Marcelo García threatened a policeman with a knife and was shot dead (PHOTOS)

Marcelo García allegedly threatened a policeman with a knife and was shot dead Garcia’s family says the man did not carry a weapon ...

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  • Marcelo García allegedly threatened a policeman with a knife and was shot dead
  • Garcia’s family says the man did not carry a weapon and was going through a severe mental breakdown
  • A video of the incident was released by the Harris County Sheriff’s Office in Texas.

Marcelo García died shot down by officers of the Harris County Sheriff’s Office (HCSO). Garcia, 46, was in the midst of a mental breakdown when he allegedly confronted officers with a knife. The man refused to drop the weapon and at least one of two officers shot him.

The death of Marcelo García by the HCSO agents has aroused a wave of indignation, questions and pain among the Hispanic community of Houston, Texas ever since the events occurred, last Wednesday, April 14, 2021 at 12:40 in the morning, in a neighborhood to the east of the metropolitan area of ​​the so-called Space City.

Marcelo García was shot dead by police in Texas

Marcelo garcia
Marcelo García, 46, according to his family suffered from bipolar disorder and schizophrenia, in addition he hardly spoke or understood English and was in a crisis when the police confronted him (PHOTO Courtesy of the García Family)

Bianca Calderón, from the law firm Lachica Law Firm in Houston, he will represent Marcelo García’s family in a lawsuit against whoever is responsible for the man’s death. The family will seek to criminally and civilly prosecute the officers involved in Garcia’s death.

Harris County Sheriff Ed Gonzalez held a press conference on Tuesday, April 20 in the early afternoon, to reveal to the public a video taken from body cameras and police patrols of the incident in which Marcelo García was shot to death.

The call for help for Marcelo García

Marcelo garcia
Moment in which Marcelo García opens the door of his house to the police officer and threatens him with a knife despite the fact that the officer tries to restrain him (PHOTO Harris County Sheriff’s Office)

According to the incident report, consulted by MundoHispánicoThat Wednesday at 12:40 p.m. Luciana García, the wife of the deceased today, called the HCSO emergency number to request assistance from the Mental Health Unit because her husband was having a crisis.

HCSO agents arrived at the house marked 5900 on Sunflower Prairie Court, in the Carpenters Landing neighborhood, east of the greater Houston area. According to the corporation itself, the agents who answered the call already knew Marcelo García because they had answered other emergency calls at his home.

The police arrive to help Marcelo García

Marcelo garcia
Marcelo García was killed in front of his house, where three of his four children were (PHOTO Harris County Sheriff’s Office)

The first agent who arrived met Marcelo García in a state of anger and, allegedly, armed with a knife. Then the second agent arrived. His family, however, maintain that the man was not carrying a weapon when the police officers confronted him. The agents’ narrative details that García directly threatened them with the weapon.

The officers ordered him, in Spanish, that Marcelo García lower the gun, but the man ignored them. One of the officers unloaded his stun gun on the man to restrain him. However, the electric charge did not serve to render Marcelo García, who continued to threaten the officers in a belligerent manner.

Marcelo García was a threat, according to the authorities

Marcelo garcia
PHOTO Taken from Twitter

According to the HCSO, the agents again requested by radio the presence of the officers of the Mental Health Unit to help Marcelo García. However, the agents specialized in mental crisis on the night shift could not reach out to help their colleagues because they were covering, right at that moment, another emergency.

The agents again asked Marcelo García to lower the knife and pointed their pistols at him. However, the man did not surrender his knife, which in the protocol of the HCSO agents was an obvious threat and suddenly, they fired two shots and the man fell dead in front of his family.

Marcelo García “approached aggressively”

Marcelo garcia
PHOTO Taken from Twitter

According to Mike Lee Harris, assistant chief of the HCSO and who arrived at the scene where Marcelo García died, assured in an impromptu press conference that the Hispanic “aggressively approached the police.” According to the police chief, the officers repeatedly asked the man to drop the knife before shooting.

“The officer attempted to use his stun gun while the subject was still armed with a knife. The stun gun was ineffective at the time. Then our officer discharged his weapon several times, wounding the suspect, “said Mike Lee Harris when explaining the details of the case.

“We fight a lot for him”

PHOTO Taken from Twitter

Luciana García explained that her husband had been dealing with a mental health problem for some time and even the week before his death, Marcelo García had had an appointment with a psychiatrist to treat his condition. The wife of the deceased today explained that her husband had already been diagnosed.

According to Marcelo García’s family, the man suffered from bipolarity and schizophrenia, the relatives did not specify who diagnosed the man. “We fought hard for him for a long time to have someone else come and take his life,” said the troubled María Esperanza García.

I was in a state of crisis

PHOTO Taken from Twitter

The HCSO office issued a statement in which it said that while the Homicide Division and the Internal Affairs Division of the corporation to which the two agents involved in the incident belong, they have been placed in administrative duties while the case is investigated.

According to Marcelo García’s family, the man did not speak or understand English fluently and perhaps that was a barrier to understanding the orders of the officers in the midst of his state of crisis. The man had four children with his wife and three of the boys were in the house in front of which their father died.

He didn’t carry a knife, his family says

PHOTO Taken from Twitter

On Tuesday, April 20, the HCSO uploaded a video to its official YouTube channel with an introduction by Mike Lee Harris, the assistant chief of the corporation, where the entire sequence of the incident in which Marcelo García died is shown, taken from the officers’ chambers and that you can consult in this link.

Marcelo García’s family insists in the text of their lawsuit that the man did not carry a knife when one of the officers shot him and that their training as law enforcement officers made it easier for them to end the incident without having to shoot him, since they could submit it in another way.

“He had to use his firearm to defend himself”

PHOTO Taken from Twitter

On Monday, April 19, 2021, the union group Harris County Officials Organization (HCDO), in which most of the HCSO agents are grouped, issued a statement to support the two officers indicated. in the death of the Hispanic Marcelo García that morning of April 14.

“While on the scene our HCSO officer was confronted by an aggressive suspect who was armed with a knife. The officer attempted to back up and use a Taser (electric) gun on the suspect, but the Taser was not effective. Finally, our officer had to use his firearm to defend himself, ”the organization details.

The controversial death of Marcelo García

PHOTO Taken from Twitter

“Our officer had to act immediately and he acted with courage. HCDO… firmly believes that all life is precious and that is why we, as law enforcement officers, work day after day to protect the community. The HCDO… fully supports our colleague and his actions, ”adds the organization’s statement.

The HCDO explains that they wished the officer “was not forced to defend himself against the armed suspect, which resulted in this tragic outcome. We wish that this man had not taken the measures he took to attack our officer with a knife in front of his children, ”said the organization about the actions of Marcelo García.

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