Thousands of sea creatures washing up dead on England’s beaches

Thousands of marine creatures turn up dead on England’s beaches. Ongoing investigations try to discover what’s causing the cr...

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  • Thousands of marine creatures turn up dead on England’s beaches.
  • Ongoing investigations try to discover what’s causing the creatures’ death.
  • “It is devastating to see them lying there.”

A strange event occurred on shores in Northern England when thousands of sea creatures washed up dead without explanation, leading many people to say that it is a sign of the apocalyptic. So far, investigations continue to find out what happened.

CNN reported the news that astonished hundreds of people who live near the beach where several dead sea creatures were found. The events occurred on the seaside in the north of England where these animals appeared overnight on the coast.

Sea creatures turn up dead on the beach

Sea creatures appear dead on the beach

Different incidents relating to an approaching apocalypse have sparked concern among superstitious people, since several events seem to coincide with their predictions. Natural phenomena, dead animals and the like have been cropping up in recent years.

It is worth mentioning that British environmental groups immediately carried out investigations to determine what had happened. The dead creatures mysteriously appeared on the beach and there were an impressive number of lifeless animals, so it could be some kind of poisonous chemical in the water.

Apocalyptic sign from the bible? Thousands of sea creatures turn up dead on England’s beaches

Apocalyptic sign? Thousands of marine creatures turn up dead on England's beach

A Marske-by-the-Sea resident named Sharon Bell, spoke to CNN and talked about how she discovered all the sea creatures lying on the beach. She stated that she was walking as she does every day when she suddenly saw an “accumulation of soft crustaceans.”

The witness reported that when she saw this strange phenomenon off the coast of England she was surprised to see that “the seaweed was piled up to waist level, but it was absolutely full, and I mean thousands of dead crabs and live crabs, of all the varieties, also lobsters.”

They reveal why these rare creatures turned up in the middle of the beach

Possible contamination could be the cause of marine creatures turning up dead on the beach

The spokesperson for the UK’s Environment Agency said: “Samples of water, sediments, mussels and crabs were collected” and sent for analysis to “consider whether a contamination incident could have contributed to the death of the animals.”

Experts also spoke out on social media when a representative of the coastal city of Redcar in the UK Parliament shared a message on Twitter about how worrying this situation is, without mentioning how strange it is.

“It’s devastating to see them lying there,” they stated when they saw the dead sea creatures on the beach.

"It's devastating to see them lying there", they mentioned when they saw the dead sea creatures on the beach

For her part, Sharon Bell added that she and her wife tried to return as many creatures, who were still alive, as they could to the sea so that they could return home. This admirable move took her about four hours.

“It is devastating to see them lying there. It is sad because it is a very beautiful area to live. If it is a man-made incident, then obviously we need to make sure it doesn’t happen again,” Sharon Bell concluded about this strange event.

It is not the only ‘apocalyptic sign’ that has been announced; Thousands of fish appear dead


A few weeks ago something inexplicable happened on one of the coasts of the Dominican Republic, which made the inhabitants wonder what had happened. It turns out that thousands of fish were found dead on the coast, raising doubts and concern among the people who witnessed this strange phenomenon, according to Milenio.

The events occurred a few weeks ago in the waters of the port of El Cayo, in Barahona, on the southern coast of the Dominican Republic, when a group of dead fish suddenly appeared. The residents of that place immediately called in experts to analyze the situation.

They investigate the event. Is it mentioned in the bible?

 They investigate the event
Photo Twitter: Climate Change Alert

After not being able to explain why this had happened, four biologists, an expert in marine biodiversity and two water quality technicians immediately began to take samples to determine the origin and causes of death of the thousands of fishes, according to Agencia EFE.

One of the circumstances that interested the technicians of the Vice Ministry of Coastal and Marine Resources most is that it is mainly sardines, a species that lives in deeper waters, away from the coast. This detail adds to the mystery of this possible divine sign. Filed Under: Dead Sea Creatures Beach

Was it a divine sign or are there other culprits?

 They will apply sanctions to those responsible
photo twitter

Given these circumstances, the experts conducting research are already investigating the event that occurred in the Dominican Republic. They are analyzing dead fish and sea water.

Dominican Navy personnel will be supporting the commission of technicians in the investigation. They are willing to impose various sanctions at the end of the investigations if necessary, since it is suspected that the death of the fish is due to a toxic spill in the water. Filed Under: Dead Sea Creatures Beach

The main suspect is found

Suspicious vessel possible cause of the event

The Special Prosecutor’s Office for the Defense of the Environment and Natural Resources (Proedemaren) reported that an investigation will be opened into what happened on the coast of El Cayo, in Barahona. They want to get to the bottom of this to find out if certain people are behind this phenomenon.

Local authorities already have a court order to fully search the Poland Pearl Nassau boat that has been detained. Apparently, it discharged a variety of substances, and they believe that it’s also possible that some chemicals spilled in the water. TO WATCH THE VIDEO CLICK HERE . Filed Under: Dead Sea Creatures Beach

There was an oil leak

There was an oil leak

One of the possible causes of the strange phenomenon of dead fish may be an oil spill from Southern California, which resulted in the leak of about 3,000 barrels of oil or about 570,000 liters from an offshore platform off the coast of Huntington Beach, near Los Angeles. It was one of the worst disasters the area has faced “in decades,” said local mayor Kim Carr.

“This oil spill is one of the most devastating situations our community has faced in decades,” Carr said at a press conference. So far it is not known or confirmed whether this is the possible cause of the dead fish. Filed Under: Dead Sea Creatures Beach

“Fish and birds covered in oil”

"Fish and birds covered in oil"

The mayor admitted that the 3,000 barrels officially reported probably falls short, since that is the figure supplied by the company responsible for the spill that day. It is also believed that it has not managed to stop the spill completely, according to the Agencia EFE.

“Unfortunately, as a result of the spill, we are beginning to see fish and birds covered in oil that are reaching our shores,” added Carr, who confirmed that the entity responsible for the leak is Beta Offshore, a division of the company Amplify Energy, based In Houston. Filed Under: Dead Sea Creatures Beach

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