At 62, Maribel Guardia shows off a gorgeous steel abdomen in leopard pants (PHOTOS)

Maribel Guardia shows off her steel abdomen. The 62-year-old artist shows that she has an enviable physique. “Dare to take the firs...

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  • Maribel Guardia shows off her steel abdomen.
  • The 62-year-old artist shows that she has an enviable physique.
  • “Dare to take the first step,” she said on her social networks.

Maribel Guardia shows off her abdomen. Once again the pretty Mexican artist Maribel Guardia proves to be in one of the best moments of her life, since on her social networks she routinely shares gorgeous pictures that spark passion among her followers. She leads a healthy life based on exercise and daily training.

As we are used to, the talented actress and singer who has played prenty of roles on Mexican television, shared an image through her Instagram account that has wowed all her fans. It turns out that Maribel appears showing off her steel abdomen in a sensual way.

Maribel Guardia shows off her steel abdomen

Maribel Guardia shows her abdomen
Instagram photo Maribel Guardia

Recently he has received criticism and ridicule from users when he uploads a photo to his social network profile and his puppy Sadie appears. On several occasions the animal has been a bit careless and with little hygiene, being the main attraction in the snapshots of the actress.

The beautiful actress and singer Maribel Guardia is one of the celebrities who is always active on her social networks to seek to be closer to her followers, and daily tries to upload content to her networks, in the case of Instagram her sensual photos cannot lack.

Maribel Guardia shows off her abdomen: Shows her ‘six pack’

Maribel Guardia shows off her abdomen: Shows her 'six pack'
Instagram photo Maribel Guardia
At 62 years old, Maribel Guardia seems to never get old, as she constantly captivates her followers with tremendous snapshots that are something to talk about. This time it was not the exception, since the Mexican hit with a heart attack outfit which reveals her great figure.
Wearing leopard print pants and a black crop top, the artist poses for the camera in front of some stairs showing that age does not affect her body and to leave a message: “You don’t have to see the stairs, just dare to take the first step, “wrote the singer.

Maribel Guardia boasts an abdomen: “What a beautiful tigress”

Maribel Guardia boasts an abdomen: "What a beautiful tigress"
Instagram photo Maribel Guardia

Immediately, her fans did not wait and began to send their compliments and compliments to the Mexican who never gets old: “Blessed be the nut on the wheel axle of the truck bed that brought the cement to make the floor where you are. monument stop, ”said one user.

“You are the most beautiful old lady I have ever met apart from my grandmothers”, “My Beautiful Maribel”, “You are very beautiful”, “What a beautiful tigress”, “Big hug Doll”, “You are the love of my life”, ” National Pride and Example of Overcoming that if things can be done, God Bless You Always ”, were some comments.

Maribel Guardia shows off her abdomen: In a pink dress

Maribel Guardia shows off her abdomen: In a pink dress
Instagram photo Maribel Guardia

In one of her most recent posts, again the 62-year-old actress shows off her body with a tight pink dress, which has undoubtedly left her followers with their mouths open, who are always on the lookout for what she shares. Maribel appears ironing her hair in front of the mirror while posing sensually.

As in most of his publications, he leaves a message every day to enliven the atmosphere among his fans, who in almost all his posts react to let him know how good he looks: “Remember that humor is one of the best clothes you can wear. in society ”, wrote Maribel in the image.

Maribel Guardia boasts an abdomen: “You are the most beautiful Barbie”

"You are the most beautiful Barbie"
Instagram photo Maribel Guardia

Some celebrities such as actress Elizabeth Álvarez, Africa Zavala and Raquel Bigorra commented on that photo, praising the artist: “Mari, what a beauty”, “Bella”, “Divine”, “All beautiful. Nice day my beauty, I love you “,”So beautiful! Nice day queen ”,“ If I marry you ”,“ You are the most beautiful Barbie ”.

“Hello Maribel!! You are beautiful and clear, how is your mind and you vibrate “,” Extremely beautiful and elegant as sexy “,” Beautiful you are incredible “,” Dear Maribel, always So Beautiful. Kisses “,” Tremendous figure “,” Have a wonderful and blessed day I adore you “,” My respects and admiration for a beautiful woman as she is “, the compliments continued.

