Marisol Terrazas, former vocalist for Los Horóscopos de Durango, says Jenni Rivera foresaw her death

Marisol Terrazas gives revealing interview. The former vocalist for Los Horóscopos de Durango says that Jenni Rivera foresaw her death. &...

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  • Marisol Terrazas gives revealing interview.
  • The former vocalist for Los Horóscopos de Durango says that Jenni Rivera foresaw her death.
  • “She realized how fragile life is,” said the singer.

In a revealing interview on week before the ninth anniversary of singer Jenni Rivera’s tragic death, former vocalist of Los Horóscopos de Durango, Marisol Terrazas says that La Diva de la Banda foresaw her death.

The singer appeared on the Image Entertainment show De Primera Mano to talk about the next chapter in her professional life. She also shared how she fondly remembers Jenni, and commented on other topics that were more interesting to her followers.

Marisol Terrazas addresses ‘los ardidos’

Marisol Terrazas addresses 'los ardidos'
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Marisol Terrazas began her interview by saying, “We need good titles like this to sing to bad men,” referring to her hit song Para el ardido. She seemed to be in an excellent mood. So much so, that she shared an anecdote about her time in Los Horoscopos de Durango, recognized for internationalizing the Durango dance step.

“There was a girl who said: ‘When I was 5 years old, I heard that it was better to be dead than basic,’ Oh no ma’am, you seem to be about 36, so I was a fetus, this is not possible,” said the singer who says that her friend Jenni Rivera sensed her death.

“Better to be dead than basic”

"Before dead than simple"
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Regarding the song that catapulted Los Horóscopos de Durango to fame, Better to be dead than basic, Marisol Terrazas said that it was a song that a 9 or 11-year-old girl sang in Spain. When they saw it, they couldn’t believe what would come next.

And about the alleged lawsuit against her sister Vicky, she said that there is no such thing. She even supports her in this new stage of her professional life: “In fact, when I made my debut singing the song ‘ardido’, I wore a jacket Vicky gave me specifically for when I started my solo career. If I wasn’t on good terms with my dad and my sister, I don’t know if I would have the courage to perform as a solo artist.”

Marisol Terrazas on the challenges of a solo career and the lawsuit against her sister?

The challenges of Marisol Terrazas in her solo stage
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“It is very difficult (the beginning of her solo career), we knew each other so well that, for example, I would start a phrase and just by seeing her breathe I already knew where she was going to enter from or if she was going to turn to see me so that she wouldn’t say something outrageous. And I need my soulmate, but she has her own life right now, she just became a mother for the first time and she’s enjoying it.”

In this way, Marisol Terrazas made it clear that there are no problems between her and her sister Vicky, who will also pursue her career as a solo artist when she decides the time is right: “I will support her in the same way,” said the singer, who had a great friendship with Jenni Rivera, La Diva de la Banda.

“I always cry”

I always cry myself"
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“I always cry. My father tells me that he’s going to call me ‘la llorona’, I was a person who never cried, who was not a crybaby. I see a sad kitten in the street and I swear to you that I start crying, for everything I start crying,” said Marisol Terrazas, explaining that is a result of her leaving Los Horóscopos de Durango.

But, regarding her new solo career, she says that it is a challenge for her, so she’s very excited and compares it to the beginning of a courtship: “Some incredible things are happening, I have spectacular representation that is taking great care of me and I’m very happy.”

Has she been disrespected on stage?

Have you been disrespected on stage?
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Earlier this year, a person threw a bottle at Marisol Terrazas while she was giving a concert. But what really caught everyone’s attention was her reaction, since she confronted the person and called him disrespectful. For this she was asked if she knew how to deal with these types of individuals while she was on stage.

“I don’t know if I know how to handle it very well because once they put me in jail. They took me off the stage and put me in jail for defending a fan. We thought it was security, but it was a sheriff, they mistreated him very badly.” In the end, she was the one arrested for meddling….

Marisol Terrazas reveals that trusted Jenni Rivera

Marisol Terrazas reveals that Jenni Rivera was entrusted
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At the end of the interview, Marisol Terrazas confessed that when she went on stage for the first time without her sister Vicky, she entrusted herself to God, the Virgin Mary, her mother… and Jenni Rivera, whom she asked for help because she did not know what what she was doing.

“I miss her texts with so much spark and mischief. It’s very sad, you realize how fragile life is, it’s already been 9 years, time passes, I saw her on a Thursday and she passed away on Sunday morning, I don’t know if she knew she was going to die or had a presentiment but she hugged us, we always got along super well, I didn’t stay long, my sister did, and she told me that she gave her a hug as if it were the last time,” she concluded (TO WATCH THE VIDEO CLICK HERE).

“Today she’ll be killed” this phrase can be heard in the video

"Today they kill her", the phrase that was captured in the video
YouTube photo

During the Jenni Rivera’s performance, her fans enjoyed the concert and sang along with her during each of her songs. Jenni always looked for a way to make the audience feel as if they were on stage singing with her.

Suddenly, after posting the video of the concert of La Diva de la Banda a male voice can be heard. The voice had an ominous tone, “Today she’ll be killed,” the man shouted during Jenni Rivera’s concert, but none of the spectators close to him paid any attention.

The disturbing video announcing Jenni Rivera’s death.

The disturbing video that announced the death of Jenni Rivera
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In the video, the performer is singing and just when she pauses briefly, waiting for the next verse of the song to start, a man shouts the phrase. Because of the shouts and applause of the singer’s fans, it was impossible for them to hear what the man shouted.

Could it be that this guy was involved in the tragic death of La Diva de la Banda? It is completely unknown who could have been the one who gave that warning at Jenni’s concert but, coincidence or not, after the concert Jenni Rivera suffered the tragic accident.

Jenni Rivera refused to travel alone due to alleged death threats and asked her brother to accompany her

Jenni Rivera refused to travel alone due to alleged death threats and asked her brother to accompany her
YouTube photo

Although it is not known if the video’s audio was manipulated, it has reached over 81 thousand views and has thousands of comments from faithful fans of La Diva de la Banda who learned of the terrifying phrase shouted by a man during her performance.

“It makes my skin crawl.” “You can see the overlap.” “Here she sang with everything she had because she already knew that at any moment they were going to crush her.” “I don’t think it was a coincidence.” “That scream is not real.” These are some of the comments that appear in the video.

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