Marlon Herrera arrested after stabbing his father and wounding his mother

A man identified as Marlon Herrera was arrested and charged with murder. Marlon Herrera stabbed his father to death and seriously injured...

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  • A man identified as Marlon Herrera was arrested and charged with murder.
  • Marlon Herrera stabbed his father to death and seriously injured his mother.
  • The tragic event occurred at his parents’ home in Florida.

A man identified by law enforcement authorities as Marlon Herrera stabbed his father to death and seriously injured his mother in the same way when he was at his home in Miami, Florida.

Marlon Herrera, 24, who stabbed his father to death and injured his mother, was captured in Miami and now faces second-degree murder charges, authorities cited by EFE reported on Monday, September 27.

Marlon Herrera committed the worst sin

Marlon herrera

Marlon Herrera, a former convict, also faces a charge of attempted murder in the second degree for the double stabbing that occurred Sunday at the family home of the now defendant, located in the Coral Terrace neighborhood of Miami.

According to a police arrest report cited by the aforementioned information agency, the Police officers went to the house after receiving several calls from neighbors who reported hearing screams inside the house.

Marlon Herrera stabbed his father to death and seriously wounded his mother

Marlon herrera

Photo: Miami-Dade Corrections

When they arrived, the officers had to break down a door to enter the house where they found Marlon Herrera’s father lying on the ground in a pool of blood. They also found the ex-convict sitting on his mother, who was on the kitchen floor and had multiple stab wounds and a knife stuck in his back, the police report detailed.

Marlon Herrera’s father was taken to a nearby hospital where he was pronounced dead, while the mother was taken to the trauma center at Jackson Memorial Hospital, where at least until Monday afternoon he remained in critical condition, according to the report. from local television NBC6.

Marlon Herrera will not have the right to bail

Marlon herrera

Screenshot from video posted by Local 10

After being captured, Marlon Herrera was taken to the Turner Guilford Knight Correctional Facility in Miami-Dade County on Sunday. On Monday, he appeared before Judge Mindy Glazer, who declared that the defendant will not have the right to bail and told him: “you are going to stay in jail.”

NBC Miami He reported that Marlon Herrera committed the savage attack against his father and mother, who was later identified as Odalys Herrera, by stabbing them with a knife after having an argument whose motives were not specified.

The father managed to call 911 before being stabbed

Marlon herrera

According to the police report also mentioned by NBC Miami, Marlon Herrera’s father had called 911 and kept the cell phone in his pocket, so the altercation and the screams of a woman could be heard through the open line.

According to the police records consulted by Local 10, Marlon Herrera was found guilty in November 2017 of a robbery in an occupied home, but last February the Florida Department of Corrections released him.

Eduardo Gutiérrez was struck by a drunk driver who spent a week in prison

Eduardo Gutierrez

Photo: GoFundMe

Recklessness took another life. A man identified as Eduardo Gutiérrez died after being hit by a drunk driver who was later arrested, but only spent a week in prison, so the victim’s family demands greater punishment for those who commit these crimes.

According to a newspaper report Ktla 5, the family of Eduardo Gutiérrez, 53, who was killed by a woman who was driving while intoxicated, is publicly calling for tougher punishments for those convicted of DUI (driving under the influence).

Drunk driver crashes and kills Eduardo Gutiérrez

Eduardo Gutierrez

Screenshot of video posted by Ktla 5

Jordan Figueroa, the daughter of Eduardo Gutiérrez who was killed while riding his motorcycle in California’s Riverside County last August, said the driver who hit him was sentenced to one year in jail.

The driver, later identified as Cecilia Martínez and who was driving at 140 mph, was allowed to serve the remainder of her sentence under house arrest after spending only a week behind bars, Jordan Figueroa criticized, according to the Ktla 5 report.

After the death of Eduardo Gutiérrez, they ask for greater punishment for those convicted of DUI

Eduardo Gutierrez

“She manages to be home with her children, kiss them tonight and live her normal life. We have to deal with pain and grief, ”said Jordan Figueroa in demanding more severe punishments for people who are convicted of DUI.

Ktla 5 indicated that Cecilia Martinez, who pleaded guilty to felony vehicular manslaughter while drunk, was also sentenced to five years of probation and given credit for 58 days of time already served behind bars.

They raise funds for the family of Eduardo Gutiérrez

Eduardo Gutierrez

Motorcycle driven by Eduardo Gutiérrez. Photo: Ktla 5 video screenshot

A page was created in GoFundMe to raise funds for the family of Eduardo Gutiérrez, who worked as a truck driver and left two daughters orphaned, according to the Ktla 5 television report. “We hope to raise money to help the family at this time of tragedy. We are very grateful for your support and for all that you can contribute ”, it was read in the description.

A petition was also created on the page that seeks that the judicial authorities approve sentences of at least five years in prison for drivers accused of DUI that cause fatal crashes like the one suffered by Eduardo Gutiérrez.

Four cops crashed in Las Vegas: one of them died and another was charged with DUI

Reference photo: Shutterstock

A tragic accident claimed a life a few weeks. Four police officers crashed in Las Vegas and one of them died, while the fellow driver is being charged with driving under the influence (known as DUI, the acronym in English for Driving Under Influence).

Fox News reported that a Connecticut police officer was being held on $ 100,000 bond on Saturday, Sept. 18, after being charged with being a drunk driver after an accident occurred in Las Vegas in which a colleague ended up dead.

Four policemen crashed and one of them died

Four policemen crashed

Screenshot of video posted by Fox 61

New Haven Police Officer Robert Ferraro, 34, a member of the force for six years, was the one behind the wheel of a 2020 Rolls Royce along with three other officers and two women as passengers when the crash around 4:00 a.m. on Friday, Fox 5 of Las Vegas said.

The vehicle was speeding, spun out of control and collided with a busy car that was in a private driveway, then continued down the highway, hitting utility poles, lawns and a fire hydrant, Fox 5 detailed. more information visit this note.

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