Marco Antonio Rivera thought he would get away with it, but his work uniform gave him away

Officers captured a man identified as Marco Antonio Rivera. The uniform that Marco Antonio Rivera wore would have allowed him to be linke...

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  • Officers captured a man identified as Marco Antonio Rivera.
  • The uniform that Marco Antonio Rivera wore would have allowed him to be linked to several crimes.
  • Marco Antonio Rivera had been committing sexual assaults for years.

He thought he would always get away with it, but an item he hadn’t thought about gave him away, his work uniform. Police agents arrested a man identified as Marco Antonio Rivera and, after an investigation, they found that he was linked to several sexual assaults that had happened over many years.

Montgomery county detectives, in Texas, indicated that a recognizable work uniform may have been the evidence that linked Marco Antonio Rivera with at least four sexual assaults, one of them committed years ago, in 2013, reported ABC 13 on Friday, November 5.

Marco Antonio Rivera’s ‘adventures’ are over

Marco Antonio Rivera

Citing the sheriff’s office, ABC 13 indicated that authorities believe Marco Antonio Rivera is the man who was caught on surveillance video when he tried to break into a woman’s apartment located at 10200 Six Pines Drive, in The Woodlands, Nov. 1. The suspect wore a t-shirt with the inscription “Fielding’s”, the name of a restaurant in the area.

The woman whose apartment underwent an attempted break-in, later posted a video of the ordeal that she went through at her front door on social media. She wanted to warn neighbors about what had happened. That was the evidence that led to the identification of Marco Antonio Rivera.

A video was a major clue to discovering Marco Antonio Rivera’s  past (click on the image to see it)

Marco Antonio Rivera
Screenshot of video posted on Khou 11’s YouTube channel

The sheriff’s office said that after the video was released, a woman contacted authorities to report that she recognized the man who appeared in the recording because he was the person who sexually assaulted her in 2016, which was an incident that had been reported to them back then.

Because of this, the video of the attempted robbery was turned over to the Cold Case Unit (the ones that haven’t been solved for years) investigators. Then, detectives met with management of Fielding’s restaurant, who identified the man as Marco Antonio Rivera, 33, and also confirmed that he lived in the same apartment complex where the victim of the attempted robbery resides.

They imposed bail on Marco Antonio Rivera, will he be able to pay it?

Marco Antonio Rivera

Later, the detectives deepened their investigations and also managed to establish that the suspect in the 2016 case may have been linked to three other crimes related to sexual assaults, including one in 2013, another in 2016 and another committed in 2017.

With the evidence collected, an arrest warrant was issued for Marco Antonio Rivera, who is originally from Mexico City, and he was detained at his place of work, Fielding’s, without incident. He is now in the Montgomery County Jail on a $1 million bond, and may face additional charges for the multiple sexual assaults.

The future does not look good for Marco Antonio Rivera

Marco Antonio Rivera
Marco Antonio Rivera arrested. Photo: MCSO

Click 2 Houston and Khou 11 also reported the capture of Mexican Marco Antonio Rivera and mentioned that authorities are comparing samples of his DNA with the three cases of sexual assault and, according to the officials, it is possible that more charges will be brought against him.

Authorities urge anyone with information about the incidents, or others that may be related, to contact the Montgomery County Sheriff’s Office at 936-760-5800 or the Multi -County Crime Stoppers at 800-392-7867. In both agencies, you must refer to case No. 21A336923.

Ernesto Meléndez arrested for indecent act committed in an ‘elementary school’

Ernesto Melendez

He ended up in prison for an indecent act. Authorities arrested Ernesto Meléndez for committing indecent acts inside an elementary school in the United States. A school is a place where minors should be safe and not have to face disturbing scenes like this one.

Quoting authorities, Fox 10 reported on the morning of Friday, November 5, that a man who was later identified as Ernesto Meléndez was arrested after apparently exposing himself to children at an elementary school in Phoenix, Arizona, last Wednesday .

Ernesto Meléndez exposed himself and ended up in prison

Ernesto Melendez

Police explained that they had received reports on November 3 that a man was touching himself as students were leaving Western Valley Elementary School, located near Loop 202 and Buckeye Road. The accused also pursued a group of young women at that time, detailed the court documents cited by Fox 10.

Upon arrival, agents found and arrested Ernesto Meléndez, who matched the suspect’s description and had been standing right in front of the Phoenix school. Witnesses later told police that the man had exhibited his genitalia and that he had chased young girls. Once he was taken into police custody, the agents also found drug paraphernalia in his pocket, according to the court documents mentioned in the Fox 10 report. Ernesto Meléndez now faces charges of indecent exposure and deviant conduct.

Like Ernesto Meléndez, another one nabbed for a sex crime

Ernesto Melendez

Authorities arrested a man identified as Leroy Rubben Morales for attempted sexual assault, although authorities fear that there are more victims who have not yet dared to report him.

Police detained 55-year-old Leroy Morales after he was accused of attempting to sexually assault a stranger, whose gender was not specified, in the Piedmont neighborhood of Portland, Oregon. Now they are concerned that there may be other victims, reported the Katu 2 on Monday, November 1.

Leroy Morales broke into a patio to for attempted sexual assault

Leroy Morales
Leroy Morales. Photo: Multnomah County Jail

According to the newspaper, Leroy Morales was captured by officers on October 4 and later indicted by a grand jury for the crimes of attempted sodomy in the first degree, attempted sexual abuse in the first degree, robbery in the first degree and stalking.

Authorities indicated that the arrest of Leroy Morales occurred as a result of an incident that occurred on Sunday, October 3, in which he allegedly broke into the backyard of a person’s house and tried to sexually assault them, said Katu 2.

Police send message about Leroy Morales

Leroy Morales
Photo: Multnomah County Jail

Following his arrest early last month, detectives said they learned that Leroy Morales may have been the suspect in other crimes in the region, including some that may not yet have been reported to law enforcement authorities.

“Although the PPB (Portland Police Bureau) does not usually publish photos of the transfer, we are distributing three photographs of the registry in an attempt to help possible Morales victims identify him and contact detectives,” Portland Police said. If you have any useful information, you can contact Detective Nathan Wollstein at

Another sexual assaulter is jailed like Ernesto Meléndez and Leroy Morales

Another abuser
Steven Little: Photo: Utah Department of Corrections) {

In an isolated case, another sexual assaulter was arrested for attempting to commit his indecent acts, as happened with Leroy Morales. On this occasion, the defendant appeared naked in front of children who knocked on the door of his house to ask for candy during the Halloween over the weekend.

Katu 2 reported that Steven Little, a 48-year-old sex offender, opened the door of his Utah County home “completely naked” on Saturday night and invited in some children who had only come trick or treating.

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