CURIOUS: Wasn’t he dead? Man who had been pronounced dead wakes up in the morgue

A curious incident occurred in India. Doctors had declared a man dead. In the middle of the night he woke up disoriented and realized whe...

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  • A curious incident occurred in India.
  • Doctors had declared a man dead.
  • In the middle of the night he woke up disoriented and realized where he was.

DID HE RISE FROM THE DEAD? A strange case in India surprised citizens and caught the media’s attention. A man was declared dead by forensic doctors, who say, after several tests, his heart no longer appeared to be beating and therefore, they decided to take him to the morgue.

But, what nobody expected is that the young man’s family would find him showing signs of life in the middle of the night. Quickly, doctors arrived at the scene and said that they would do everything possible to save his life. The relatives were extremely outraged by the misdiagnosis and declared that it was medical negligence.


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A young Hindu man, suffered a serious accident when he was run over by a motorcycle in Moradabad. He was immediately taken to a local hospital where doctors reported that the injuries he had were quite serious. In fact, they thought that he had died so his body was transferred to the morgue area where the coroner placed it in a freezer, according to The Sun.

Srikesh Kumar, the young man who was declared dead, was put in a special freezer and spent almost seven hours there before being found by his family. According to local media, the events occurred last Thursday (which was the day he was declared dead). A day later, his relatives showed up at the morgue to claim the body and discovered that he was still alive.

Man wakes up in morgue in India: What happened to him?

Man wakes up morgue India: What happened to the young man?
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The Economic Times, stated that the police had to present a ‘panchnama’ or document, signed by family members after identifying the body and consenting to an autopsy. His sister-in-law had agreed to enter  the morgue to identify Srikesh Kumar and sign the document.

It was Kumar’s sister-in-law, Madhu Bala, who noticed that he appeared to be moving and quickly went to the forensic doctors at the scene to indicate that her brother-in-law was alive. According to the media, Srikesh had a heartbeat and his chest was moving up and down. The woman recorded a video showing how her brother-in-law was still alive so she could show his family. Filed Under: Man Wakes Up Indian Morgue

Man wakes up in morgue in India: What video did the family publish?

Man wakes up morgue India: What video did the family publish?
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Madhu Bala, published the video where her brother-in-law is observed showing signs of life after it was reported that he had died and he was put in a freezer for seven hours while waiting for an autopsy. In the footage, it is possible to see the man lying on a metal stretcher while the sister-in-law runs her hand through his hair, in an affectionate gesture.
“He is not quite dead. How did this happen? Look, he wants to say something, he’s breathing,” Madhu Bala states in the video that went viral on social media. The footage went viral all over the world where one can see that the young electrician who was run over, was still alive despite the injuries he suffered in the accident and having been in the freezer for seven hours. Filed Under: Man Wakes Up Indian Morgue

Man wakes up in morgue in India: What about the authorities?

Man wakes up morgue India: What about the authorities?
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After the video went public and began going viral, Dr. Shiv Singh, who is the chief medical superintendent of Moradab, said that the doctor who was in charge of the man who was run over had done the appropriate tests and was sure that his heart was not beating. Also, his vital signs were non-existent and therefore, they had to declare him dead.

“The emergency medical officer had seen the patient at 3 am, and there was no heartbeat. He had examined the man several times,” reported Morabad’s chief doctor, making it clear that the coroner had determined that the subject was dead because there was no heartbeat. Filed Under: Man Wakes Up Indian Morgue

Man wakes up in morgue in India: “We must save his life”

Man wakes up morgue India: "We must save his life"
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According to the chief doctor, he confirmed that the man was alive after having examined him. Shortly a policeman, the doctors in charge and his family arrived to testify that he was still alive. It was reported that there would be an investigation into the case and that for them, the most important thing at this time was to save his life.

“He was pronounced dead but, in the morning, a policeman, the medical team and his family found him alive. An investigation was ordered. Our priority now is to save his life,“ Dr. Shiv Singh told local media who were shocked about the events that had unfolded. Filed Under: Man Wakes Up Indian Morgue

Man wakes up in morgue in India: Was it the result of negligence?

Man wakes up morgue India: Was it the product of negligence?
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The same chief doctor declared that it could not be considered a case of “negligence” because it was just an bizarre incident. According to Dr. Shiv Singh, he stated that: “It was one of those rare cases… We cannot call it negligence,” so it is best to see what the investigation find and wait for the authorities to determine what the situation is.

While the family thinks differently, Kumar’s sister-in-law stated that they will do everything possible to help the man recover and that they hope that his health has not been significantly affected. She also stated that: “We will file a complaint against the doctors for negligence, since they almost killed Srikesh by putting him in a freezer,” according to The Economic Times. Filed Under: Man Wakes Up Indian Morgue

Is he alive?

Are you alive?
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The media said that the 40-year-old man is recovering from the experience and that he has not yet regained consciousness. Kumar’s sister-in-law continues to speak to the media to report on the man’s condition and stated that he is doing better, although they hope that spending so long in a freezer does not negatively affect his health. TO SEE VIDEO CLICK HERE

According to The Economic Times, Kumar is now receiving treatment at a health center in Meerut, where his condition has improved and he is expected to be discharged from the hospital in the next few weeks because his vital signs are perfect. According to the media, the investigation will continue to find out what happened.


They bury man pickup truck
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The man was well known in the fishing area of ​​Puerto San Carlos, Baja California Sur. Unfortunately he had been sick for a long time, so his work decreased and he had to stay in bed. The cause of his death has not been released. What is known, is that before he fell ill, his son gave him a dark-colored pick-up truck.

Feeling bad and seeing that his illness was incurable, it occurred to him to write his will. Seeing that he had not enjoyed his ‘troca’, he gathered his family and asked them to bury him with the truck. This surprised them, but even so, they decided to respect his decision, as it was his dying request.

They bury a man with his truck: WHY DID HE WANT THE TRUCK SO MUCH?

Coffin grave
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According to Televisa News, this unusual burial took place in the pantheon of Puerto San Carlos, a community located in the municipality of Comondú. The truck was a 2005 model and one of his sons gave it to him so that he could carry out his fishing duties more comfortably since it was his livlihood.

After his death, the family discussed Don Adan’s will and came to the conclusion that they would respect his wishes, so they arranged everything for the unusual burial, since they had to make a larger tomb. It was intended for just a coffin, so they got to work and had a grave the size of the truck built.


Last will
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The family decided to build a four-walled tomb from cinder blocks and cement in order to protect the truck and the Don Adán’s remains. Traditionally to bury a person inside a coffin, a space of little more than two meters in length and little less than a meter in height is required.  Then the person is buried in the earth and the grave is adorned with flowers.

In this case, the family defied tradition and created a grave more than 5 meters long by little more than 3 meters wide and a few more high so that the truck could fit inside. They also had to organize everything with permits from the pantheon so that it would not create a risk for visitors and the other graves. Filed Under: Pickup Truck Man Bury

They bury a man with his truck: WHAT DO PEOPLE THINK ABOUT THIS?

They bury man pickup truck
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The family also had to figure out how to put the truck in the modified grave. They used a crane to lift it. All this caught the attention not only of the locals, but of social media, as the photographs went viral when it was learned that a man would be buried with his truck.

Many people have criticized this, but others applaud that the family respected their loved one’s wishes. The truth is that every time there are different, strange, extravagant and incredible ways to honor the dead and this was one of them. Even so, many still don’t believe it. Would you do something like that or ask to be buried with an object that you love so much?

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