been victims of the growing wave of shootings so far this year, said the aforementioned media.


Gun violence on the rise in New York City
Photo: Shutterstock

About 75 percent of recent gun violence stems from conflict between youth groups and gangs, according to Michael LiPetri, the NYPD’s chief of crime control strategies, in an interview in May, Newsweek reported. Marcos González Soler, head of the mayor’s criminal justice office, said such conflicts only accounted for 40 percent of recent gun violence citywide.

Following the shocking event in which an alleged masked hit man shoots a man on the sidewalk, the NYPD has asked the public to contact the Crime Stoppers hotline if they have information about the shooter or the driver of the scooter. .

Suspect in killing Aiden Leos committed another roadside attack a week later

Suspect in killing Aiden Leos is booked into prison
Photo: Getty Images

Violent history. A new report from authorities indicated that the suspect in killing little Aiden Leos staged another rampage on the road just a week after the crime.

Fox News Y Ktla 5 reported that just days after suspect Marcus Anthony Eriz allegedly shot and killed 6-year-old Aiden Leos in a California highway rage incident, he also pointed a gun at a driver during another altercation, according to A prosecutor indicated on Wednesday in a judicial file before the indictment scheduled for Friday.

The fury of the suspect in killing Aiden Leos

Authorities released the faces of the couple
Photo: Getty Images

Eriz, 24, was arrested June 6 along with his girlfriend, Wynne Lee, 23, who was allegedly driving their car during both incidents of road rage, Fox News reported Thursday.

The aforementioned media recalled that the first event occurred on the morning of May 21 when Joanna Cloonan was driving on Highway 55 to take her son Aiden Leos to kindergarten in Orange County. To know more details of the case read this note.

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