Chronicle: Man with coronavirus spits on an officer’s face

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Chronicle: Man with coronavirus spits on an officer’s face
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  • Chronicle: Man with coronavirus spits on an officer’s face.
  • The man was charged with aggravated assault against a law enforcement officer.
  • This incident occurred after the individual was arrested for traffic violations.

Every day police officers risk their lives with so many crazy people who are out there on the loose, full of hatred and, to top it off, armed. They know perfectly well that each day can be the last of their lives and that the probability that someone will suddenly shoot them is too high, either for revenge or to avoid being arrested.


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But what the uniformed men never expect is for an individual to appear trying to infect them with some deadly disease. For something like this is what they are least prepared for in the Police Academies, since that possibility is almost nil, but unfortunately, it happened.

Richard was arrested for traffic violations: Chronicle Man coronavirus spits

Chronic coronavirus man spits

Last weekend, Hall County (Georgia) authorities tried to stop a driver who ran two red lights. When a local patrolman saw him, he turned on the lights and sirens to stop him, but the driver did the opposite, as he accelerated to escape them.

In the end, after a chase of more than 80 miles per hour, they managed to corner him, but instead of getting out of the vehicle and turning himself in, he acted in an intimidating way as to show that he was willing to run over anyone who tried to handcuff him. In fact, it was about to hit one of the patrols. Filed Under: Chronicle Coronavirus Man Spits

With much effort they managed to catch him

Chronic coronavirus man spits
Reference photo: Shutterstock

He was so hysterical that half a dozen officers had to intervene to apprehend him, but even as the handcuffs were placed on him, the driver objected with all his might. He was literally enraged for some reason that so far no one knows.

Ultimately, he would only get a couple of tickets for the traffic violations he committed that were the initial reason why the first patrolman went after him. Until they had submitted it, they realized that it was Richard Edward Kane, a 39-year-old American. Filed Under: Chronicle Coronavirus Man Spits

He arrived at jail with a worse attitude: Chronicle Man coronavirus spits

Chronic coronavirus man spits

According to the official report, even though he was already officially arrested, Richard was still threatening and downloadable. He insulted every uniformed man he saw nearby as he wanted, and as if that weren’t enough, he suddenly did something that further complicated his legal situation.

He spat in the face of one of the guards and clearly told him that COVID-19 was happening to him. After doing some tests, they confirmed that, indeed, a couple of days ago he had been diagnosed positive, so evidently his action was with all the bad intention of infecting it, for which he was also accused of aggravated assault. Filed Under: Chronicle Coronavirus Man Spits

Will it be okay in the head ?: Chronicle Man coronavirus spits

now he will be in serious trouble
(AP Photo / Gerald Herbert, File)

Richard was transferred to a medical center for a psychiatric evaluation, as his behavior has left many doubts about whether his mental condition could be bad. But in the meantime, he faces state charges for all the crimes he committed in connection with this arrest.

He faces charges of dangerous conduct, aggravated assault to the detriment of a representative of law and order, trying to elude the police, resisting arrest, obstruction of prosecution and causing damage to government property, among others, according to court records, charges for which he could easily spend several years in prison. Filed Under: Chronicle Coronavirus Man Spits

It is illegal to knowingly infect another with a disease

Chronic coronavirus man spits
(Photo by John Moore / Getty Images)

In most of the states of the country there are laws and punishments that have to do with this irresponsibility of infecting other people with the purpose of diseases, especially fatal, such as HIV, the virus that causes AIDS and COVID-19, the pandemic more recent is no exception.

I am glad that the authorities take these situations seriously for the sake of those who are healthy, but unfortunately, today it is impossible to know who is sick or who is not. Therefore, it is up to all of us to take care of ourselves individually, but it seems that most of them no longer care, because parties, concerts and mass events are the order of the day everywhere. Thank you for reading my chronicle today in MundoHispánico. Until next time. Filed as: Chronicle Coronavirus man spits

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