Martin Garrix joins Bono and The Edge (U2) to create music for the Euro

Madrid, May 14 (EFE) .- Two of the most charismatic members of U2, Bono and The Edge, have joined the Dutch DJ, composer and producer Mar...

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Madrid, May 14 (EFE) .- Two of the most charismatic members of U2, Bono and The Edge, have joined the Dutch DJ, composer and producer Martin Garrix in the mission conferred by UEFA to create “We Are The People”, the tune for Euro 2021, which will start on June 11. “I am very excited to be part of this and also to be able to count on two music legends for it”, the young artist revealed in a telematic meeting with media from all over the world to present a song that began to take shape three years ago.

According to him, Garrix received “carte blanche” from UEFA for this assignment, “the craziest thing” he has ever done, and so he began to work on a demo with an initial guitar that was very reminiscent of U2’s music. “Why don’t you ask them to participate?” His representative suggested to the Dutch musician and, after hours of conversation on the phone with Bono and The Edge, this song “about the emotion of being together” came out.

The theme and the Euro 2021

In the exchange of messages with Bono, the issue evolved. “He is very open to new things and has high the subject level. His sound and my sound are an incredible combination ”, said Garrix, after acknowledging that the Irishman completely redid the original lyrics. “We Are The People We’Ve Waiting For”, proclaims its refrain, that is, “We are the people we have been waiting for”, a message that “after the coronavirus has become more pertinent if possible,” Garrix stressed about this cut that should have seen the light last year.

Its launch, however, was postponed due to the pandemic by the competition itself. “It is crazy that we have been working on this for 3 years now and that nothing has been leaked,” he acknowledged about the secrecy that has surrounded the project. “Normally I would have been on tour all year, with little time at home, but since this happened I have been able to focus and experiment with new things,” explained the producer and composer, who made part of his dreams come true the day he found himself in front of up front in the studio with his idols and also added to his melodies “some incredible guitars” from The Edge.

Euro 2021

Euro 2021 Energy

For this project, the author of international hits such as “Animals” wanted to start from something totally new, with a “surround” and enveloping format. “For me it was very important to capture the emotion you feel when your team scores a goal, that happiness and that euphoria,” he explained, before acknowledging that, as a good Dutchman, he yearns for a victory in the European Championship for the orange team. EFE

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