Maribel Guardia boasts an abdomen: Celebrates her 7 million followers

Celebrate your 7 million followers
PHOTO: Instagram

Maribel Guardia has always been cataloged as one of the most beautiful women and with one of the most statuesque bodies on Mexican television, and it is that at 62 years of age, the singer has also impressed with her incredible physical appearance, which despite Over the years, he continues to cause thousands of followers of this beautiful Costa Rican to fall at his feet.

Given this, it was on October 3 when the television presenter had long tablecloths, since she announced that she had finally reached 7 million followers on her official Instagram account, which caused Joan Sebastián’s ex to publish a picture of her in a hot bikini from the pool.

Celebrate millions of followers in hot bikini

Celebrate millions of followers in hot bikini
PHOTO: Instagram

In the image, it is possible to observe the interpreter of “How rich are the potatoes” posing in front of a pool, while she appeared with a hot navy blue two-piece bikini and several white stars decorating the length and width of her suit. bathroom. Her slim waist and curvy body became the center of attention of her already 7 million followers.

At the bottom of said photograph, which already has more than 164 thousand likes, Maribel Guardia thanked her followers for the affection and love that this social network constantly receives: “We are already 7 million on Instagram. Thank you for your beautiful energy that accompanies me every day. Your affection is positive energy for my life, I adore you. ” Filed Under: Maribel Guardia shows off abdomen

“Deserves the best”

"Deserves the best"
PHOTO: Instagram

This photograph of Maribel Guardia in a bikini and celebrating her 7 million followers, attracted the Costa Rican endless comments about it, and it is that, although the comments of the publication had been limited, that did not stop her Loyal fans to comment on how pretty the 62-year-old woman looked.

Artists such as Lorena Herrera, Zoraida Gómez, Elizabeth Álvarez, Janet García, Isabel Madow, among others, did not hesitate to highlight how beautiful the television presenter looked, while several followers congratulated her on her 7 million: “My God, How much beauty ”,“ You are the wonder woman ”,“ You deserve the best, how incredible your fan is, I love you ”,“ There are so many people who love you, you are a beautiful one ”,“ You deserve all the love in the universe, because you are an incredible human being ”, were one of the many comments he received in his publication. Filed Under: Maribel Guardia shows off abdomen

They tell him that he abuses the filters

They tell him that he abuses the filters
PHOTO: Instagram

Unfortunately for Maribel Guardia not all were good comments, since hours later her photograph was shared by the Instagram account of Suelta la sopa, and the followers of this show program did not hesitate to leave several comments about it, stating that the actress was beginning to abuse the filters, being even compared to the Venezuelan, Gaby Spanic:

A follower highlighted that Julián Figueroa’s mother was beautiful, but that she abused the filters a lot: “She is beautiful, but she must be shown without filters, and in this way her real beauty is much more appreciated”, to which another follower reaffirmed : “Yes, it is beautiful, but no longer abuse and be shown without a filter.” Filed Under: Maribel Guardia shows off abdomen

Does she look like Gaby Spanic?
Does she look like Gaby Spanic?
PHOTO: Mezcalent

More and more comments began to arrive from the thousands of followers of the Suelta la soup program: “They even touch up his hand”, “That he accepts his age and his natural figure is not bad, but always with filters”, “Every day he looks like Lyn May”, “A lot of Photoshop on the waist and face for God’s sake”, “Even the water in the background has a filter it can’t be”.

On the other hand, a user said that she was already beginning to look like the Venezuelan actress Gaby Spanic: “It gives a resemblance to Gaby Spanic in the face”, this caused a great indignation among users, who commented that “there was no point of comparison “:” La Gaby looks like a toad, she would jump if she could reach Maribel Guardia’s heels, “an Internet user defended the photograph of the Costa Rican celebrating her 7 million followers in a bikini. Filed Under: Maribel Guardia shows off abdomen. Some images of this note come from the following video

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